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Almanac Footy Comment: The brilliance of the Sydney Swans Academy is changing the AFL landscape

The Sydney Swans worked out what best suited their need to retain players – and acted. It’s up to other clubs to do what’s best for them argues Deakin student Chris Mangos.[Interesting – Ed]

The Unsung – Round 3: Sam Wicks and Harrison Jones

Deakin Uni student Chris Mangos’ third weekly column ‘The Unsung’, featuring young, up-and-coming footy stars Sam Wicks and Harrison Jones.

The Unsung – Round 2: Chad Warner and Francis Evans

Deakin Uni student Chris Mangos’ second weekly column ‘The Unsung’, featuring young, up-and-coming footy stars Chad Warner and Francis Evans.

The Unsung – Round 1: Errol Gulden and James Jordan

We’re delighted to introduce our second Tuesday columnist, Chris Mangos, who’s come up with a beaut idea for a weekly read. We all love when a young player, of whom we’ve never heard, makes the most of the chance a coach has given him. Someone who is given it a crack behind the scenes, one of ‘The Unsung.’

Almanac Cricket Comment: Luigi wants to turn history on its head and make cricket a game for footballers in the summer.

Luigi has been taking it easy over the Christmas-New Year period and has had plenty of time to think and chat. He’s hearing lots of ideas about cricket. He’s got a few of his own. This one turns history around. [Creative – Ed]

Tin-arse Collingwood have the law on their side

Wednesday night and I’m at the Celtic Club in Melbourne. I love how Australian Irish Clubs, especially the Brisbane one, make you feel like you’re down the road from Bewley’s. I think it’s the crosses carved into the wooden staircases and the blokes in cardigans with soup stains on their ties. The drinkers all look [Read more]