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Round 5 – Melbourne v Richmond: Anzac Eve and the sounds of silence

Mandy Johnson is pleasantly surprised and moved by the Anzac ceremony before the Melbourne-Richmond game. A tight match follows, then suddenly the Tiges are six goals up and continue to run away.

NAB Cup – Richmond v Melbourne: When it doesn’t matter

We all know pre-season means nothing. Non-indicative form, ridiculous rules, frivolous facial hair. So for Mandy Johnson, it was a toss-up whether to watch at all. But would her Tigers force her to care?

Almanac History: Almanacs Through The Ages

In this Friday’s column, KD presents a very short history of almanacs in words and images.

So what’s in The Tigers Almanac 2019?

Here’s what’s in The Tigers Almanac 2019. (This post includes the Table of Contents) Order your copies now for delivery from Dec 12.

Australia v Pakistan – Second Test, Day 3: The Winter Game

On a freezing day in Adelaide Citrus Bob Utber watches the Pakistani tail put up a real fight, before being asked to follow on.

Australia v Pakistan – Second Test, Day 1: Ho Hum

Citrus Bob dodges the emus and kangaroos as he drives from Mildura to Adelaide to take up his seat for the Second Test. He enjoys a day of classic footwork from two comfortable batsmen. But is it much of a contest?

So what’s in The Eagles Almanac 2018?

So what is in The Eagles Almanac 2018?

Round 19 – Richmond v Collingwood: Should have paid closer attention to the rat

A Tiger roaming far from home enjoys a day at the local that does not go to plan. But reality is so much better than the plan – except when it comes to the less happy side of country footy.

Writing Richmond Together: A review of The Tigers’ Almanac 2017

Andy Fuller gives a terrific overview of The Tigers’ Almanac 2017. He has absolutely nailed it.

Welcoming Deakin University to the Almanac

We announce Deakin University, who sponsored the launch of The Doggies Almanac 2016, as a sponsor of The Footy Almanac 2016 (to be published in March, 2017). We will be providing opportunities for Deakin University students across all elements of the Almanac project. Read more about what’s happening.

The Doggies Launch: A few pics.

Thanks to Yvette Wroby for some nice pics of the writers who gathered at the North Fitzroy Arms for the launch of The Doggies Almanac last Wednesday.

The Almanackers: I is for Ivins and J is for Jeffrey

Tim Ivins is our London correspondent and Mick Jeffrey writes from central Queensland. Check out some of our Is and Js.

Cookie’s last day in a formal capacity at

The green pastures of the dairylands beckon.

Almanac Weekend Sports Rewind 7th March

All the Sporting results that matter.