Life and Death

Matt Zurbo reflects.

I Hate a Mob

Matt Zurbo with some thoughts on the booing of Adam Goodes .

Poetry: The Earth’s Been Cooling

Another small piece from the Old Dog.

Round 7 – Sydney v Geelong: Today and Then and Football

Old Dogs watches Sydney and Geelong go at it and wonders how a foreigner would view the spectacle.

The effort of listening and typing

Matt Watson responds to Matt Zurbo’s call to arms and is delighted as a seemingly mundane task becomes a privilege. Its not too late to give Matt a hand!

Timebombs – Can you help?

The Almanac has followed Matt Zurbo’s past players project intently. It’s crunch-time and Old Dog desperately needs your help.

Round 1 – Fremantle v Port Adelaide: Dear ABC Radio

Matt Zurbo watches footy closely, and with a footy thinkers’ eye. When listening to post-game summaries on radio, he expects good insight from the experts, not just stats. Here he analyses the Freo-Port match, and he analyses the analysts as well. [This is a interesting discussion point – Ed]

2015 ICC World Cup – Final: For Love of Underdogs and the Australian Way (and Blog – add your comments)

Matt Zurbo argues the case that, if you’re really in touch with what it means to be Australian, then you’ll be barracking for New Zealand today.

What do you reckon? Add your pre-game comments. And join in the conversation during the game.

Cricket. Radio.

Cricket, emotion and rain in the darkest hours. And some thoughts on the nature of cricket commentary.

Moments and Friendships

A sunburnt Old Dog just kicks back every now and then and thinks about what’s been going on and who he’s bumped in to and what’s coming up. Another footy season approaches and the oval hardness may be too much for one sprinkler. [I love a good Zurbo refelction – Ed]

A skill that can’t be measured

Stan Alves turns it around and asks Matt Zurbo a question. A good one too. [Old Dog with some of his trademark footy-thinking]

Ingrained Madness

A smaller piece from the Old Dog

So This is Christmas: Old Dog’s Top 10 of 2014

Good will: for the beer of it. That, and other terrific lines from one of the Knackery’s Henry Lawsons. A travelling minstrel. Observing. And sensing what matters. Thanks Old Dog.

Simon Black and the things that count

In writing his book, Old Dog spends some time with Simon Black. The conversation reminds him of an old footy story.

The Melbourne Cup

Matt Zurbo reflects on the traditions of racing, from about as far away from the glamour of Flemington as you can get.

No Skills Required

Old Dog recalls a footy-less warm-up. [Ray Wilson and his Uni Blacks are onto something – Ed]


A sad Matt Zurbo spent time getting to know Robbie Flower. Here he offers some observations of a much-loved man.

AFL Grand Final – Sydney v Hawthorn: Spangher Magic

Throw away the Hun and the Sage. Use them to line the cocky cage. The Old Dog tells you everything you need to know about the Grand Final.

Buddy v Royce

This is an intriguing experiment. Old Dog, thinking creatively, again.


Matt Zurbo on the significance of ruckmen and their influence on games. [Top stuff – Ed]

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