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Desert Island Discs – Spotify: “The Footy Almanac Spine Tingling Playlist”

Checkout the Spotify “The Footy Almanac Spine Tingling Moments Playlist” Col has produced from comments made about special moments in favourite songs.

Desert Island Discs – Follow up: “shivers down your spine”

Neil Young’s guitar solo in “Like a Hurricane” is a favourite part of the song that sends shivers down Col’s back when he hears it. What sends shivers down your back?

Desert Island Discs – Which album will you take?

Marooned on a desert island? Which album would you hope to have with you to while away the time? Col had no problems making his choice!

Almanac Music: Desert Island Discs

Here’s Swish with a BBC Special for those of you with time on your hands.

Desert Island Books – Feeding the mind: Which books will you take?

We’ve fed the soul with music, now it’s time to feed the mind with books. Nominate the books you’d like to read “lost” on a desert island.

Almanac Music: Reprise – The Footy Almanac Spine Tingling Playlist

A couple of years ago The Footy Almanac came up with a list of favourite spine tingling songs nominated by our readers and made them into a Spotify playlist. We reprise the playlist and seek further nominations to be added to the list.

Almanac History – November 27 is quite a day in the calendar of sport and music

The Almanac takes you down Memory Lane to see what happened in the worlds of cricket and rock music on this date. It’s a journey from bright lights to mayhem.