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Almanac Footy: 2021 Carey-Bunton Medal results, and 2021 NSW State of Origin Team announced

AFL players with NSW origins are eligible for a number awards announced each year. The winners of the 2021 Carey-Bunton Medal for best NSW player in the AFL, the Mohr Medal for leading goal kicker, and the Stiff Medal for emerging talent have all been announced. The 2021 NSW State of Origin team has also been selected.

Almanac (NSW) Footy: The Carey-Bunton Medal and the NSW Team of the Season

The Carey-Bunton medal voting has been finalised and the NSW team of the Season 2020 has been selected. Rocket Rod Gillett has sent us the details.

Almanac Football: Carey-Bunton Medal – Round 16 update

Rod Gillett updates the Carey-Bunton votes for Round 16 before voting goes into camera for the remaining rounds. It’s tight at the top!

Almanac Football: Carey-Bunton Medal update – Here comes the Big Cat!

Tom Hawkins heads the leaders board for the Carey-Bunton Medal as Rod Gillett updates the votes from the Round 15 and 16 matches.

Almanac Football – Carey-Bunton Medal: State of Origin team to be selected

Rod Gillett advises selectors are in the process of naming the 2020 NSW AFL State of Origin team, and the votes are in for Round 14 for the Carey-Bunton Medal.

Almanac Football – Round 13 Carey-Bunton Medal: Giant’s Harry Perryman still in contention

Rod Gillett updates us on the votes for the Carey-Bunton Medal after Round 13.

Almanac Football – Round 11/12 Carey-Bunton Medal: Tomahawk propels into contention

Tom Hawkins makes a move in the chase for the Carey-Bunton Medal. (Thanks to Rod Gillett for the update – Ed).

Almanac Football – Round 10: Carey-Bunton Medal

The Round 10 votes are in, and leader board is updated for this year’s Carey-Bunton Medal for best AFL player from NSW. {Thanks to Richard Colless for sending these to us – Ed]

Almanac Football: Carey-Bunton Medal for best NSW player during the AFL season

The NSW AFL History Society awards the Carey-Button Medal to the winner of the best NSW player in the AFL based upon the weekly AFLCA votes. This follows on from last year’s announcement of the Greatest NSW Team of all time. Thanks to Richard Colless for sending this in to us.

Event: NSW Australian Football Historical Society’s annual lunch with East Sydney’s Greg Harris and Ray Millington

If you’re in Sydney next month and a fan of footy history then you may be interested in this lunch.

Almanac (Footy) History: Before Tomahawk there was Jumping Jack

Jack Hawkins has been nominated to the inaugural AFL NSW Hall of Fame. Rod ‘Rocket’ Gillett caught up with him recently.