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Smokie Dawson (or Smokey Dawson)

Dips O’Donnell lays down a challenge to all Almanacas to get a table at the Footy Almanac Grand Final lunch full of Smokey or Smokie Dawson’s.

Round 6 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Thwarted in Hobart – why Smokie Dawson kept his boots on

Smokie Dawson has his eye on not only wearing the white shorts, but taking them off, as he escapes to Tassie with Mrs. Smokie. His plans are scuppered but he enjoys Norths win at the famous Blundstone Arena, Bellerive, nonetheless. [From an editing point of view I’d have to say I’m glad your plans were Smokie – Ed]

Almanac Music: ‘Smokie’ Dawson and The Stereo Stories Band

‘Smokie’ Dawson’s Stereo Story about young love and Before Too Long is always a hit at Stereo Stories concerts. Here is Smokie and the band at the 2016 Williamstown Literary Festival.

VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS v Fitzroy: Smokie’s preview of the big match

Boorish spectators and the wind across the Fearon can at times get to Smokie but like his beloved Willy boys, he soldiers on. Here are his thoughts for this week.

VAFA Premier C – Willy CYs v Ivanhoe: A Multiplicity of Smokies

Smokie works out how he can be in two places at once – down at the old Fearon and on duty at home.

VAFA – Smokie’s CYs preview: House Parties

Smokie Dawson is sniffing the social glue that has held Willy CYs together over the years.

VAFA: Winners’ beer! Smokie brings the latest from Williamstown CYMS AFC

Smokie previews Williamstown CYMS AFC’s VAFA clash against Fitzroy this week.

Kane, Dawson, Griffiths: Stereo Stories’ final concert for 2017

Almanackers Rick Kane and Smokie Dawson will be part of the final Stereo Stories concert for 2017, at the Newport Bowls Club on Saturday evening 25 November. They’ll be joined by author Andy Griffiths, writer Rijn Collins, essayist Nick Gadd and The Stereo Stories Band.

Smokie + iPod shuffle = Stereo Story

Smokie Dawson wrangles with his iPod shuffle after giving up on streaming and finds that, through some technogical osmosis (personalised algorithms?) your favourite songs always look after you.

Smokie’s Willy CYs Preview, Rd8: Superstition

Celebrating the Willy CYs’ return to the Fearon for the first time in 2017, Darren “Smokie” Dawson takes a look at some of the more ludicrous superstitions of his old team-mates.

Smokie’s Williamstown CYMS column: Trump

In his regular column for Willy CYs, Smokie Dawson goes looking for the (satirical) best in Donald Trump in ponders an important question related to a possible visit to Australia.

Smokie’s Stereo Story: Before too long – he’ll wish that he never met you

Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson debuts on the Almanac’s sister site ‘Stereo Stories’ with a tale of lost love to the backdrop of Paul Kelly’s “Before too Long”.

Dear Smokie

Smokie’s letter to Brad Scott of last week receives a reply.

Almanac Book Reviews: ‘Neil Harvey – The Last Invincible’ by Ashley Mallett

Smokie Dawson gives his thoughts on Ashley Mallett’s bio of Neil Harvey, an extraordinary cricketer and the final survivor of the famous 1948 Invincibles.

Australia v India – First Test, Day 1: Heavyweight Bout Begins

Smokie Dawson presents his Day 1 report of the 1st Test clash Australia v India in Adelaide. The two heavyweights of Test cricket slug it out with the Aussies slightly ahead.

Almanac (Footy) Life: Folly In The Goalsquare

Five years after he’d retired from ammos footy, Smokie Dawson gets the call from TR, the coach of Willy CY’s reserves. Here’s what happened. [This is a piece from ‘Footy Town’, a collection of stories about country, suburban and amateur footy – Ed]

Almanac Life: ’30 for 30′ – Who’d make the Aussie cut?

Instead of watching the news on TV, Smokie Dawson is now watching American sports themed shows on ’30 for 30′. He wonders which Aussie sporting greats would make the cut on an Aussie version of the show.

Almanac Life: The Crystal Pool

Smokie Dawson longs for the summer, and a visit to the Crystal Pool. Its charms have been passed down through the generations of his family.

Almanac Life: Special Subject – ‘Revolver’

Smokie Dawson is bit of a trivia buff. How and why he remembers all the ‘stuff’ is one of life’s great mysteries. With the ‘Revolver’ album as his special subject he’d cream any question Jennifer Byrne would ask him. [Perhaps a Footy Almanac Trivia night is on the cards? – ED.]

Almanac Life: Video Store

According to Smokie Dawson, Netflix has nothing on the social interaction which the local video store once provided.