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Almanac Books – ‘Barty: Much More Than Tennis’ – Ron Reed and Chris McLeod

Australia’s pre-eminent tennis player – perhaps our No 1 sports personality overall – is back in the spotlight, says Ron Reed, the author of a soon to be released updated book about her, ‘Barty: Much More Than Tennis’.

Almanac Book Review: Ken Haley on Ron Reed’s ‘War Games’

Ron Reed’s recent release ‘War Games’ has been read and thoroughly reviewed by Ken Haley.

Almanac Book Extract: ‘War Games’ by Ron Reed – Oh Brother, Jezza’s Joy

To whet your (reading) appetite further, we present a second except from Ron Reed’s forthcoming book, ‘War Games’. Ron will be guest at the Odd Friday/Footy Almanac Lunch on April 23 at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel.

Almanac (and Odd Friday) Lunch – Friday, April 23: Ron Reed

The next Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch is on the 23rd April. It will feature veteran sports journo Ron Reed. Ron will be discussing his latest book, War Games, as well as yarns from his long career.

Almanac Book Extract: ‘Media and Me, by Warnie’ from ‘War Games’ by Ron Reed

Ron Reed’s latest book is the special guest at the next Odd Friday/Footy Almanac lunch on April 23 at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel. Here’s a chapter to tempt your (reading) taste buds!

Book Release: ‘War Games’ by Ron Reed

The most recent book by veteran journalist Ron Reed is called ‘War Games’ which deals with his father’s wartime experiences in Japan, and the plan Ron had to honour those memories with one last trip to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Almanac Footy: Ron Barassi – An old heart beats true for red and blue

He was responsible for changing the perception that footballers rarely left ‘home’ but it’s great to see Ron Barassi back where it all began, writes respected sports journalist, Ron Reed.

Almanac Music: Keef’s obit (just on the odd chance he might predecease me) – Anson Cameron

Keith Richards’ death has always been with us, says Anson Cameron. Yet, “immortally moribund,” he’s still kicking. Best, then, to pay your respects.

Almanac Olympics: Boomers – Mills, a hero cast in bronze

Respected journalist Ron Reed continues his magnificent informative reports of events from the Tokyo Olympics. This report focuses upon the efforts of the bronze winning Boomers particularly the integral role played by Patty Mills for the team.

Round 19 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: Freedom 21

Jamie Simmons wound up alone at a nervous ‘Gabba on the weekend, masked and ready. As always, his line of sight illuminates only the worthiest of details.

The Merger Trilogy: On the Frontier

William Westerman continues to chart the story that saw the Fitzroy Football Club merge with the then Brisbane Bears to become the Brisbane Lions.

Almanac Footy History – The Crapp Chronicles Part 9: Crapp Duped! (How Ivo headed west)

The adventures of Ivo Crapp were set to follow the setting sun after the 1905 VFL/AFL Grand Final, but what happened between Melbourne and Western Australia to upset the umpire’s applecart?

Almanac Footy: Ron Reeves – I’ll do it my way

Ron Reeves was born and bred Collingwood. Matt Watson takes a look at the life and times of the 1958 Collingwood premiership player.

Almanac Music: The New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers

‘The New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers’ Vol. 1 is a great blues based album finally released twelve years after it was recorded.

Breeders Kill Shelter Animals’ Chance to Have a Life

Deakin Uni journalism student Shannon Cole examines the many issues surrounding pet breeding, animal rescues, and pet adoption.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 2: Freedom, simplicity and a secure base

In his second piece for the Almanac, David Stiff invites athletes (sportspeople) to ‘listen to the game’. His notion of freedom and simplicity and their significance will resonate with close observers of sport (and the Geelong Football Club).

Almanac Cricket: Jake Reed – “Training with a purpose”

Jake Reed’s cricketing journey is one of dedication and perseverance – Gil Roseby takes us into what makes Jake tick

Freedom and adventure without the accompanying danger.

It wasn’t the piece Adam Fox originally envisioned, but fatherhood, work & study have conflated to bring us this, a laundry list of literary gems in order of encounter.

Almanac Golf: Golf Capital – Reed’s uncomfortable Augusta glory

Hamish Neal with a thorough wrap of The Masters won by Patrick Reed.

Commonwealth Games as Anachronism and City Branding

Andy Fuller discusses how indigenous interests and politics are given short shrift when many stand to benefit from the pomp and ceremony of an anachronistic, imperialist and self-aggrandising sporting spectacle such as The Commonwealth Games.