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Daniel Yammacoona has recently been published by Ginninderra Press.  A collection of 45 poems that have appeared previously in a variety of Australian and international publications; the landscape begins with the scorching sands of the desert and finishes at the MCG on the last Saturday in September (like all good stories should!).  A complimentary copy is on offer here for the first Knacker who can correctly identify the subjects of the 5 quatrains below.

(Please send all entries to Damian via his email here so the answers aren’t given away to others.)

a)     Magpie All-Australian.

b)     Started off as a Hawk; tough, skilful and erudite.

c)     Hot-gospelling coach.

d)     Tiger enigma.

e)     Career should never have ended this way; title should give it away.


a)  The Transition

When a player’s down on confidence,

when a forward’s shooting blanks,

there is an ancient remedy:

it’s called the Half-Back Flank.



b)  Marquee Player

On the field he played it hard––

a ruthless Genghis Khan,

but off it he aspired to be

a dashing Don Juan.



c)  Pre-match Address

The more he spoke, the more it seemed,

his lines were all rehearsed,

and English was his second language––

Yeti was his first.



d)  Redeemed

And he could neither fathom, nor

believe the crowd’s behaviour,

a week ago, they hated him,

but now he was a saviour.



e)  The King’s Last Days

It seemed like only yesterday

his grand career begun,

yet now he wanders Football Park,

the sperm of youth has swum.


About Damian Balassone

Damian Balassone is a delusional Collingwood supporter who writes poetry and fiction.


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