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Almanac (Australian) Cricket: Beset by crisis because the system is spoiled

This is the regression we had to have.  In ironmike20’s life, Australian cricket has suffered three great crises and rebounded.  This crisis is self-inflicted, but a setback is an opportunity for a comeback.  The Aussies have done it before and can do it again a passionate Mike claims.

Almanac Lunch: Matt Watson and the Sons of Guns

Another terrific Almanac lunch last Friday at The North Fitzroy Arms. Author and Almanacker Matt Watson discussed his book Sons of Guns, about famous footballing families. Check out some pictures from the day, and treat yourself to a copy.

Almanac Cricket: Vaseline and cricket

Smith, Warner and Bancroft broke a nation’s heart when they broke the spirit of the game. Why cheat?  Why destroy everything Test cricket stands for?  Why destroy a nation’s psyche?  Why try to ruin Test cricket? Ironmike tries to understand why.

Almanac Motor Racing – Bathurst (Part 5): The road trip Home

The big race is over and IronMike20 makes his way home…

Almanac Motor Racing – Bathurst (Part 4): The road trip Sunday

On a cold and wet Sunday, Ironmike20 continues his Bathurst report about the trials and tribulations of the great race.

Journalists have the right to resist compulsion to intrude

Ironmike provides plenty of food for thought about the dilemma facing journalists when preparing an item for publication, particularly the ethical considerations and the implications that may result from that story.

North Melbourne v Carlton: Round 9 ancient history

Remembering Round 9 1978, Ironmike feels a sense of history repeating itself as the Kangas prepare for the Blues.

The history of Essendon and North Melbourne

North Melbourne man Ironmike20, has felt the slings and arrows. Check out his memories of a classic rivalry (“I like beating Essendon a lot.”)

Almanac Boxing – Mayweather v Pacquiao: Trying to hit smoke

Almanac Boxing correspondent Ironmike Matt Watson wants this much-promoted fight to be compelling. We all do. Here’s his preview.

The Bloody Brutality of Boxing – Brayden Smith

Matt Watson’s passion for the sweet science comes to the fore in this considered piece on what the future holds for Boxing in the wake of Queensland boxer Brayden Smith’s untimely – and shocking – death earlier this month.

What were you doing when Stynes ran across the mark?

The IronMike Matt Watson reflects on his memory of ‘that Stynes mistake’ and wants to know, where were you when it happened?

Hopeless on the punt

Is the footy better with a bet on? Ironmike reflects on a fairly middling punting career.

Success through excess

Ironmike reacts to the “Poor Us” cry from the Sydney Swans.

Fight animals

Matt Watson comes out swinging and lands more punches than Mundine in a month. He is sick of the charade of dodgey promoters and scam contests. See if you agree with “IronMike’s” reasons for why the sweet science is on the ropes.