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Sausage Roll Review: (not quite) Hurling on Hurtle Square

Even during Covid-19 Mickey Randall finds an opportunity to purchase a sausage roll; here’s his review, is it hit or miss?

Sausage Roll Review: LRB plays the Dulwich Bakery, Glenelg South

Mickey rates this week’s sampling more Diamantina Cocktail than Sleeper Catcher (that’s a good thing – Ed).

Sausage Roll Review: Orange Spot Bakery, Glenelg

Another sausage roll, another sausage roll review. Mickey Randall puts the taste buds to the test with his latest sausage roll review. Did that sausage roll pass the Mickey taste test?

Sausage Roll Review: Banjo’s, Moseley Square, Glenelg

Mickey Randall has partaken in a taste test of sausage rolls purchased from a new bakery in Adelaide. And his verdict? Find out here.

VAFA B Section – Hampton v Fitzroy: Donuts, Sausage Rolls and Free Hot Dogs

Roy Boys endured a tough game against Hampton Rovers and the presence of Dr Phil at the game ensured one player was grateful for a dentist in attendance.

Footy: A few sausage rolls from Fev would make this Lions fan roar

This piece was originally published on the ABC Grandstand Footy Unleashed website in August 2008. I thought it timely to revisit it given the Kangaroos’ selection of exciting Sudanese prospect Majak Daw in the rookie draft. Will Daw be any good? Who knows. It doesn’t really matter because he is the first Sudanese player at [Read more]

Almanac (Music) Memoir: Freshwater Creek: are you ready to rock’n’roll?

In his prose piece this week, KD writes about an early gig his band, Murmurs, played at Freshwater Creek Hall, near Anglesea, Victoria, in 1980. He recalls being surprised – and more than a little concerned – about how the gig was advertised.

Almanac Travel – Sausage FM: less talk, more pork!

British Sausage Week is over for another year. Mickey Randall with a rollicking tale of sausage in cider. Sort of.

Almanac Beer Review: Prancing Pony and Smiling Samoyed at the Normanville pub

A kaleidoscopic spread of brews crossed the paths of Mickey Randall and Co. at Normanville’s historic pub; some were more palatable than others.

Almanac Poetry: 2020 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai – smoke and lasers

Haiku Bob’s annual AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai has been another great success. Check out the results.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Week 1 Finals – Collingwood v Sydney: Omens

Cam Noakes went into his Swans’ 2007 final confident, but was soon left ruing his optimism and reflecting on the dominant Sydney run spanning from 2005-2007.

Round 11 – Adelaide v Collingwood: Hope springs eternal! (Floreat Pica Society)

Mark Mullins presents The Floreat Pica Society’s report of Collingwood’s Round 11 win against Adelaide.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 18 – Hawthorn v Essendon: Rubbing shoulders with the brown and gold elite

A 2007 Sunday afternoon gave Mark Hawthorne the perfect chance to join the corporates at the ‘G. With the Hawks wrapping up another victory en route to September, Mark got to watch from the best seats in the house.

Round 3 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Party Pies in the Twilight Zone (Floreat Pica Society)

Ramon Dobb has the Floreat Pica Society piece on Collingwood’s dominant win over St Kilda yesterday. While struggling with his new Kayo membership after a family party, he manages to relax into a comfortable victory.

A memory of Swansea Swans/Bulldogs: Gone, but not forgotten

Every country footy club is someone’s footy club. The recently out of commission Swansea is Allan Barden’s. A story at once unique yet wholy familiar from the East Coast of Tasmania. [Exceptional – Ed.]

Brady Dawe: Quintessential Team Man

Malcolm Ashwood’s latest Norwood tribute, this time profiling triple premiership winning Redleg Brady Dawe.

Almanac Rugby League – Convent Kids in Clydesdale Country (Part 2)

Damian Roache concludes his tale of his childhood days playing in the Toowoomba-based junior rugby league Catholic Convent Competition.

AFLW Round 1 – St Kilda v Western Bulldogs: It’s all about the base, Moorabbin and the Saints women

Yvette Wroby is back at the Saints heartland of Moorabbin, on the field with the welcoming cheer squad, and on the radio talking about her experience. If her ego and desire don’t get in the way, she has a great time at the footy. (You just knew Yvette would be there early – Ed).

A view of Australia from fine leg – Game 10: Royal Park Brunswick Cricket Club

The Footy Almanac congratulates Craig Dodson on completing his ten match cricket odyssey to raise funds for the Gotcha4Life charity.

A view of Australia from fine leg – Game 9: Port Fairy Cricket Club

Country spirit and country hospitality make cricket a most enjoyable game reports Craig Dodson from his 9th fund raising match for the Gotcha4Life organisation.