The Pre-Season Elbow: A Look at Carlton’s List for 2014 (Part IV): Handcuffing Levi Casboult to Zach Tuohy

My continued review of the Carlton list coming up, as soon as I comprehend the intricacy of the ‘fireman defense’…”

29. Heath Scotland

An amazing servant of the club, racking up 200-odd games in 10 seasons, Heath won our Best & Fairest in 2012. He followed this up days later with a two-year good behaviour bond. I can do without that sort of contradiction. Second most likely at Carlton to have a jet ski parked in his driveway.

30. Jarrad Waite

If Jarrad Waite were a car, he’d be a Jaguar.

A Jaguar sold by Gordon Farkas.

31. Luke Reynolds

Picking up half-decent forwards in the Rookie Draft is one thing the club is not terrible at. Apparently the kid has a massive left foot kick. On a watching list for 2015.

32. Nick Graham

I really like the way Nick Graham goes about his football. He’s an honest footballer who is not that far away from being one of the ‘five’. Although he is the most likely at Carlton to have a jet ski parked in his driveway.

33. Andrejs Everitt

“At the hotel Trace and I were staying at, they had this one channel: kickboxing, 24 hours a day.”

 photo TheCastle_zps4bb64f52.jpg

After hearing Andrejs – who has claims on making the ‘five’ just on the strength of his name alone – talk about his martial arts camp in Thailand, I can no longer think of him without thinking of Con Petropoulous from The Castle. Despite his ability to play at both ends of the ground, that’s a not an insignificant roundhouse to the head of any potential emotional investment.

36. Cameron Wood

Thanks to Almanacker, Phil Dimitriadis, I now have a Cameron Wood badge. Despite my belief that this was one of the smarter moves we made at the draft table, he still has some way to go before making the ‘five’. Becoming the first Rookie All-Australian ruckman would go some way to him jumping the queue.

37. Jaryd Cachia

I think anyone who’s played country or suburban football has played with a guy who gets the absolute most out of himself and plays a lot of senior football as a result. Unfortunately, he’s also the first guy to get cut at the selection table to allow one of the more established names into the team come finals time. That’s too tough an ask to commit to emotionally.

39. Dale Thomas

Coming Tuesday: Part V: Daisy Thomas – putting the Carl Jung in Carlton

 photo ChemistryBreakingBad_zps4cfdd939.jpg

40. Michael Jamison

A few years ago, I had Jamo down for a couple of All-Australian nods. High expectations, yes. Clearly. Still, his 2013 suggested he may be back on track, but not enough to crack into the ‘five’.

41. Levi Casboult

Any chance we could handcuff Levi to Zach Tuohy 20 metres out directly in front of goal and have him match Zach kick for kick…?

42. Zach Tuohy 

Jesus, it had to be ‘five’?

Zach played every game last year, and was one of the few inarguable good things to come out of an otherwise middle-of-the-road year. He was recruited from County Laois in Ireland, has only played the game for a few years, and is still eight-times a better kick than Levi.

Banging on the door of the ‘five’…

43. Simon White

A solid contributor who was almost the story of 2013 for the entirely wrong reasons. He’s not in the ‘five’, but will be following him closely all the same.

44. Andrew Carrazzo

2005-2010: Scapegoat (or, if you ask Mark McVeigh, “Escape Goat”)

2011-2012: Arguably the most important at the club.

2013: Missed 14 games with a 2-week calf injury.

45. Blaine Johnson

Rob Wiley says the kid from Western Australia can “jump over the top of packs”. Peter Bosustow, a foundation member of the ‘five’, was also a kid from Western Australia can “jump over the top of packs”. That said, given we already have the new ‘Diesel’, we should temper our enthusiasm.

46. David Ellard

See Cachia, Jaryd.

47. Ciaran Sheehan, 48. Ciaran Byrne

If these guys can replicate the journey of fellow Irishman Zach Touhy, I may be able to work them into the 2015 ‘five’ on some sort of two-for-one deal…

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  1. Like the Gordan Farkas reference.

  2. Luke Reynolds says:

    Very interested to follow the progress of number 31. Was the Daisy & Mick photo taken at Windy Hill?

  3. I believe it was, Luke.

    Good luck for the big milestone game tomorrow.

  4. John Butler says:

    Worth it for the pic of Mick Heisenberg alone.

    Watching Wood play in Ballarat, I’m afraid I don’t share your optimism.

    Did Lord Bogan also give you his Daisy badge?

  5. Litza, how is #29 getting on with the bloke who sacked him despite being one of the only contributor in an horrendous Pies Grand Final?

  6. Phil Dimitriadis says:

    Litza, I look forward to seeing Cameron Wood’s career really blossom in the VFL this year.

  7. Andrew Starkie says:

    get a job

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