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Almanac Book Reviews: ‘Sacredly Profane’ – Kevin Densley’s poetry collection

Col Ritchie reviews Kevin Densley’s recent poetry collection ‘Sacredly Profane’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Sacredly Profane’ – a new collection by Kevin Densley

Congratulations to Kevin Densley on his new collection of poems ‘Sacredly Profane’. Read more in this post.

Almanac Poetry: A Little Night Music

This Monday’s poem from Kevin Densley was inspired by a well-known Mozart composition and night-time in general.

Almanac Poetry: Death of a Bantam

Today, Kevin Densley’s poem is on love, death and a nobly-lived life.

Almanac Poetry: Murray Cod

In this week’s poem, Kevin Densley looks at Australia’s most iconic indigenous fish, and one of the largest freshwater varieties in the world – the Murray Cod.

Almanac History and Poetry: Two Remembrance Day Offerings

To commemorate a Remembrance Day theme, we revisit a couple of earlier contributions from Kevin Densley about Capt. Bert James and Capt. Albert Jacka VC.

Almanac Poetry: Kitchen

The kitchen is far from a bastion of domestic bliss, moreso a den of violence in this week’s poem from Kevin Densley.

Almanac Poetry: Jack-o’-lantern

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is a new piece about that classic symbol of Halloween, the Jack-o’-lantern.

Almanac Poetry: Death of Presley

Is Kevin Densley’s poem more than simply toilet humour? Could it be a royal flush?

Almanac Poetry: The Burial of the Sardine

In today’s poem, Kevin Densley winds back the clock to a poem he wrote in his twenties, based upon a stunning painting by Goya.

Almanac Poetry: Vienna Dream

Although they lived in the same city – Vienna – in the same era, there is a school of thought that Schubert and Beethoven never actually met. Along these lines, this week’s poem from Kevin Densley speculates upon what a near-miss would have looked like.

Almanac Poetry: The Anni-Frid, Björn, Benny and Agnetha Syndrome

ABBA’s upcoming release of their first album of new material in 40 years reminded Kevin Densley of a poem he’d written, loosely based on fact, inspired by the band in their then retirement.

Almanac Poetry: In Celebration of Great Australian Racehorses

As another Spring blooms, take a second look at this poem from Kevin Densley highlighting the great racehorses in Australian Turf history.

Almanac Memoir: Ouyen Harness Races, 1973

They’re racing at Ouyen today (Sunday) so we are reprising Kevin Densley’s memoir of the trots:

The smell of burning mallee roots is a fond memory for Kevin Densley of the Ouyen Harness Races many years ago.

Almanac Poetry: The Artist Formerly Known

The history of rock ‘n’ roll contains many novelty acts and artists with quirky stage names. In this week’s poem, Kevin Densley charts the rise and fall of a fictional rock ‘n’ roller along these lines. [Very mild language warning – Ed.]

Almanac Poetry: Her First and Second Husbands

This Monday’s poem from Kevin Densley illustrates that, tragically, lightning can strike twice in the same place.

Almanac Poetry: In the Heartland

Politics can be funny at times, and members of the electorate can express themselves in a variety of ways. Kevin Densley recalls a time when George Bush Senior, on the US Presidential campaign trail, was mooned by an entire family!

Almanac Poetry: Five Miles from…

In this Monday’s poem, Kevin Densley looks at the situation of the most iconic dog in Australian folklore.

Almanac Poetry: Irish

This Monday’s poem from Kevin Densley draws on family history, in particular his Irish ancestors, who, like many of their countryfolk, left their native land to start new lives around the world.

Almanac Poetry: A Notable Colonial Fistfight

Kevin Densley pays poetic tribute to an epic stoush between Ned Kelly and Isaiah ‘Wild’ Wright which took place 147 years ago this week.