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Almanac Poetry: ‘Pen Pals’ – Tommy Mallet

Correspondence between pen pals highlights the plight of a friend and the hardships she is dealing with in Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Pen Pals’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘People’ – Tommy Mallet

The crim, the writer, the barred lawyer, the thugs, and the one sure to be a mass murderer, are among the many characters introduced in ‘People’, an epic poem by Tommy Mallet. [Language warning – Ed]

Almanac Poetry: ‘Everything Slowing’ – Tommy Mallet

The slowness of time in the bush Tommy Mallet reflects upon in his poem, ‘Everything Slowing’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Peanuts and Bread’ – Tommy Mallet

The power of the wind in the bush can be awesome as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Peanuts and Bread’ shows.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Jono’ – Tommy Mallet

Mateship in the bush is the theme of Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Jono’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Friday Bourbon’ – Tommy Mallet

A bourbon or two, and a favour from the boss are all part of Friday knock off, as Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Friday Bourbon’, tells.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Moths Replace Butterflies’ – Tommy Mallet

There is a lot going on in the evening air as the wood is chopped suggests Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Moths Replace Butterflies’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Wiregrass Cuts’ – Tommy Mallet

A wiregrass cut is one of the hazards working in the bush Tommy Mallet’s poem suggests.

Almanac Poetry: A trio of poems – Tommy Mallet

Not one but three poems for your enjoyment from Tommy Mallet this week.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Rain Band Creep’ – Tommy Mallet

The rain, the mist, and the wind provide a wondrous backdrop of nature at work for Tommy Mallet in his poem, ‘Rain Band Creep’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Four Flags’ – Tommy Mallet

With the AFL Grand Final around the corner, Tommy Mallet remembers a footballer who played in four premiership teams in his poem ‘Four Flags’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Simon and Luka’ – Tommy Mallett

Splitting wood is a contemplative means when space and freedom from humans is needed suggests Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Simon and Luka’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Tav Falco’ – Tommy Mallet

The guitar playing Tav Falco, and the beatnik Hepburn feature in this week’s poem from Tommy Mallet.

Almanac Poetry: ‘These Shifting Greys’ – Tommy Mallet

The bush may be tough when there’s work to done but its natural beauty cannot be denied as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘These Shifting Greys’ implies.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Women’ – Tommy Mallet

Death is the theme of Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Women’ as an old man lies dying and his family awaits the inevitable.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Country’ – Tommy Mallet

Nothing like some country music playing on the ute radio reflects Tommy Mallet in his poem, ‘Country’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Piece Rates’ – Tommy Mallet

The beauty of a tall dead tree rising through the fog is a welcome distraction from the hard slog of tree planting Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Piece Rates’ points out.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Statues’ – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Statues’ tells of a precious moment when everything is out of reach, except for love.

Almanac Poetry: ‘The Irish Girl’ Part 3 – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet’s epic poem ‘The Irish Girl’ comes to its conclusion in Part 3. Does Tommy stay, or does he go? [Warning: mature themes are contained in the poem – Ed.]

Almanac Poetry: ‘The Irish Girl’ Part 2 – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet’s epic poem of life and love ‘The Irish Girl’ continues with Part 2 this week. [Reader Alert: Please note the poem contains mature themes. – Ed.]