Round 13 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: Coming Down or West


Friday, 16 June 2017
7:50 pm (10:50 am York, 6:50 pm Osaka)
Docklands Stadium


While Brett Ratten served Carlton as a senior coach, he coached his Blues on the bench so that he could communicate with his boys more. The bench coaching was done by Damien Hardwick and Guy McKenna when they were new senior coaches to encourage young players. Also Paul Roos sat on the bench to coach his young teams (Swans and Demons) for a while.


The mighty Saints had three shocking losses in a row. So it’s time for me to come down to the bench to encourage my boys. Actually I would not be at the stadium, so I go to the west to Coolabah in Osaka to see my Saints playing through a big screen. Watching two St Kilda games played at Docklands in a row.


In this month, I am working with shorter hours and more days. My shift ends at 5 pm so I have enough time to travel to Coolabah to be time on the first bounce. My enthusiasm brings me to get there at 6.30 pm, but the shutter is down at the pub. Oh no!


I am waiting to be open and meanwhile I am messaging Katie, my lovely British girlfriend. We are talking about not being able to get into the bar.


Former Hawthorn player and footy commentator Dermott Brereton criticised Montagna negatively last weekend with inappropriate personal comment. Tim Watson’s comment calling Montagna’s phone call to Brereton being too sensitive was so disappointed. Then a f***ing journalist who is working for CH 9, Triple M and AFL Media and whom I choose not to name, said the former Hawk was free to express his opinions on the veteran Saint really angered me!!


Montagna and our man Alan Richardson handled with the primary comment well. I hope Montagna overcomes and plays good footy on the field.


Then Seb Ross appeared SEN breakfast show on Wednesday and urged our boys to play our brand of attacking footy. I look forward to see attacking footy that I didn’t see three weeks ago at the game against Doggies.


Luckily a friendly Scotsman (the barman) lets me in the pub around 6.50 pm and I ask him to get the game. As Stuart needs to organise things to operate the bar, I tell him I can wait until 7pm on to get beer and meanwhile I can just have sparkling water that I have just bought at a shop.


Footy is on, but I start watching with Waite’s goal in the first two minutes. My worry starts coming up.


But being like a coach on the bench seems to motivate and encourage my boys.


Geary kicks towards half forward and Hansen catches, but is tackled by Weller in the midfield. The dropped ball is collected by Ross and kicked towards Dunstan. The young midfielder kicks towards Bruce.


Bruce takes a good mark just outside 50 on the left side. He kicks from the 30 degree angle with his left foot. It’s a good shot and brings us six points.


Then Billings gets a ball in the congested our goal pocket from Riewoldt’s kick. Billings is about to be tackled, but gives a short shot into the goal as the post is so close. It is his second goal and the last one of our five consecutive goals.


Roberton’s long goal and Acres’ goal are scored between Billings’ goals.


Our brand of attacking footy is back now. I have longed to see the attractive footy, but don’t feel comfortable to settle on the chair at the pub. Being close to the screen is what I am doing most of the night.


Montagna’s friendship kick is delivered to Riewoldt. He takes a classic chest mark just outside 50. But his okay knee is not enough good to score a goal, sadly.


Billings shoots well and is recored goals once twice later, but both kicks are reviewed and very unfortunately these are two behinds. Channel 7 commentators say it is unusual to see two goal reviews are made to a player and scored as behinds.


Our coast to coast footy is back that makes me happy. And I am impressed with Carlisle’s good defensive works too. His works bring us back into the attacking footy.


Saint Jacks (Billings, Lornie, Steven, Newnes and Sinclair) are performing well on the field by handballs and kicks. The meme of names of five Jacks from St Kilda and Jack S*** from North Melbourne is created on Facebook post match.


But we get tired at the last quarter so allow Kangaroos to narrow the margin. North kick six to Saints’ three.


It is a good game, but our strategy of goal kicking is still going on. Wasting opportunities of scoring goals still needs to improve. Otherwise we won’t be able to return debit back that created in the previous three matches.


My another disappointment of the night is being at the quiet pub. I am the only one patron. I miss talking about footy with fellow footy diehards while games are on.


Keep playing attacking footy and take home game advantages at the next match against Gold Coast. We need to gain power to finish top eight in 2017. Don’t disappoint us at the end of August in York.


NORTH MELBOURNE 2.5 2.6 4.9 10.12 (72)
ST KILDA 5.3 8.8 9.15 12.17 (89)


North Melbourne: Clarke 2, Waite, Goldstein, Ziebell, Mullett, Hrovat, Wood, B.Brown, Turner
St Kilda: Billings 2, Steven 2, Membrey 2, Bruce 2, Roberton, Acres, Sinclair, Gresham

North Melbourne: Goldstein, Cunnington, Mountford, Gibson, McDonald, Ziebell
St Kilda: Ross, Sinclair, Roberton, N.Brown, Montagna, Geary

3. Montagna (STK), 2. Geary (STK), 1. Roberton (STK)

Umpires: Fisher, Schmitt, Fleer, McInerney

Crowd: 26,107

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