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Almanac Life – From the Arctic to Brisvegas: Richard is finally home

After a month of travelling, including two periods of self-isolation, Richard Marlow is finally back at home in Brisbane. He discovered that the old saying is true – ‘There’s no place like home’! – Australia, that is.

Almanac Baseball – Atlanta Braves win the World Series: one of the lowest ranked teams to win it all

Richard Marlow is perplexed that the Atlanta Braves even made the World Series let alone won it! He’s looking for answers.

Almanac Life: From the Arctic to Far North Queensland

After his Arctic exploits a couple of years ago, Richard Marlow now hangs about at Charters Towers in Far North Queensland. Here’s an update on his meanderings.

Almanac Baseball: Tribute to a legend, Pride of the LA Royal Blue

Richard Marlow pays his respects to a colossus of baseball, LA Dodgers hero Tommy Lasorda, reflecting upon a chance meeting in Sydney over 20 years ago.

Almanac Footy: From the Arctic to a Grand Final at the Gabba, who would have thought?

To say Richard Marlow has travelled a long way in 2020 would be understating it. He’s pretty happy to score tickets to Saturday’s Grand Final.

Round 10 – Richmond v Brisbane: Tuesday Night Football in the heart of the Footy Hub – Beware the Tigers in the wilds of Carrara

It’s a long way from the Arctic to Banana but Richard Marlow finally got to see his beloved Tigers play their premiership-style brand of footy, albeit on his TV.

Ex-players turned sports commentator – the best of the best.

As he gets back into the decidedly non-Arctic swing of things in sunny Queensland, Richard Marlow ponders on who has made the most successful transition from playing sport to sitting in front of a microphone and talking about it. Anyone he’s missed?

In isolation in a Sydney hotel, what goes through your mind?

Richard Marlow, the former Arctic warrior, is now in isolation in a Sydney hotel with a further stint in Queensland to follow. He tells us what’s going on in his mind.

The journey home from the Arctic – well almost! An odyssey in itself.

Wow! What an epic journey it has been for Richard Marlow to return to Australia from the wilds of the Arctic before the borders are closed. Read his amazing journey here.

Goodbye from your Arctic Correspondent signing off for now….until I’m Home in Bris Vegas

With heartfelt sentiments Richard Marlow says goodbye to the Arctic and ponders the future as he attempts to get back home to Oz before he is locked out! Bon voyage Richard!

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Following the Tiges in the gleam and cold shadow of Nature’s sensational Aurora Borealis

The Almanac Arctic representative Richard Marlow between listening to the Richmond and Carlton game, and trying to obtain photos of the Northern Lights, updates life in a chilly Arctic.

Richmond: a jilted love(r’s) story

Deep within the Arctic Circle, Richard Marlow recounts his years as a Tigers fan in this rollicking personal history.

611.5 km Ice Road Race – The toughest sporting event I’ve ever heard of… no really!!!

Richard Marlow was just minding his own business, driving along an ice river, when he encountered the toughest sporting event he’s ever heard of.

What is better for captaincy: confidence or arrogance? Or a bit of both?

Whiling his time away in the Arctic, Richard Marlow read Eddie Jones’ autobiography and contemplated the qualities of the various Australian cricket captains of the past 60 years. See if you agree with his appraisals.

“It’s Cold” – our Arctic correspondent responds to “It’s Hot” by John Harms

Richard Marlow, snow bound in Canada’s Arctic North West Territories, responds to ‘It’s Hot!’ by John Harms.

The Arctic Almanacker reflects on life in the North West Territories

Richard Marlow has time to reflect on life as he continues his work in the far north of Canada. He appreciates the support and camaraderie of the Almanac community.

State of Origin Canadian style: Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames

A fight at the ice hockey set Richard Marlow to pondering the eternal issues around violence in sport.

An Arctic Almanacker: Southampton v West Ham – Hammers’ heart attack material (yet again).

From the icy climes of Northern Canada, Richard Marlow returns with a take on the clash between Southampton and his West Ham side in the EPL.

From your new Almanac correspondent above the Arctic Circle ….an Introduction

Welcome to our new Footy Almanac correspondent Richard Marlow reporting all the way from the frozen north of the Arctic Circle. Check out Richard’s background and how he came to be in the Arctic. [Welcome to the team Richard!]

Almanac Baseball: MLB (Make the League Better)

Brian The Ruminator discusses a suggestion he made for Major League Baseball improvements which is now to be taken up by the league.