The most embarrassing promotions in sport

They played this atrocity during the innings break at the Stars vs Scorchers BBL game on Australia Day.

Which led me to think:
1. How on earth did they convince Rob Quiney to do this
2. Is this the most embarrassing promotion ever seen in world sport?

On a related note, Guardian cricket writer Russell Jackson has put together a great blog featuring some classic cricket ads:



  1. Andrew Starkie says:

    At the very least he could have learned the words

  2. A bloke in a sport promo being a dork. Not exactly cutting edge material.

  3. Ripsnorter says:

    G Hocking – whiskers

  4. embarrassing in deed!

  5. John Butler says:

    Carlton’s Blue M&M’s come to mind.

    At least it’s good to know R Quiney is still alive. Otherwise only sited this season doing his shoulder.

  6. tony robb says:

    Who is Rob Quinney? What about Bobby Skilton’s butternuts snaps ad

  7. Okay, for one, to reference Pitbull and Ke$ha is to nakedly claw at the bottome of an already shallow pop-culture barrell. Secondly, to do so without any sort of context is as odious as it is inevitable from such a soulless enterprise.

    Whoever conceived this should go find a hermit cave in the bush to disappear into forever and ever.

    *note: JB And least we sold our soul for M&M money – this is a woebegone clusterfuck to give those in the cheap seats something to clap their hands to.

  8. bernard whimpress says:

    Even more embarrassing than his selection to bat at number three for Australia and his batting average of 3.00.

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