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Almanac book review – Nick Richardson’s ‘Chadwick: a man of many parts’ by Roger Lowrey

Roger Lowrey reviews the biography of one of the most influential figures in Victorian sports, business and administration history, Sir Albert Chadwick.

Old Autograph Books: Roger Lowrey

More autographs. Some famous Geelong names from the 1960s.

Almanac Obituary: Graeme Edge – The Moody Blues

Roger Lowrey pays a fine tribute to Graeme Edge, drummer from The Moody Blues who passed away a few days ago.

Almanac Book Review: ‘Chance’ by Andrew Rule

Roger Lowrey has loved The Punt since he was a youngster so it’s no surprise he was drawn to Andrew Rule’s latest book, ‘Chance’. Roger, a seasoned Almanacker,offers his review of this book about the shenanigans of some colourful Australian racing identities. And about what people are willing to do to engineer a sting. [Fine review of a great book – JTH]

Almanac Books: ‘Neil Harvey – The Last Invincible’

Roger Lowrey reviews Ashley Mallett’s wonderful account of a great Australian cricketer, ‘Neil Harvey: The Last Invincible’.

Almanac Music: Vale Don Everly

Roger Lowrey pays tribute to a star voice of his youth, Don Everly, who passed away recently.

Coleraine Races – in the footsteps of Adam Lindsay Gordon

After Lindsay Smelt’s story yesterday we’ve reprised Roger Lowrey’s fine historical piece. And it’s that time of the year too..

Following in the footsteps of Australian poet Adam Lindsay Gordon, Roger Lowrey has been to the Coleraine races where the longest continuous race (that is, the one that has been stage annually for the longest sequence) in the Southern Hemisphere occurs.

Almanac Life: Which one are you?

Roger Lowrey wonders why we often choose one item over another, but as he states, it’s all because of an invisible fault line that goes beyond chocolates.

Round 6 – Geelong v West Coast Eagles: Early start suits the Cats

Roger Lowrey appreciates the early game start as he settles into established routines for Geelong’s match against the West Coast Eagles.

Almanac Rail Trips: Journey to Mungo National Park

Roger Lowrey took advantage of free train travel for Victorian Seniors last week and journeyed to the listed World Heritage site of the Mungo National Park.

Almanac Life: Two blokes walk into a pub (Part 2)

Continuing on from Kevin Densley’s piece this morning, Roger Lowrey gives his side of the summit at the Petrel Hotel in Geelong. (Is this an Almanac version of Rashomon? – Ed)

Almanac Life: Two blokes walk into a pub (Part 1)

In comradely spirit, Kevin Densley and Roger Lowrey joined forces to write a two-part piece about their recent lunch at the Petrel Hotel in Geelong West. Here’s Part 1 from Kevin Densley.

Almanac Book Review – ‘The Momentous Uneventful Day: a requiem for the office’ by Gideon Haigh

Roger Lowrey offers his thoughts on Gideon Haigh’s most contemporary tome: ‘The Momentous Uneventful Day: a requiem for the office.’

Almanac Elections: The polling booth near the cricket ground

Elections are front and centre which reminds us of this yarn from Roger Lowrey, first published around election time 2019:

Dog legs, racing, cold beer and fraternising with the enemy were all part of Roger Lowrey’s stint while handing out how to vote cards during the SA State Elections in 1985.

Almanac Obituary: Vale Barry Jarman

Roger Lowrey recalls Barry Jarman who died in Adelaide last week.

‘A multi nodal journey of discovery through the Wimmera.’ Discuss.

Roger Lowrey recently returned to the Wimmera, where he spent forty years of his working life. This is where his five-day road trip took him. [Beaut pics too – Ed]

Almanac (Pub) History: Queen’s Head Hotel Geelong – Part 2

The old Queen’s Head Hotel in Geelong is generating a lot of interest. Roger Lowrey presents his memories of the pub.

Almanac Book Review: 1989 – The Great Grand Final

Roger Lowrey reviews Tony Wilson’s new book 1989: The Great Grand Final. It’s a tough job for a Geelong fan Like Rog, but he shows a fair deal of good grace.

The Game of the Century

Seeing Roger Lowrey has brought up the famous District Cricket Final of 1965/66, we thought we should reprise this great Mic Rees’ piece on the very same game.

Cricket: On this day (or thereabouts) 54 years ago

With no live cricket currently being played, Roger Lowrey encountered a piece on one of Bill Lawry’s finest hours, the 1965/66 District Cricket Grand Final, between Northcote and Essendon.