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Gravel & Mud: Geoffrey Blainey

Historian Geoffrey Blainey has had rich experiences with Australian mining, society and football. This story is from the anthology ‘Gravel & Mud’, a wonderful look into how western Tasmania approached its footy, from conditions to crowds to players.

Gravel & Mud: Martin Flanagan’s introduction

Martin Flanagan recalls life on the West Coast of Tasmania with its places, and characters and its distinctive footy. This piece of fine story-telling is the introduction to Gravel & Mud, an anthology put together by Tony Newport and the Carswell brothers Chris and John.

Gravel & Mud: Chris Fagan’s Preface

As you will see over the coming days, as the Almanac publishes this series of extracts, Gravel & Mud is full of wonderful yarns.

Almanac Books: Introducing Gravel & Mud – An Anthology of Football in the Mountains of Western Tasmania

Tony Newport, John Carswell and Chris Carswell have compiled a classic anthology of footy stories from the west coast of Tasmania. Here’s some info about the book. Look out for some stories from the book to be published here in the coming days. [A ripper – JTH]

Almanac Footy (and Life): Life through the prism of football

Tom Stone, one of Tanunda’s ‘Sprocket Rockets’, looks back at life through the prism of his experiences in Australian football.

AFLW Round 1 – St Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Moorabbin reflections, past and present

Things have changed at Moorabbin since Stephanie Holt first started watching footy there. Now with her footy mate and daughter she reflects on times past and times present with the Saints great AFLW Round 1 win against the Western Bulldogs.

Almanac Books: New and Recent Releases by friends of the Footy Almanac

We’ve made a list of the books published by authors who are part of the Almanac community – with links to information about each one.

Almanac Art: Day of the 2020 Grand Final

Tiger fan Kate Birrell shares her long, long day of waiting for the night of the Grand Final that inspired yet another superb artwork.

Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: The Day After

Kate Birrell reflects upon her chance meeting with fellow Tiger supporter Sharon the day after the Grand Final.

Almanac Bushwalking: On Granite Island

Mickey Randall takes his boys to do a lap of Granite Island at Victor Harbor where they encounter a storied tree again. [Nice – Ed]

In Praise of Mud

Dave Brown reports on a muddy late season away game of U/10s at Elizabeth’s Argana Park, the Eagles’ home of no grass roots footy. The kids loved it.

Big Bells and Brass Balls: paddling out at Bells beach on a big day.

The feeling of a crisp autumn morning, hungover, excited and the majesty of a massive set at Bells; only a surfer understands this feeling. San Diego Catter writes a beautiful tribute to a classic surfing trip.

Cricket and the Country Member

Mickey Randall reminisces about the times, names and places of growing up with cricket as a constant summer companion.

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games- Rd 13 cont.

ROUND 13 (continued) Hawthorn versus Essendon June 18th., M.C.G. The week disappears faster than the smile on Mrs Averling’s face when I tell her she can’t have the swimming pool hotter than 34 degrees.  I keep the lid on my immediate thought, which is, then go and have a bath, darling. At Wednesday’s morning tea [Read more]

Almanac E-newsletter – July 23 2021: Peanut, Lord North.

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Almanac Poetry: ‘The Irish Girl’ Part 1 – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet has written an epic poem in three major parts telling the tale of a relationship and all its many vicissitudes. Enjoy Part 1 of ‘The Irish Girl’. [Editor’s warning: mature themes are contained in the poem]

Almanac Life: Summer Trip

Kate Birrell remembers the joys of a summer trip with her family of eight piled snugly in the Ford Fairmont to visit her grandparents in Albury in the 70s.

Almanac Country Footy: The Dam Buster Ball (now with derby photo)

Tony Newport tells the story of a cracking derby between Rosebery and Toorak in which his astute coach started him at full forward where the result was decided by the rarest of kicks: the dam buster ball. [Brilliantly described – Ed]

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 12 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Outlasting the Dockers up north

Fremantle were in trouble halfway through the 2007 season after another loss, this time to the Bulldogs. Christopher Riordan covered the high-scoring game up in Darwin.

Almanac Junior Footy: Golden memories of little league glory

Mark Hodgetts is gazing forward at a golden anniversary of eternal glory – albeit on a small scale – the victorious South Barwon Koalas’ season, winners of the local little league in 1971. [Lovely memoir – Ed]