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Almanac Poetry: ‘Sacredly Profane’ – a new collection by Kevin Densley

Congratulations to Kevin Densley on his new collection of poems ‘Sacredly Profane’. Read more in this post.

Almanac Poetry: Brother and Sister

This Tuesday’s poem from Kevin Densley, ‘Brother and Sister’, can be seen as a postscript to his Anzac Day piece about eight Australian soldiers, ‘The Great War – AIF suite’– this time the poem involves a Victorian country town, a great-grandmother he can’t remember meeting, and her brother who died as a German POW in France in 1916.

Almanac Poetry: ‘The Great War – AIF Suite’

In keeping with Anzac Day, Kevin Densley’s ‘The Great War – AIF Suite’ is a moving series of eight poems about Australian soldiers who fought in World War 1.

Almanac Poetry: Forget the Metaphor

In this Tuesday’s poem, Kevin Densley points out the basic ‘error’ in Aesop’s famous fable involving the tortoise and the hare.

Almanac Food: Hanging Out At My ‘Pandemic Café’

Did the Covid-19 pandemic (hopefully just about over in Australia) and its resulting forms of lockdown bring out in Almanackers particular food cravings/obsessions? It certainly did in Kevin Densley’s case. In response, KD created a personal “Pandemic Cafe” menu, one high on instant gratification, and low in terms of other culinary considerations!

Almanac Poetry: Platinum Blonde

This week’s intriguing poem from Kevin Densley is about 1930s Hollywood glamour icon, Jean Harlow, who died tragically young.

Almanac Comedy: ‘Mo Goes to the Dogs’

Kevin Densley introduces an episode of the classic Australian radio comedy series, McCackie Mansion, from just after WW2, starring the legendary actor/comedian Mo. In this episode, Mo McCackie, his son, Young Harry, Uncle Horrible and Spencer the Garbageman go to the Harold Park dogs – KD describes it as “seven and a half minutes of hilarious, nostalgic joy”.

Almanac Poetry: Morrisons, Victoria

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is about Morrisons, a Victorian locality near the small town of Meredith. Some of KD’s relatives farmed there is the past.

Almanac Poetry: Uncle Bert and the 1909 Warrnambool to Melbourne Cycling Race

This week, Kevin Densley’s poem is about two relatives, Fardie and Bert, who rode in the 1909 Warrnambool to Melbourne – yes, for some time, the famous cycling event went in the opposite direction to what is the case today.

Almanac Poetry: Kate Kelly (1863-1898)

Kate Kelly, Ned’s sister, is the subject of this week’s poem by Kevin Densley.

Almanac Poetry: Near Drowning at St Leonards Beach, Victoria, 1967

A father saves his young son from drowning. Kevin Densley describes this week’s poem as ‘particularly close to home’.

Almanac Poetry: Bert Watts’s Pies

His grandfather blamed café owner Bert Watts; his father, a butcher – but what really happened? In this week’s poem, Kevin Densley uncovers the truth.

Almanac Poetry: Bob Craig’s Funeral

In this Tuesday’s poem, Kevin Densley recalls a small, particularly sad funeral he attended (the real name of the deceased has been changed), many years ago, where a notable local sportsman gave a memorable eulogy.

Almanac Music: Romantic Guy

This week’s Friday offering from Kevin Densley concerns a song he wrote, sung, played and recorded in the bedroom of a Geelong mate about thirty-five years ago. The song itself is included with the story behind it. One mate told KD it reminded him of Paul McCartney, another said John Lennon. Almanac listeners – you be the judge!

Almanac Poetry: Ode to Cigarettes Past

In this week’s poem, reformed smoker Kevin Densley looks back on the “golden age” of cigarettes. One issue for readers to decide is how firmly his tongue is in his cheek!

Almanac Food: KD’s Kitchen – Favourite no-longer-available food item. Discuss.

In the latest instalment of KD’s Kitchen, Kevin Densley nominates a favourite food item that is no longer available – and invites Almanac readers to respond with their own.

Almanac Poetry: Mister Vernacular

In this week’s poem, Kevin Densley deals with a range of colourful expressions, many of Australian origin.

Almanac Life: Two blokes walk into a pub (Part 2)

Continuing on from Kevin Densley’s piece this morning, Roger Lowrey gives his side of the summit at the Petrel Hotel in Geelong. (Is this an Almanac version of Rashomon? – Ed)

Almanac Life: Two blokes walk into a pub (Part 1)

In comradely spirit, Kevin Densley and Roger Lowrey joined forces to write a two-part piece about their recent lunch at the Petrel Hotel in Geelong West. Here’s Part 1 from Kevin Densley.

Almanac Poetry: Goodbye Georgie

Legendary footballer, the late George Best, famously said: “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.” This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is an “In Memoriam” piece about the man fellow Almanacker and World Game expert, Roy Hay, called “the Irish wizard”.