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Almanac Rugby League – Book Review: ‘The Immortals of Australian Rugby League’ by Liam Hauser

Liam Hauser’s previous rugby league books have focussed on State of Origin and NRL Grand Finals. Here ecumenical football follower Adam Muyt reviews Liam’s latest publication, ‘The Immortals of Australian Rugby League’.

Almanac Books – ‘The Immortals of Australian Cricket’ by Liam Hauser

The Almanac is happy to support a new book release by one of its part-time contributors, Liam Hauser, whose ‘The Immortals of Australian Cricket’ has hit the shelves.

Almanac Book Review: ‘The Immortals of English Cricket’ by Bill Ricquier, reviewed by Ian Hauser

Ian Hauser reviews a recent addition to the Gelding Street Press Immortals series, ‘The Immortals of English Cricket’ by Bill Ricquier.

Almanac Rugby League – State of Origin Game III Review: Face saved but series lost

State of Origin author Liam Hauser reviews last night’s final game in 2021 and offers his thoughts on the overall flow of the series.

Almanac Music (and Beer): Southwark Bitter – another view

Liam Hauser has never tasted Southwark Bitter, but that didn’t mean Mickey Randall’s earlier piece didn’t hit quite a few 1980’s musical buttons, as well as a family artistic connection.

Almanac Cricket – A trip down memory lane: Recalling iconic Australian cricket incidents from 25 years ago

It’s 25 years ago tonight that Michael Bevan smashed a last-ball boundary to give Australia an ODI win over West Indies. It left a mighty impression on the then 13-year-old Liam Hauser.

Almanac Rugby League – Cameron Smith: A legend in his own time

Liam Hauser makes the case that, over the 30 years he’s followed rugby league, Cameron Smith is the greatest player he has seen.

Almanac Rugby League – NRLW 2020 Grand Final: Brisbane Broncos v Sydney Roosters – Experience overcomes potential

The 2020 NRLW Grand Final was a torrid encounter between the Brisbane Broncos and the Sydney Roosters. Father and son team Ian and Liam Hauser covered the game from the perspective of each team.

Almanac Rugby League: NRL Finals Week 3 wrap – A week of anticipation ahead

Liam Hauser reviews the weekend’s NRL and NRLW clashes and looks ahead with anticipation to this weekend’s Grand Finals.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Finals Week 2 + NRLW Round 2 Wrap: Roosters bow out and the NRLW gets brutal

There will be no three-peat for the Sydney Roosters in the NRL but the Rabbitohs continue to show flair out wide. Meanwhile, the NRLW became very physical. Liam Hauser brings us up to date.

Almanac Cricket: A catch to remember, 23 years on

It is 23 years to the day since Liam Hauser witnessed brilliance at the Gabba; Adam Dale took a running catch of simply outrageous proportions. Have you seen any better?

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Week 1 Finals and NRLW Round 1 wrap: Quick starters run down by the favourites

Fast starters couldn’t hold their leads in Week 1 of the 2020 NRL Finals series while the NRLW returned for Round 1. Liam Hauser covered all six games.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL 2020 Round 20 wrap: Action aplenty as three veterans bow out

The final round of the NRL season saw several big scores, a stunning defeat for the Roosters and the last hit-out for three veterans of the competition. Liam Hauser presents his wrap.

Almanac Rugby League: What happened to the Brisbane Broncos in 2020?

Brisbane Broncos fan and Almanac regular Liam Hauser, a long-time Brisbane Broncos fan, offers his thoughts after his team ‘won’ their first ever wooden spoon.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL 2020 Round 19 Wrap: Not a lot to get excited about

Round 19 of the NRL went pretty much to script but the battle for the wooden spoon took a twist and Benji Marshall continued to impress our correspondent Liam Hauser.

Almanac Rugby League: NRL Round 18 Wrap: Benji’s still got it!

A few flashes of rare skill convinced Liam Hauser that the Tigers’ Benji Marshall has still got ‘it’! But it wasn’t enough to get Wests Tigers home in the NRL’s Round 18. Read the full round-up to see what else happened.

Almanac Rugby League: NRL 2020 Round 17 wrap: Cronulla to pay for indiscretions

There was action aplenty in the NRL’s Round 17. Liam Hauser covers the aftermath with Cronulla the biggest losers both on and off the field.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 16 wrap: Injuries might shape the destiny of South Sydney

Upsets, injuries and the strength of the Panthers and Storm dominated the NRL’s Round 16. Liam Hauser gives his perspective.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 15 Wrap: Most interest is to be found off the field

In the NRL’s Round 15, the margins on the field were mostly clear cut. It’s what’s happening off the field that is attracting the most attention. Liam Hauser sums it up.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 14 wrap: Upsets, nail-biters and even a possible biter!

With action aplenty both on and off the field, Liam Hauser brings us up to date following the NRL’s Round 14.