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FEARLESS 2021 – Grand Final: The Big Dance goes national for the second year running

A final Fearless wrap up of the AFL Grand Final for 2021 between the two best sides of the season.

FEARLESS 2021 – Finals Week 1 and 2 Review: All I Want For 2022 is….

FEARLESS 2021 reviews the Finals Week 1 and 2 matches, and presents his thoughts on those who missed out.

FEARLESS 2021 – Review Round 23: If the AFL wants to make a statement on racism…

FEARLESS 2021 is catching up with his match reviews and presents his thoughts about the Round 23 games.

FEARLESS 2021 – Round 22 Review: Penultimate Round Bravos

FEARLESS 2021 reviews the penultimate round of the AFL season, and also presents some thoughts about retiring players.

FEARLESS 2021 – Post Olympics…the footy helps the time pass with lockdown drudgery, but racism is not acceptable.

Paul Thomson presents his thoughts on post Olympics, the racism controversy, and reports on the outcomes of the Round 21 matches.

FEARLESS 2021 – Round 20: The rest of ‘bitsa’ Rd 19…3 from here and 6 from there = 9 games!

Paul Thomson reviews the Round 20 matches, and as always, in his fearless manner.

FEARLESS 2021 – Round 19: Coaches Beware! Be Careful What You Wish For

FEARLESS 2021 casts his eye over a few topical footy issues, and reviews last weekend’s Round 19 matches.

FEARLESS 2021 – Rounds 17 and 18 Double Header

Fearless shares his thoughts on two rounds beset by uncertainty due to the pandemic, but with upsets and individual brilliance in equal measure.

FEARLESS 2021 – Double Header Rounds 15 and 16: …and another thing I’ve been wondering lately…

FEARLESS 2021 catches up his match reports with those for Rounds 15 and 16. He also offers his thoughts of some current footy issues.

FEARLESS 2021 – Rounds 13 and 14: Fixturing on the run

Paul ‘Fearless’ Thomson gives us another double dose of his AFL reviews with Rounds 13 and 14 in the rearview mirror.

FEARLESS 2021 – Round 12: Sir Doug Nicholls Round continues as Dreamtime hits Perth WA

Paul ‘Fearless’ Thomson reviews AFL Round 12.

FEARLESS 2021 – Round 11: Sir Doug Nicholls Round

Fearless Thomson offers some thoughts on the current plight of AFL umpires before reviewing Sir Doug Nichols Round.

FEARLESS 2021: Double shots Round 9 and Round 10

FEARLESS 2021 catches up with his reviews of all matches from Round 9 and Round 10.

FEARLESS 2021: Double Header – The media spotlight just shines too intensely sometimes

FEARLESS 2021 reviews all the matches from Round 7 and Round 8 with his usual thoughtful analysis.

FEARLESS 2021: The AFLW just keeps getting better

FEARLESS has his say on the AFLW competition and, true to his brand, he’s a BIG fan.

FEARLESS 2021: Rounds 5 and 6 double-header

FEARLESS is running a little late with his update on Rounds 5 and 6 but it’s worth the wait. Tell it like it is, PT!

FEARLESS 2021 Round 4: Blockbusters start the round and do the game justice.

Reports of the social media interaction between a fan and a player left Paul Thompson genuinely shocked. He makes a few observations about that, before his wrap up of the Round 4 action.

FEARLESS 2021 Round 3: Covid Strikes again! Fixturers beware – it might happen again.

Paul Thompson was ill last week, so he’s playing catch up with his round reviews. There was plenty to talk about in Round 3, played across the Easter period, though Roos fans may choose to look away.

FEARLESS 2021 – Round 2: Spud’s Game. It’s Time to Talk…a great idea. So let’s talk!

FEARLESS 2021 presents his thoughts about the outcomes of all the Round 2 matches.

FEARLESS 2021 Round 1: RIP the bump – The bump is dead

FEARLESS is back for 2021, albeit belatedly, and presents his review of the Round 1 AFL matches.