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Almanac (Footy) Reminiscence: Planting a blue and white garden

It’s the first week of the finals in 2007 and John Harms and The Handicapper are contemplating the colour of the plants for their spring garden. [A version of this was published in The Age – Ed]

SANFL Round 9 – Norwood v South Adelaide: Legs hang on in Brady Dawe’s 200th game: by Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood

Rulebook reports on Norwood’ s close win over South Adelaide in their Round 9 SANFL match. And Rulebook is not happy with the umpires!

Round 19 – Richmond v Collingwood: Like a Tiger Defying the Laws of Gravity

‘These are games of wonder, they restore our youth, they will bring us back for more, again and again. When these two mighty tribes clash on the MCG, we do more than simply watch.’ Joe De Petro poetically sums up Saturday’s blockbuster.

Round 16 – Richmond v Adelaide: The Edge of Chaos

Joe De Petro channels mathematical concepts, chaos theory and even Evil Roy Slade to explain the success of his Tigers. Whatever it is, it sure as hell works!

Round 11 – Essendon v Richmond: When Tribes Collide

On a cool winter’s night touched with tradition both old and very old, Joe De Petro saw Richmond continue their Dreamtime dominance over the Bombers

Round 4 – Richmond v Brisbane: Defence is Trumps

The best offence is a good defence, so goes the sporting truism. For Joe De Petro, the best of Richmond starts with a good defence too.

Philip Road, Elizabeth – Holden cars and me

Over the years Mickey Randall has told us about football, meat pies and kangaroos. Well, it’s time for Holden cars. Enjoy this reminiscence.

The Beast and its Trade Week and the Quest to Take on the Melbourne Cup

The AFL is doing everything to stay in the papers all year round writes Joe De Petro, including making the Trade Week go for four weeks to compete with the Melbourne Cup.

AFL Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Why we left three empty seats at the Grand Final

Thirty-seven years of heartbreak have come to an end for long-time Richmond supporter Joe De Petro, as his Tigers prevailed against the Crows to win the premiership cup.

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Richmondy

Joe de Petro has recognised a new state of being. The world is Richmondy. He is Richmondy. We can all be Richmondy.

Round 18 – Richmond v GWS: Good-bye shabby grandeur, hello state-of-the-art comfort

Richmond fought hard in cold and trying conditions to defeat the Giants on Sunday afternoon. Joe De Petro was happy to see the spirit of Punt Road lift the Tigers over the line.

Round 15 – Port Adelaide v Richmond: It’s not fair, coach. Alex Rance ganged up on us

It was a game of changing rhythms in Adelaide. Joe De Petro watches on with a vindaloo, a korma, and beers.

Stop and Listen, AFL: The Goodes Debate

David Zita dwells on the Adam Goodes crowd reaction debate. Simply put, it’s a complex issue with, as is often the case in life, far too much grey for reductive black and white posturing – on both sides of the argument.

The Hardest Working Men in Football

What a week it’s been in life and footy, Eddie.  Sorry, I’m suffering from Wrap Deprivation Syndrome.  Who would have thought that he’d desert TLSWRF* and take the $1.5 million a season from GWS to ghost write Sheeds’ column for the Blacktown Bugle? (*The Long Suffering Wrap Reader Faithful). 

Balcony Banter Round 2: Hawthorn v Richmond

Tiger fans Dave Campbell and Joe De Petro have both written about the Richmond Round 2 win over Hawthorn in this week’s Balcony Banter offerings.

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: “Is there anybody there?” said the traveller.

On Friday night, Joe De Petro should have been at the MCG watching his Tigers take on the Blues in the opening match of the AFL season. But a nasty little bug changed all that! Instead, he watched it on TV. Here’s Joe’s report of the game.

Balcony Banter Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: Pax Romana

A long way from home (or the MCG) on Grand Final day, Tiger man Joe De Petro found a way to tap into the Tiger roar.

Preliminary Final – Richmond v Geelong: A view from Vienna

Watching from an Irish pub in Vienna, Joe De Petro saw the Tigers overcome the Cats, as he overcame the “Unknown Error”quarter.

Balcony Banter Round 21 – Richmond v Carlton: I wish I had a river

Despite the horrendous conditions, Joe De Petro braved the elements for his winning Tigers.

Balcony Banter Round 17 – Richmond v GWS: Winter Days

Almanac regular Joe De Petro saw his Tigers take on the Giants at the MCG on a dreary winter’s afternoon.