Thiago, Brazil’s Biggest Crows Fan

Greetings knackery, the below is how Thiago Vacile from Porto Alegro in Brazil has become a fanatical Crows supporter. To his eternal credit, he has watched a lot of past games with his favorite player Shaun Rehn and current players Tex Walker and Rory Sloane. Josh Willoughby, a fellow member of Facebook page ‘Adelaide Crows Pride-The Forum’, who has a heart of gold, came up with the idea of getting Thiago to be able to come to Adelaide for a Crows game. Please have a look, click on, hope the cause grabs you like it has grabbed me and donate.


Here’s the go fund me link:


It was Saturday the 2nd of July, when a man by the name of Thiago from Porto Alegre, Brazil, posted his story . A story which found him stealing the hearts of close to 7000 proud members of the ‘Adelaide Crows Pride: The Forum’ Facebook group. A story that could see him turn a fairytale dream, into a life changing reality.


Thiago Vacite: My Story


“I’m from Porto Alegre in the south of Brazil and love watching many different sports from around the world but like most people from my country I’m very passionate about soccer. I attended a World Cup soccer game in my home state stadium in 2014 played between Australia and Netherlands and met a few Aussie lads from W.A. who told me about AFL rules football. After the disaster of Brazil being knocked out of the tournament by Germany I started watching more and more AFL footy and although I didn’t understand the rules well I loved the tough, fast and skillful style of game being played and became hooked quickly. I needed to find a team to follow and found a strong connection to the story and history behind the Adelaide Crows Football Club.


I soon learnt that the Crows were a successful team from one of the smaller cities of Australia and had always had to fight hard against the powerful teams from the bigger city of Melbourne and were struggling to make finals in 2014. I felt my home soccer team (S.C Inter) was in a very similar situation in Brazil and really liked the connection between the 2 clubs. The players I enjoy watching the most are Sloane for his heart, passion and commitment to the contest, Tex for the strength, power and leadership he shows in the big moments, Eddie for his magical goals and Milera the skills he shows for such a young player. I wanted to interact with some other Crows fans to chat about the games and found a few Facebook groups with many passionate fans who have helped me understand the game and everything that surrounds it from the players, rules, rivalries and most importantly the feelings of the dedicated supporters. I was was even lucky enough to receive a special package full of Crows gear that included a beautiful Crows guernsey with the famous number 9 on the back that I wear whenever watching the games online, so thank you to my good friend Scott.


My dream is to one day attend a Crows game at Adelaide Oval with Scott and hopefully meet some of the other great members of the Crows forum group for a few beers on the hill. An amazing club with brilliant players and passionate, dedicated supporters.


Premiers for 2016


Go You Crows! ”



With hundreds of likes and comments flooding the post in support and appreciation of the great man, it didn’t take long before an idea was put forward. An idea to help fund the man an unforgettable trip ‘Down Under’, to watch his beloved Crows live in the flesh at Adelaide Oval before the end of the 2016 season. With an overwhelming display of interest from his fellow ‘passionate and dedicated supporters’ to help his dream become a reality, this GoFundMe page was formed.


He doesn’t expect anything for free, nor has he asked for it. But if we can reach the very realistic target of $3000, we can fly the South American GOAT (Greatest Of All Time – Not an actual goat, like, animal) supporter in to Adelaide SA, help with some accommodation costs, get him to the game, and give him an experience he’ll never forget to take back home with him.


Let’s show the nation, and the world, what our club and supporters are about, and wake this champion from his dream, and watch him live it.


Any donation is greatly appreciated. Spread the word!


  1. Malcolm, have saved your this article as links, will post to as much sites as I could, truely believe that the Aussie Rules is a hidden pleasure / treasure that the World is yet to discover!!!

  2. Thiago Vacite says:

    Love the way you told my story, I apprecIATE this great article,Thank you so much Malcolm!

  3. SOO Pleased that the DOnation is now steadily Goin UP!! THis JOB, Will be F**Kin Get Done!!

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says:

    We are gradually getting there any donations would be greatly appreciated

  5. Luke Reynolds says:

    Great stuff Rulebook. And Thiago. Community is vital around clubs and the Crows have grown an impressive culture around their fans in their time in the AFL.

  6. Luke, thank you for your kind comment, they are really appreciated. All in all, the Force of the Footy — won’t be long will take over the world, just a matter of time …

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