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Sean Gorman on Tony Peek in The Guardian

On Monday October 1, long-serving AFL senior executive Tony Peek passed away after losing his battle with cancer at age 68. The football community mourned the loss of one of the game’s most loyal servants and Sean Gorman has written a lovely piece on Peek in The Guardian.

Sean Gorman’s request – information on Indigenous footballers, clubs, leagues

Sean Gorman is embarking on a significant research project and seeks our assistance.

Sean Gorman’s speech at Niall Lucy’s funeral, 12 June, 2014

Niall Lucy was THE Fremantle fan. This is Sean Gorman’s speech at Niall’s funeral, and includes Niall’s poem.

Learnings from Legends with Sean Gorman

Join Sean Gorman, author of Brotherboys and Legends: The AFL Indigenous Team of the Century, in the Territory for an entertaining discussion on indigenous legends and reflections on transitioning in and out of the AFL.

AFL Legends by Sean Gorman

   Legends The AFL Indigenous Team of the Century by Sean  Gorman $40 (+$5 postage) Sean Gorman’s celebration of the indigenous footballer in the VFL/AFL. John Harms reviews Legends  

Sean Gorman: Legends

Legends, which is a book of profiles of the Indigenous Team of the Century is a very important book. It is written by Sean Gorman who interviewed the players and has written these biographical essays on their terms. The book celebrates the game and the Indigenous players but it does not ignore the political realities [Read more]

Book Extract – Derby: David Wirrpanda

With the Derby approaching this weekend, let’s revisit the book David Whish-Wilson and Sean Gorman wrote about this significant WA cultural event. This is an extract featuring an interview with David Wirrpanda.

Book Launch: “The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s Vilification Policy” (May 25)

You are invited to the book launch of “The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s Vilification Policy” to be held on the morning of May 25 in Melbourne. Come along to support old Almanac friends Sean Gorman, Dean Lusher and Keir Reeves.

Tom Wills and the 1868 Tour of England

Settle in. Grab a cuppa. Sean Gorman produced this wonderful chapter for the book “Australia: A Cricket Country,” edited by Christian Ryan. On Tom Wills and the incredible 1868 cricket tour of England. [Magnificent – Ed].

Round 6 – Fremantle v Essendon: Talent and discipline in spades

Sean Gorman is learning that junior footy administration requires dedication, determination and patience. He is also learning that the Dockers are a seriously good footy side.

Another Almanac Milestone Has Arrived

Today (Monday Dec 29) the Almanac will receive its 3,000,000th visit – around lunch-time.

I have a copy of Sean Gorman’s Legends to go to the person who turns the clock over. It will take a bit of guess work but will go to the comment nearest to the time it ticked over.

Count at 11.04am: 3,000,000

AFL Semi Final – Fremantle v Port Adelaide: The Unvarnished Truth

Docker Sean Gorman mans up and tells it like it was. How did the Dockers lose the unlosable election? How did Port roll back the stone and create a Second Coming? Sean reveals all.

Almanac Podcast – Episode 10

The People’s Elbow and Matty Q are joined by Trucker Slim and Big Sean Gorman to talk all things footy, wool, WA, indigenous footy, life as a hawks fan and the Purple Circus.

Black and Proud: Racism in Sport – Feb 12

An interesting seminar at the Wheeler Centre involving Angela Pippos, Sean Gorman, Gilbert McAdam and Gary Osmond. Emerges out of the book Black and Proud by Matthew Klugman and Gary Osmond.

All-Indigenous teams should be seen on the world stage

Sean Gorman offers historical perspective and social context for the Indigenous All-Stars footy team’s current tour of Ireland.

AFL Round 16 – West Coast v Fremantle: How the other half live

Sean Gorman had never been to a West Coast home derby before but he was curious to get a sense of the enemy’s rituals and language.

Footy Book Review: Legends and more Legends

Peter Crossing reviews Sean Gorman’s Legends, and Ken Piesse’s Legends of the Bush.

Footy Town: an experiential book review

Henry Ballard’s attitude to reading changed over the duration of his recently completed Bachelor of Communications degree at Deakin University. “Footy Town” was an integral read for him in the final stages of his course as his review of the book reveals. [Henry was an intern at The Footy Almanac during 2019 – Ed]

Letter to Cricket Australia: View from the outer suggests you need to take responsibility

This piece was first published in April 2018. We re-visit it here…

Cricket Australia managers suspend three players, announce an internal review into culture but continue to act in their roles. In this letter David Wilson suggests that they need to step down.

Freedom and adventure without the accompanying danger.

It wasn’t the piece Adam Fox originally envisioned, but fatherhood, work & study have conflated to bring us this, a laundry list of literary gems in order of encounter.