England cricket, May 2015: the tying of oneself in knots

E Regnans tries to make sense of the recent goings on in English cricket. As he’s tapping, away the Poms fall to 4/30 at Lord’s against New Zealand. To what topics have the conversations turned in the hallowed halls of the egg and bacon brigade. What of this man Pietersen?

Stories from Prison – ICC World Cup Semi-Final: New Zealand v South Africa

A unique perspective from a new correspondent “The Inside Man” who graphically describes the experience of four Kiwi prisoners watching the gripping ICC World Cup semi final at Eden Park from an Australian Jail. We all meet as equals on the sporting field.

ICC World Cup – New Zealand v Australia: Woodface

ERegnans has had enough of MJ Clarke with his moaning and bully boy tactics. Has he got a Woodface as well as a tin ear? A game with four seasons in one day but in the end it’s only natural for BB McCullum’s kiwis.

Potential NZ Blockbuster between Saints and Blues

Yoshi Imagawa thinks that taking on the Blues in New Zealand will be good for his Saints, and good for football.

Rules? What rules?

When Almanackers write about their childhood football experiences, Peter Cresswell gets jealous. He gets jealous because he didn’t have any. Our Kiwi scribe has plenty of adulthood footballing experiences though.

AFL Round 6 – Carlton v West Coast Boneheads: Emotional Thunderstorms

Peter Baulderstone is joining the Waikato Chiefs. His Eagles keep losing in the same incompetent, boneheaded way. He just wants them to find a way of beating the opposition instead of themselves.

Murderball – it’s a killer of a game

After watching the Wheelchair Rugby Tri-Nations tournament while in Sydney, Ramon Dobb is hooked on Murderball.

England v New Zealand – First Test: Cricket, I’ve missed you

Is New Zealand’s fate to be forever the not quite team?

The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Five

History was writ anew this round, with the first AFL premiership match played outside of Australia. A few posters were kicked, the first two by opposing captains. Remember that, your grandchildren will be asking you about it.

AFL Round 5 – St.Kilda v Sydney: That 70s show

Tom Bally thought this article may get spiked for going wildly off topic. We thought he knew us better than that.

AFL Round 5 – St.Kilda v Sydney: How is this different to rugby?

Our New Zealand correspondent, Alex Braae, says St.Kilda should be quickly adopted by Wellington, which is used to barracking for lovable losers.

AFL cancels live AFL streaming over the internet. NZ types not happy

For the past couple of years, New Zealand fans ave been able to watch the footy live streamed on the internet via AFL Live. This year, when the Saints and Swans play for premiership points in Wellington, it has been cancelled.

New Zealand – Part 2. Bungy!

  by Kieran Deck The dawn sun rutilant on the lake sparks and sets-off the cicadas again. I wake early, still buzzing with the excitement of being in another country. This feeling is at odds with the pessimism I hold for today’s activity: bungy jumping. It strikes me that I’m nervous in the car, somewhere [Read more]

New Zealand Trip Pt. 1

  Had my recent trip to New Zealand’s North Island been graphed on its intensity levels, it would have looked similar to the electrocardiogram of a healthy 21-year-old; high peaks and moderate troughs. This was fitting because the reason for our visit was to celebrate my 21st birthday. The sweet lung-lolly found in rural New [Read more]

Australia and Test cricket not done with yet

  by Andrew Gigacz This was a day when everything went right – maybe not for Phil Hughes, but for me and the rest of the Australians. Knowing that I’d be doing the Day 4 report for the Almanac, I headed out for my morning coffee with the intention of returning home to catch the [Read more]

A few (twisted) words about Australia’s team to play NZ

  by Andrew Gigacz By this time tomorrow at least three, and possibly four, players will have made their Test debut for Australia. Dave Warner will complete his transformation from being a two-hour player to a five-day cricketer, and at least two of James Pattinson, Mitchell Starc and Ben Cutting will form part of the [Read more]

Do not go gentle into that good night…

  by Nick Withers Two facts I did not make up: Shane Watson has a book, and it is titled Watto. And you thought Australian cricket was on the mend? I’m sure Watto means well, but it’s a bit early to be crying bright about frail deeds, isn’t it? Crying bright about your frail back [Read more]

Benji back to form in half-baked victory

 by Will Evans My childhood recollections of seeing my heroes in black and white play at Wembley aren’t great.  The Kiwis approached the first Test of the 1993 away series against Great Britain with confidence after pushing Australia earlier in the year and drawing a home series with the Lions one-all the previous season.  But, [Read more]

Could the NZ halves please stand up?

After watching the opening game of the Four Nations tournament between Australia and New Zealand, I’m left with a puzzle: is Benji Marshall badly out of form, injured or just foxing? I mean, how can someone who is supposed to be one of the two or three best players in the world put in two [Read more]


If you needed any convincing of the truth of Mallory’s theory that international rugby league is, at best, a third tier competition in the league hierarchy, then Sunday’s Trans Tasman Test between Australia and New Zealand clinched the debate. The lead-up, the match itself and the aftermath received token media coverage. The absence of an [Read more]