Roy Boy Liam

Roy boy Liam O’Connor breaks off half back, assisted by a strong shepherd from Marcel Laidlaw at Alfred Crescent on Sunday 15 March.

The Fitzroy U11 Golds hung on to win by 3 points against arch-rival St Marys, in a game that could have gone either way.


  1. Adam Muyt says:

    Is that not the most beautiful football jersey of all time? Go Roys!

  2. Ian Syson says:

    Adam, I was at the local primary school sports the other day at Princes Park. Clifton Hill were playing N Fitzroy. N Fitzroy were wearing the same jumper as the photo. In the soccer they had Barca replica tops (even down to the logo!).

  3. johnharms says:

    Liam O’Connor. Republican? Any views on the Queen visiting Croke Park?

  4. Adam Muyt says:

    Barca’s got a gorgeous top, a close second in ‘world’s best footy tops’. Go North Fitzbarca!

  5. smokie88 says:

    As the queen stepped foot onto Irish soil, I could almost hear my grandfather turning in his grave.

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