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Almanac Memoir: An autobiographical piece by Bill Stephen

Bill Stephen sat down with pen and paper in January 2004 to get something off his chest, something I understand he kept pretty much to himself over the years. He also wanted to record some of his memories. This is what he wrote.

Almanac (Footy) History: Vive les Roys – How Bill Stephen gifted the Royboys the best club song in the VFL (ever)

The late Fitzroy FC legend Bill Stephen was not only a great footballer and coach, he was also a songwriter and the inspiration behind the club’s theme song, as Adam Muyt explains.

Almanac Obituary: Vale Bill Stephen – Legend of the Fitzroy FC

David Leydon pays a fitting tribute to Fitzroy FC legend Bill Stephen, and much-loved man of football, who passed away on Monday.

Round 1 – St Kilda v Gold Coast: Unpredictable and New Stephen Milnes

Watching from Kobe in Japan, Yoshi reports on the thrilling win his Saints had over the Suns. He also mentions some of his training sessions and issues he needs to be aware of during a game.

Almanac Teams: Why have we killed the Bills?

Phil Dimitriadis wonders what happened to all the Bills? Do you have the answer? And do you reckon he’s missed anyone?

Northcote Park FC: Friday night footy at the Bill Lawry Oval (April 10)

Wander down to Bill Lawry Oval this Friday (April 10) to see Northcote Park play rival West Preston for the McNiece-Mellerick Cup. Stephen Marson explains the significance of the night.

‘The Billy That Died With Its Boots On’ and Other Australian Verse

After nearly 25 years in the making, Stephen Whiteside’s book of children’s poetry is in the shops. What happens in “The Saucing of the Pies” ?

Dark Blue, Maroon & White

Old Dog shares a video clip he’s seen of the boys from old Fitzroy, playing at Glenferrie in 1958. It has many characters of the club, colour and movement of the time, fading “What if?” questions and a jumper better than any other in the world. [Magic stuff – Ed.]

Round 16 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: The First September Q-Clash (shame about the pandemic asterix)

Shane Reid is happy that his Brisbane Lions finally nailed the first quarter of a game to set them on their way against the Suns.

1966 and all that: Round 14 – St. Kilda v North Melbourne

After a loss the previous round, St Kilda were forced to make six changes to their team, then hosted North Melbourne in a match dominated by inaccuracy in front of goal. Peter Clark’s coverage of the 1966 season reaches Round 14. [And it was the weekend when England won the 1966 World Cup – Ed]

Almanac Footy History: 65 years ago Kevin Murray plays his first game for the Fitzroy FC

Fitzroy great, Kevin Murray is paid a fitting tribute by David Leydon to celebrate the 65th anniversary of his first game of VFL football.

Rising from the cellar: Fitzroy’s outstanding 1979 season

A teenage Philip Mendes watched his beloved Lions break a 19 year-old finals drought in 1979. He recounts every game of that breakthrough season. [Sit back and enjoy – Ed].

Almanac Footy History – Peter McLaren: The Champion of Glen Alvie

Roger Spaull has written a fascinating and absorbing history about Peter McLaren, champion footballer of Glen Alvie.

Almanac Teams – A team of great 8s

Phil Dimitriadis picks a team of the best players to have worn #8. Can you improve this team?

Last Drinks at Percy’s with a Tiger in Tow

Adam Fox shares his memories and long distance love of Melbourne. One day he hopes to have a drink with Percy. [This is a beaut travelogue – JTH]

Brunswick Street Oval Reunion (May 16): Past players, officials and supporters all welcome

Join the Fitzroy crowd as past players, officials and supporters gather for lunch at Brunswick Street Oval on May 16.

Jack Clancy: man of substance

Ray Wilson’s tribute to Jack Clancy who was involved with the Melbourne Uni Blacks for six decades. Jack Clancy, Ray says, had a profound influence on so many people.

Revising the Doom and Gloom Historiography: Fitzroy Football Club’s last golden era 1978-1986

Despite the doom and gloom impression history may have given you, in the early 80s Fitzroy were a “glamour team” of the VFL. Philip Mendes is keen to counter the negativity and prove that Fitzroy were up there with the best.

Almanac Footy History: Clegg’s Match

1949 Brownlow Medalist Ron Clegg played a match for South Melbourne in 1951 of such dominance that is still referred to as “Clegg’s Match”. Richard Davis reports.

‘People and Memories’, part 1

Everyone has a story to tell and I love hearing about people’s footy journeys.  Why they support their teams; about their heroes; the triumphs and heartaches; how they maintain hope during dark times; who has accompanied them on their journey; and, if they’re older, about life ‘back in the day’.  This season I’ve had the [Read more]