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Almanac Book Reviews: ‘Sacredly Profane’ – Kevin Densley’s poetry collection

Col Ritchie reviews Kevin Densley’s recent poetry collection ‘Sacredly Profane’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Sacredly Profane’ – a new collection by Kevin Densley

Congratulations to Kevin Densley on his new collection of poems ‘Sacredly Profane’. Read more in this post.

Almanac Poetry: Wedding Party Photograph: the Marriage of Lucy Jane R— to Edward Thomas P—, the town of P—, South Australia, December 20th, 1905

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley focuses upon a family wedding photograph taken in a South Australian country town in 1905.

Almanac Music: ‘Gimme a Head with Hair’ – Songs about Hair

Yeah yeah! This week, the theme is hair in Kevin Densley’s long-running series focusing upon popular song.

Almanac (Pub) Life: The Last Chance to Save The Tote

Grace Mackenzie is the Footy Almanac’s Kevin Densley scholar and continues with her series related to Aussie pubs. This time it’s that great music pub in Collingwood – The Tote.

Almanac Poetry: Trapped

This Monday’s poem from Kevin Densley concerns a situation so many of us have been in – feeling very uncomfortable at a party because a particular person is present.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Please Feed the Macaws … I’m Feeling Too Indolent’ – Book Review

Well known and respected poet Kevin Densley recently released his latest collection of poetry, ‘Please Feed the Macaws … I’m Feeling Too Indolent’. Col Ritchie presents his review of this wonderful collection of verse.

Almanac Poetry: Good Old Unca

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is an unpublished one from the archives, about an era when it was more likely that a relative down on their luck was staying in your granny flat – and giving every indication that they’d never leave!

Almanac Poetry: The Arnolfini Divorce

In this week’s poem, previously unpublished, Kevin Densley takes a famous fifteenth century European painting as the starting point for a twentieth century Australian immigration story.

Almanac Poetry: 6 Canterbury Street

This week’s poem, according to Kevin Densley, is ‘mainly about loneliness’.

Almanac Poetry: Fragments from the Lives of the Bushrangers

Be they tenacious troubadours or terrors of townsfolk, Kevin Densley has captured fleeting moments of several bushrangers in his latest, as yet unpublished, poem.

Almanac Poetry: Mirror

One aspect of this week’s poem from Kevin Densley is the idea that looking at something can turn it into something else.

Almanac Poetry: To Deirdre of My Sorrows

‘Throw Irish myth and a painful, long-remembered youthful dalliance together and this might be what comes out,’ – Kevin Densley in relation to this Monday poem.

Almanac Poetry: Contemplation upon the Death Mask of Alban Berg

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley tells the beautiful story behind the final work of Austrian twentieth century composer, Alban Berg.

Almanac Poetry: Hooray for Hollywood

What are so many TV and movie stars of yesteryear doing now? Kevin Densley paints a picture.

Almanac Poetry: Death 101

One of the twentieth century’s best poets is Sylvia Plath (1932-1963), according to Kevin Densley. In this poem, he reflects upon her late work, much of which seems to point to her tragic end.

Almanac Poetry: Elsternwick Gothic

This Monday’s poem from Kevin Densley is set in the Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick, where the skies can suddenly turn strange and other-worldly.

Almanac Poetry: John Keats Was Right

In this week’s offering, Kevin Densley takes as his inspiration a line from ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’, an iconic poem by one of the greatest poets in the English language, John Keats. [You should see what was left out of this excerpt – Ed]

Almanac Poetry: Manly Ferry in Thunderstorm

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is drawn from a frightening experience he had when last in Sydney, in 1997.

Almanac Book Review: The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present by Paul McCartney

With Paul McCartney touring locally (for possibly the last time) Kevin Densley’s review of the music man’s monumental, two-volume boxed set, The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present is being reprised. Get Back to the words behind the songs before Macca and friends become a Band on the Run home.