Soundgarden. Audioslave. Two Stereo Stories.

Chris Cornell, frontman of Audioslave and Soundgarden, died on 17 May, shortly after a concert in Detroit.

Imogen Knight recalls seeing Soundgarden and then Chris Cornell solo at two distinct stages of her life: 1991 and 2015.

I was lifted from the mosh-pit, above the crowd. I had stripped to my navy bra, like it was a bikini. I was too sweat-soaked, euphoric and naive to care. I was my most alive self. Ever. I was with Soundgarden. I was in love. Nothing could ever be better than that moment.

Like A Stone by Audioslave was the topic for a Grade Six presentation/show-and-tell in 2003 by Ali Schnabel. Her teacher and her classmates were a little taken aback.

So the day came, and I was nervous as all f–k. But I got up there in front of my class-mates, dragging the clunky Panasonic CD player in my wake. I took a deep breath. I hit play. The first few bars – as the chords of Like A Stone reverberated around the room, and the bass dribbled in – were wrought with hesitance. I was tapping my toes, but it didn’t seem like anyone else was into it. I broke out in a slight sweat. Looking back now, I think I realised my mistake as soon as Chris Cornell’s deep drawl came in.

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  1. Earl O'Neill says:

    Songs, music, can have an incredible effect on yr psyche, esp when you’re young. But it don’t have to end there – I heard Sam Cooke singing ‘Wonderful World’ on the radio this morn, then killed it cos nothing was gonna beat that.
    Ali, Imogen, let it roll.

  2. Peter_B says:

    Was he a Richmond supporter?

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