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Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 11: Drafting bastards but dodging dickheads

David Stiff looks at the young draftees and where they’re at and considers the place of bastardry, larrikinism and supremely talented dickheadness in sport (and other fields of endeavour). [Thought-provoking as always – JTH]

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 10: Your frame as the game

Perspective is very important and, as David Stiff argues, framing perspective has significant benefits. And all this affirmed when tackling the Grand Canyon. [Sage advice for all, but especially those working on major writing projects – JTH]

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 9: The place of the sauce in high-performance sport

David Stiff analyses Craig Dodson’s career-best innings and in doing so helps entrench the place of a night on the sauce in heightened performance. [Love it – JTH]

Plenty of practice and empty heads- Part 8: 8…2%ers

The small acts in sport, the so called 1%ers, don’t often make the highlights package but highlight packages cannot exist without them. David Stiff discusses the importance of these acts as he continues his excellent series of articles related to the psychology of the development and implementation of skills in sports.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 7: Intuition in sport

To David Stiff, intuition is the evaluation of voluminous data points that lead to a resolution or course of action within the field of play. He examines the issue in this excellent article.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 6: Winning the race to lose.

David stiff looks at some ways to win and applies his thesis to the 2018 AFL Grand Final which he says was a one for the ages.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 5: Zen magpies and the game as a fail state.

David Stiff considers the fail state which may have a place in the 2018 AFL Grand Final.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 4: The coach as a secure base.

“The game teaches the game,” says David Stiff in Part 4 of his series on thinking about sport. The coach provides a secure base. The Tigers are free to play – that is, to play playfully. The fascinating thing about Friday’s match is that the Pies enjoy the same freedom. So what happens?

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 3: Simplicity and a secure base.

David Stiff addresses the notion of simplicity in establishing a secure base by which athletes can map and explore their craft. He also challenges the value of statistics generally and their role in that secure base.

Almanac Sports Science: Acquisition and application of sporting skills

Read former NFL All Star, David Stiff’s articulate and thought provoking comments about the acquisition of skills and their application in game situations.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 2: Freedom, simplicity and a secure base

In his second piece for the Almanac, David Stiff invites athletes (sportspeople) to ‘listen to the game’. His notion of freedom and simplicity and their significance will resonate with close observers of sport (and the Geelong Football Club).

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 1: The game as information.

It’s terrific to welcome former NBL basketballer and philosopher-sportsman David Stiff to the Almanac. In his debut piece he looks at ‘the game’ as information. [I think we’re going to enjoy this mix of experience, theory, and fresh thought – JTH.]

So what’s in The Eagles Almanac 2018?

So what is in The Eagles Almanac 2018?

FEARLESS 2019 Round 6 – Lest we forget…

Another Fearless review of the round that was, with ANZAC Day proving a poignant point in the fixture as always.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 12: Drafting predators

A bit of John Lennon, a bit of Michael Clarke, a bit of IVA Richards and some theories of McGilchrist and Panksepp all make this piece, on predators and prey, in a sporting context, much food for thought.

Round 20 – West Coast v Fremantle: A Momentary Gaff

It feels like a “death” in the footy family over West according to Peter Baulderstone. The Brayshaw family; the Gaff family; the Eagles flag hopes and honest competitiveness. Hard life lessons all round.

Round 18 – St Kilda v Richmond: A footy odyssey in four parts

Our Japanese correspondent Yoshi Imagawa kept Yvette Wroby busy on a recent visit. Between young and old Caulfield Bears, footy for men and women, and a good old North Fitzroy Arms Hotel catch up, it was a pretty good few days…sans any Saints wins.

Almanac Music: Welcome to the Working Week

Workshy Swish had the day off. His idle hands have produced this playlist that draws parallels with his forty-odd years in the workforce.

The Ashes – Fourth Test: Have a go you Mugs!

Malby Dangles remembers a slow day at the MCG Test in 1990-91 and considers the place of overly circumspect batting in this MCG Test just finished.

The Ashes – First Test, Day 4: Antony Green Calls It

Citrus Bob Utber has called the First Test (and perhaps the series?), Antony Green-style after a dominant Day 4 for Australia.