Round 3 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: Showdown 42 – A day and a half

Port Adelaide versus Adelaide

7.10pm, Saturday 9 April

Adelaide Oval

Aidan Hammond (Aged 11)



I woke up, had a Saturday morning free, I built an awesome blanket fort that just fit my bean bag in it. What a great place to write a footy report (go check it out, it is Swans vs. Pies, nobody). I have breakfast then I do some jobs around the house because our family is coming over tonight because it is my grandpa’s 80th. We have 16 people coming and 2 staying the night. After the jobs and the homework, it is already 4:40pm!


We got to go to my tennis presentation, I got my winner’s trophy and my participation medal. When I get home I say hi to everybody then I have a swim in the pool. The last bit of family arrives and I have to get out of the pool and come upstairs. I put a suit on with Crows socks and a Crows cap. I take the cap off, I see everyone from overseas and from interstate and the other side of Adelaide and from the other side of the house.


My Grandma makes a little speech about Grandpa and then we give him his present. Grandma made this poster of photos of him since he was a kid and photos very recently. One of the photos had my dad in it and he was about 8 and his face cracks me up. He was trying to be sad and was frowning but he had little smile on the sides.


The match starts and I miss about 20 seconds. The first 5 minutes are really close because there is no scoring in the first 5 minutes. Port Adelaide get a behind, I’m relieved that they got a behind instead of a goal. Hopefully Crows can get a goal. Power get it. Port kick the next couple of goals and at that point I realised that I had to put my Crows cap on.


The Crows did better in the end of the 1st quarter, they just go the momentum back, I am not nervous. At quarter time I will go and actually socialise. I do. I go and have some more nibbles. It’s a really good night. I see a video chat of my Aunty and my cousin in China. I really hope that the Crows can go and then get the lead. I think the Crows can do that they are doing really well this year.


We go and then have barbecue. I love the ribs pork ribs; the best type of food ever. I watch in the background while having dinner at the table and socialising, the Crows are doing well. The 3rd quarter the Crows get the lead more in it. At the end of the 3rd quarter the Power got the momentum, it is anybody’s game. In the last quarter the Crows are doing quite well. The Power have the last of the momentum, but the Crows have the last laugh. 17 huge points.


Port Adelaide   4.6   6.6   9.8    12.11 (83)
Adelaide            3.3   7.9  11.10   15.10 (100)



Port Adelaide: Wines 2, Wingard 2, R.Gray 2, Westhoff, Impey, Dixon, Boak, Eddy, Powell-Pepper
Adelaide: Walker 4, Betts 3, Otten 2, Knight 2, Lynch 2, Mackay, Sloane,

Port Adelaide:    Wines, Ryder, Ebert, Byrne-Jones, Hartlett, Boak
Adelaide: Sloane, Douglas, Walker, Otten, Laird, Lynch, Knight


Umpires: Dagleigh, Meredith, Williamson Crowd: 53,698

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  1. Dave Brown says:

    Hope your grandad had a good birthday Aidan. Take that win every day of the week. Hopefully we don’t have a post Showdown letdown this weekend. The one after the last Showdown cost us a top four spot.

  2. Ben Footner says:

    The best opening line of an Almanac report I have read for a while Aidan – I love a good blanket fort!

  3. Anna Brown says:

    A night to myself and I still watched footy! Luckily it was worth it.

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