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Oakbank races Easter 2020 – Mickey Randall and Kapunda look out!

Roger Lowrey is rapt the iconic Oakbank Easter racing carnival has been revitalised for 2020. A big week is being planned by Roger to take in all the action of the carnival, so look out punters!

Mickey Randall and an Almanac SA pub crawl: a gestating idea

We think connoisseur Mickey Randall is the perfect person to organise a South Australian pub crawl. He just needs some suggestions regarding itinerary. The principal criterion is heartfelt connection to the pub in question.

Almanac Memoir: Mickey Randall’s birthday

Birthdays are a time for reminiscing, and for Micky Randall many a loved memory has been recalled.

Help needed!: New pubs for Mickey to explore

Mickey Randall is Melbourne next week and would like to visit some inner-city hotels that fit his criteria. Can you help him out with some recommendations?

Mystery Pub: The Curious Case of the King William Hotel

Friday night in Adelaide so it must be ‘mystery pub’ night for Mickey Randall and wife Claire. This time, an old pub done up new with an air of mystery about it as Mickey explains.

Meeting The Sportswriter author, Richard Ford

Mickey Randall recounts his “McCartney moment”, meeting his literary hero Richard Ford at the Adelaide Writers’ Week

Almanac Life: On the Glenelg Surf Club, Vampire Weekend, and Roast Beef

Mickey Randall recalls some of the activities he and Claire participated in this month including, visiting a surf club, listening to music, and cooking a roast.

Sausage Roll Review: Tanunda Bakery and Café – Howzat

Cricket, cricket everywhere, but nary a conversation to be had between Mickey Randall and his parents. En route to the Barossa with a local Test to be played a sausage roll fit for review was sought from Tanunda.

Almanac Jogging: Pavements and Ponderings – A Sunday Jog Through Adelaide’s Heart

It’s Sunday morning and Mickey Randall is out for a run through the streets of Adelaide, soaking up all the sights and sounds he experiences he shares with readers.

Almanac Life: Discarded boots, our old car, and ‘Hotel California’

Mickey Randall discusses the transformative power specific items have had in his life.

Almanac Christmas: Paul Kelly’s “How to Make Gravy” and me

Mickey Randall’s favourite Christmas song, Paul Kelly’s “How to Make Gravy”, is twenty-two. But it seems as though it’s been around forever. Like Love Actually, which premiered in 2003, they’re both part of the festive furniture, and signal the season’s arrival. Mickey explains.

Almanac Music: Ripper 76 to Patsy Biscoe to The Fonz

Mickey Randall buys his new turntable a house warming gift, and what better gift for a turntable than a Bob Dylan album as Mickey explains.

Almanac Life: Car Horns are Versatile Instruments

All too often used in anger or frustration, Mickey Randall offers a far more positive, even loving appreciation of the sound of a toot of a car horn.

Almanac Music – Harvest Rock: Beck’s Chicken Curry and the Celebrated Drumsticks of Christmas

It’s the time for festivals in the most festive of states and Mickey Randall and his Family Band were on hand to witness some musical delight at Harvest Rock.

Almanac Running: City Bay fun run – Singapore Sharks, snags and spirituality spruikers

Mickey Randall is off on another run, this time the six kilometre leg of the Adelaide City Bay fun run. As usual, Mickey takes in all the sights and sounds during his run to share with readers.

Sausage Roll Review: Platy Pie Bakery of Mount Compass

Mickey Randall tackled a monster of a sausage roll at the Platy Pie Bakery and with it the monster questions of existence, with cameos from Aristotle, The Dude and HAL from 2001 [Shame you couldn’t shoe-horn Camus in for the sake of this excerpt – Ed]

Almanac Running: At Large in Largs Bay – a parkrun yarn

Mickey Randall is off on another park run taking him through the heart of the Lefevre Peninsula, Largs Bay, Taperoo presenting the sights and sounds along the way.

Almanac Dinners: Rick, Mick and Nick

It was a fabulous night at The Tanunda Club SA for the Footy Almanac Dinner with special guest, former Test cricketer Rick Darling, and Mickey Randall was in attendance.

Almanac Life: A Cheery Cemetery Story

Mickey Randall and Claire are deep in Mystery Day which takes them to a cemetery.

Almanac Life: Open a Kissing Gate

Mickey Randall poetically describes his Friday night travels into the countryside where he’d celebrate his birthday dinner