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Almanac Basketball: Patty Mills and the Boomers, ‘Not Bad Thanks’

We were thrilled by basketball at the highest level with Patty Mills and the Boomers, but there’s another team proud of their exploits, the Not Bad Thanks team. [Ed -great gift idea for Father’s Day]

Almanac Sporting Juggernauts: The Basketball Phenomenon Not Bad Thanks turns 40 and that’s no April Fools’ Day Joke

Forty years trying to reach Sport’s Everest, and they’re still trying. Graeme Willingham celebrates a significant anniversary for Not Bad Thanks.

Almanac (Club) Basketball: Missed it by that much! Another chapter in the life of ‘Not Bad Thanks’

‘Not Bad Thanks’ were in the running for another basketball premiership. But, in the words of that great philosopher Maxwell Smart, they “missed it by that much.” Graeme Willingham reports (from the floor). [They’re officially nuts – Ed]

Almanac Book Review: The craziness that is “Not Bad Thanks”

Deakin Uni student and basketball enthusiast Mark Miller recently read Not Bad Thanks the story of a basketball club/team/phenomenon that has graced the courts of Melbourne since 1980. This is his review.

Almanac Books: Not Bad Thanks is a hoot

If you want an entertaining examination of mateship and sporting obsession, John Harms thinks Graeme Willingham’s ‘Not Bad Thanks’ is an excellent investment. For extracts, and details on how to obtain the book, please read further.

“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: extract no. 3, Playing above oneself

Exceptionalism, or playing above oneself? Graeme Willingham defines his thoughts on both in this extract from his new book, “Not Bad Thanks”.

“Not Bad Thanks” by Graeme Willingham: So, who is Graeme Willingham?

The Footy Almanac has featured extracts from Graeme Willingham’s new book, “Not Bad Thanks” over the past week or so, but little have we heard about the author himself and his background. All is revealed above.

“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: extract No. 2, Tribunals!

Some members of the Not Bad Thanks basketball team had problems with the rules and regulations of the game. This extract from Graeme Willingham’s book “Not Bad Thanks” details some of these problems and their subsequent consequences.

“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: Some thoughts, the critics, and an invite

How a rag tag team of basketballer mates raise themselves from the bottom of the ladder to achieve success is the topic of Graeme Willingham’s book “Not Bad Thanks”. Told with good humour, at times moving, but always entertaining, the book is sure to enthrall all readers. Why not come to the Almanac dinner and hear Graeme discuss his book with John Harms. Details above.

“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: an extract

Graeme Willingham has written an entertaining book “Not Bad Thanks” about a rag tag team of basketballers. Here is an extract from the book.

Almanac Dinner – Graeme Willingham: “Not Bad Thanks”

Graeme Willingham has written a stranger-than-fiction tale of a grass-roots basketball team’s refusal to let power struggles, tragic events, media scrutiny and lack of skill hinder their climb from the bottom of a city league.

Round 7- Collingwood v Gold Coast: From bad to worst

Spotting Brayden Maynard in the hotel bar where Danielle Hakim and her husband were staying celebrating joint birthdays was a heart pounding moment for her. Nick Maxwell at breakfast next morning brought more joy for her. Unfortunately the joy was not to last as Gold Coast wiped all the smiles from Danielle’s face. It’s been a tough time for Collingwood supporters.

Round 17 – St Kilda vs West Coast: R U OK? It’s okay not to be okay

On R.U.O.K. Day, Yoshi watches St Kilda get beaten by West Coast. But it is ok to feel bad about the loss, he says, because he loves his Saints

A letter of thanks to U2: Surrender (The Joshua Tree tour, Melbourne)

They’re one of the biggest bands in the world, with a career spanning decades, but amidst the dark hours and a cast of thousands, our E.r experienced U2’s music in a way that resonated deep within his soul – here he shares the experience as best he can in mere words.

Henry and the Jets: Thanks Paul Hudson!

After some goal kicking advice from former Hawk great Paul Hudson, the Jets won a hard fought match and moved back into the top 4 for the first time in a while reports Henry Ballard.

Round 23 – St Kilda v North Melbourne: Sad to end the season but hope for 2019 – not only for Saints but also for Caulfield Bears

Yoshi reviews the Saints loss against the Roos, and recalls some of his wonderful experiences this season.

Wests Juniors Australian Football Club (WJAFC) 90th Anniversary Keynote

Turning 50, Geoff Woolcock has pulled some thoughts together about the significance of local community and junior footy while reflecting upon his long and distinguished footy career.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – When a 43 point loss to Richmond isn’t too bad

Cam Hooke and his customary links cover all of Collingwood’s AFL, VFL, Netball, VFLW and VWFL efforts. Though the AFL side lost to Richmond, it’s still mostly up-side.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: The Bad Times

Cam Hooke is already dreading the Bad Times that are the months between Round 23 2017 and Round 1 2018.

Archie Goes the Early Crow and Calls the AFL Finals Series in April – Surely He Can’t Get So Badly Wrong As He Did in Season `16!

Archie has bitten the proverbial bullet and with the risk of being shot down by his fellow Almanackers, has predicted his AFL 2017 Premiership and Brownlow medal winners after only two rounds. [NB The link is now working properly – sorry for the break in transmission. Ed]