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The Video James Corner: Good Game

In his final segment for 2019, James Bosco reviews some of the events, issues and happenings that have occurred in the world of esports during the year.

The Video James Corner: Growing pains

James Bosco presents his regular esports segment, this week he examines the issues surrounding maintaining a presence with mainstream representatives in the sport.

The Video James Corner: Streamers storm the field

James Bosco continues his regular segment examining various aspects of esports. Today he looks at the options to high level competition.

The Video James Corner: The experiment with gaming culture.

James Bosco continues his regular Video James Corner segment discussing the world of esports

The Video James Corner: Believe it or not, esports has rules

Like any competitive sport or game, cheating also occurs in esports highlighting the need for rules James Bosco explains in his weekly segment.

The Video James Corner: The esports played Down Under

James Bosco continues his weekly column The Video James Corner about Esports, this week looking at the sport here in Australia.

The Video James Corner: A Blizzard in Hong Kong

Deakin student James Bosco commences a regular column on The Footy Almanac about e-sports. His column will be published every Wednesday, so make a date and keep up to speed with all the latest e-sports news with James. Check out his first column here.

Alex Young: Kicking into Gear

Former TAC player Alex Young is determined to play footy at the highest level. Deakin Uni student James Bosco talked to him about his commitment to the campaign and the sadness of family tragedy.

Almanac Tennis: Social Tennis and Other Worlds

Telly on Tuesday nights no longer appeals to Kate, so it’s social tennis for her instead. Here is her account of a typical Tuesday night tennis gathering.

Throwing Rocks at Cats

I would like to call this speech “Throwing Rocks at Cats.” During the first launch of Tortured Tales I launched a few rocks at Carlton angry bitter hate filled missiles. It felt pretty good – but my therapist has since reminded me that this represents a kind of thinking called “negative regression” which is stopping [Read more]

Brunswick Revisited – A Day with North Old Boys

At the place where Sydney Rd meets Albion Street rise two distinct buildings, the Edinburgh Castle and Don Bosco Boys’ Hostel. Passing these landmarks I recall flickering images of youth. Twenty years ago I boarded at Don Bosco with many other students and apprentices new to the city. A few of these made their way [Read more]