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Old Woollen Footy Jumpers – Adelaide University (The Blacks): Swish Schwerdt

Swish Schwerdt tells the story of becoming an Adelaide Uni Black, and of the jumper he wore for eight memorable seasons. [Yes, Swish, once a Black always a Black – Ed]

Almanac Flashback – ‘Swish’ Schwerdt’s review of Michael Sexton’s ‘Chappelli’s Last Stand’

Yesterday we featured a review of Michael Sexton’s ‘Border’s Battlers’. Today we revisit his previous offering, ‘Chappelli’s Last Stand” via a review penned by ‘Swish’ Schwerdt. (Both books are readily available at all good bookstores.)

Swish Agonistes – A 70s Tribute to Sandy Stone

Attention: men (and women) “of a certain age.” Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt has drilled into your collective unconscious and found memories you thought you’d forgotten. (A weekend treat – Ed.)

Almanac Football Obituary: Russell Ebert – Legend

Swish Schwerdt pays tribute to Russell Ebert, a universally loved footballer – a true champion on and off the field.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 8: West Adelaide

Swish Schwerdt continues his 1971 SANFL Mobil Cards series and presents Part 8: West Adelaide.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 5: Port Adelaide

If your subject is the SANFL, then you will inevitably find yourself discussing Port Adelaide. Swish Schwerdt’s 1971 Mobil footy card series stops off at Alberton Oval.

SANFL Draft Dodgers – 1981: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

As if we did not need a reminder of the SANFL’s love-hate relationship with the VFL/AFL! Swish Schwerdt runs us through the ‘forgotten’ draft of 1981, and tells us who stayed and who went

A Family of Tossers

So Helena Schwerdt wins the Bay Sheffield. Yes, she’s from the famous sheaf-tossing family. Here’s their story, as told by Almanac lynchpin Swish Schwerdt:

Have you been wondering if Swish Schwerdt is related to the famous South Australian sheaf tossing Schwerdts? Not actually sure what sheaf tossing is? Let Swish enlighten you.

SANFL Blow-ins 1960-1990 Part 3: Glenelg

With Glenelg winning the 2019 SANFL Grand Final, we re-visit Swish Schwerdt’s look at players who had a stint at the Bays.

One of the biggest names in Australian football (along with several obscure ones) appears in this next instalment of Swish’s list of Glenelg interstate interlopers during the SANFL’s black and golden years.

SANFL 1975 Grand Final – Glenelg v Norwood: Colourful Football Identities

The first year of colour TV saw the SANFL venture into brave new worlds of graphic design for the 1975 Grand Final footy Budget. Swish Schwerdt was there, but claims he can’t remember much. Fortunately, the Budget is a goldmine of information.

1974 SANFL Grand Final – Glenelg v Sturt: Whelan In The Years

Swish Schwerdt continues his series reviewing great SANFL games, Footy Budget and all, this time it’s the 1974 Grand Final between Glenelg and Sturt.

ANFC Carnival: Adelaide 1969

Swish Schwerdt looks at the 1969 Australian National Football Council Championship in Adelaide through the medium of a program. You’ll see. [Great piece – JTH]

Footy in Tasmania: Picture This

Some more on Tassie footy – from Swish Schwerdt, first published late last year.

Swish brings us a brief pictorial overview of Tasmanian football in the 1970s, thanks to Ken Pinchin and Allan Leeson’s “A Century of Tasmanian Football. 1879-1979”

1999 – (not quite) All Australian SSA Team – Some Big Names, Some Notable Absences

Another ripper find from Swish Schwerdt: the 1999 School Sports Australia All-Australian football team. Some great names. Who is the grandson of John Coleman? Is there a ministerial advisor among them? The normal where-are-they-now assistance please.
(Reposting on the day that one of these kids, Nick Dal Santo, confirms his retirement)

Round 16 – Carlton v Adelaide: They Call It The Streak

With Adelaide on a 6 game winning streak, Melbourne-based Crow Swish Schwerdt gave a four quarter performance. [was G. Agars in the crowd? JTH]

1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 9: Mid Seaman Slump

Gordon Agars, with the help of Swish Schwerdt, is back with his Adelaide University FC reports. This week it’s Round 9. How much of a distraction is Flop’s sister on the boundary? Do Tupperware make spoons? These questions, and more, answered by Gordon.

Never Mind the Ballcocks – Where’s the Sealant Gun?

Swish Schwerdt is a liability on the home maintenance front. Don’t judge him.

South Australia v Queensland and NSW 1980 – Double Dare Ya

The SANFL seemed to play representative games against everyone bar the VFL in 1980. This double header from Adelaide Cup Day has Swish Schwerdt asking whether Qld or NSW footy was better off for the run.

The Coodabeen Champions – Kicking Against The Wind on Grand Final Day

After 35 years on radio The Coodabeens Champions are as much a part of the fabric of footy in Melbourne as pies, beer and sauce. Though their national profile might have diminished with the passing of their weekend shows, Champs, Covey, Richo, Billy and Torch have fans right around the country. A serial contributor to the Coodabeens – Swish Schwerdt – made the trek to light tower number two at the MCG for the time honoured Grand Final O/B.

We Salute You

Echoing the sentiments of many, Swish Schwerdt pays tribute to the thankless volunteers who make sports across the country happen every week. We salute you!