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Dudley Street Doggies – Clem Nips Out To The Shed

Neil Anderson has nominated this Swish account of Clem’s first visit to Etihad as an Almanac Classic. (send your noms in to [email protected])

Clem makes the trip up Dynon Road to the big shed on Spencer St to see the Doggies for the first time this century. Was it worth the trip to Joe’s of Barkly Street beforehand?

Dudley Street Doggies: Hammeroids

Old mate Clem shares his opinion on the Bullydogs Round 1 cartoon jumper. He’s not pleased.

Dudley Street Doggies – A Late Westerly

Old mate Clem has had a few upheavals since the Doggies’ 2016 flag, but he (plus his mates Quang and Van) is still with us.

Dudley Street Doggies – Greens With Envy (Grand Final 2016 Edition)

Clem, Quang, Van and co missed out on the Grand Final ticket ballot. Did they get to yell “Go Bullydogs” after all?

Dudley Street Doggies: Life of the Party

Quang and Han hosted Clem on Prelim Final day. It went off without a hitch. Almost.

Almanac Short Story: Dudley Street Doggies – Bob Murphy, Up The Guts

Clem and Bess haven’t been themselves since their captain did a big knee in Round 3. They’re perking up.

Dudley Street Doggies – Five Get Over Excited

Clem survived summer on a diet of Dogstel and hope. He’s back for 2016, along with his Footscray pals.

Dudley Street Doggies – All The President’s Men

What a year it’s been for Clem, Quang and their Bullydogs.

Dudley Street Doggies – Them’s The Breaks

A great start to your Thursday morning from Swish Schwerdt with Clem’s story. Down for the count after round six, a Doggies stalwart recovers in time to see his ‘Bullydogs’ launch a red-hot tilt at September success.

Dudley Street Doggies

Old-timer Clem is a Bulldogs fan who resides in Dudley St. Mark “Swish” Schwerdt tells old Clem’s story. “Fancy beating bloody Sydney”. Not even Clem could have tipped the Doggie’s resurgence.

Round 21- North Melbourne v Fremantle: A perfect Day

Andrew Starkie takes his daughter to her first ever game of footy. A win – over a rival premiership aspirant no less – as well as the father-daughter bonding makes the day just a little bit too good as Andrew explains… [Maybe Linda should be getting the 3 votes here Starks? – Ed]