Pop! Goes the Punt: Emirates Stakes Day – Islands in the Stream (or, mapping the downfalls of Janine Turner and Beven Addinsall)

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Okay, so we got a nice collect on Black Cash, so let’s not stray too far from Nashville… in fact, let’s start there.

Race 7. Emirates Stakes (1600m)

8. Nashville ($20 each-way)

Kenny Rogers with someone who appears to be a member of the Boston Red Sox

Around the time Black Cash was winning the Subzero Challenge, Kenny Rogers was being honoured with the Willy Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award at the Country Music Awards in Nashville.

Here’s eleven things I learned while researching Kenny Rogers:

    1. “Islands in the Stream” was written by the Bee Gees (and Barry and Maurice play on the recording, with Barry providing backing vocals)
    2. In 2008, the song was played continuously for several days on end by Indiana radio station WZOW to draw attention to the station’s changing format (from alternative rock to adult contemporary)
    3. The Bee Gees wrote another song for Kenny and Dolly – their 1985 single, “Real Love”. The song was originally written for Marvin Gaye, but he was shot in April 1984 by his father (using the shotgun he gave Marvin for Christmas).1
    4. People magazine2 said Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” was “America’s hottest musical turn on” since our own Olivia Newton John demanded we get “Physical”.
    5. The provocative lyrics of “Physical” (really?) saw the song banned by two radio stations in Utah.
    6. Prior to this, Olivia was no stranger to country music herself, with 1973’s “Let Me Be There” won her a Grammy for Best Female Country Vocalist.
    7. Olivia was the first person to record the John Rostill-penned tune, which was later performed by Elvis and appears on Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis.
    8. Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis was the last album to be released in his lifetime.
    9. That album features “How Great Thou Art” which won a Grammy for Best Inspirational Performance3
    10. Former Young Talent Time member Beven Addinsall has a website – http://www.beven.com.au/Beven_Addinsall/beven.html (refer to previous footnote re the significant leap made here).
    11. Beven hasn’t updated his blog since playing the Palazzo Versace in October 2010. It was a Bond theme… I suspect it didn’t go too well.

Which is more or less how I expect Nashville to run in the Emirates. Still, at the time of writing it’s 40-1, so we’ll have a crack at it.

Race 5. Momentum Energy Stakes (2000m)

11. Dolly Dolly ($20 each-way)

Dolly and Kenny swap facelift stories…

How do you follow-up Kenny Rogers, but with Dolly… twice.

Horrible photo-caption-joke aside, Dolly Parton is all sorts of wonderful.

Dolly isn’t some pretender with country affectations just to make it in Nashville. She was born in Tennessee – to a dirt poor tobacco farmer no less.

As soon as she graduated from high school, she moved to Nashville and proceded to sell 100 million records!

That’s not downloads kids, that’s people getting in their car and driving to a store to buy her records… say nothing of her work in 9 to 5 or The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

Now if she could just sort out her Goddaughter, Miley Cyrus…

See you in February, Dolly.

Race 1. Maribyrnong Plate (1000m)

2. Alaska ($20 the win)

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the “Golden Age” of television – Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men et al. But back in the early to mid-nineties, things weren’t too bad. Consider the following:

  1. The Larry Sanders Show
  2. Roseanne
  3. The Simpsons at its peak
  4. Seinfeld
  5. Picket Fences
  6. X-Files
  7. Cheers/Frasier
  8. Saved by the Bell

And add to this list Northern Exposure.

A classic fish-outta-water tale. New York doctor, Dr. Joel Fleischman, is sent to practice in the town of Cicely, Alaska (don’t Google search it, it’s fictional). It was quirky4, it was poetic and it had Janine Turner in it.

And what more can be said about Janine Turner that hasn’t already been said about the war in Iraq? It all went a bit, well… awful.

The last time Janine was seen on television was as a speaker at the 2012 Republican Party National Convention. Prior to this she was a  campaigner for Sarah Palin (which fits the Alaska motiff nicely) and made frequent appearances on Fox News.

Still, I’m tipping Alaska in a Cliffhanger.


Thursday: A $90.80 return on Black Cash and $20 back on the non-event at Warrnambool4

Carnival to date: -$123.70 ($700 outlay for a $576.30 return)


1. The Marvin Gaye bit I knew already, and is widely known – although, less so the fact he was shot with his Christmas gift.

2. The US People magazine, not the Australian People magazine – the one for those with masturbatory needs that extend to areas not covered by an internet connection.

3. “How Great Thou Art” was also the debut song for Beven Addinsall on Young Talent Time. This also represented a turning point in my dad’s appreciation of the show. After what he deemed a commendable effort on the gospel tune, Bevan soon resorted to the standard colour-by-numbers pop that was the raison d’être of YTT. My dad never forgave YTT for what they did to Beven. Shit like this…

4. Simon Pegg said the show was one of the influences for his British sitcom, Spaced.

5. All but one race was abandoned due to a dirty big hole in the track

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  1. Can I add a few shows to your 90s list of good to frickin good tv?

    There was Twin Peaks, Absolutely Fabulous, Homicide: Life on the Streets, The Ren and Stimpy Show, Knowing Me Knowing You, Sylvania Waters, Cracker, 3rd Rock From The Sun, Daria and as we headed towards the end of the 90s we had Buffy and Freaks and Geeks.

    Several tv shows in this era’s ‘Golden Age’ that stand as strong as those mentioned are The Shield, Deadwood, Justified and Curb Your Enthusiasm (which can be argued as being critically superior to Seinfeld, at least by me).

    Cheers & keep on Poping

  2. Skip of Skipton says:

    “Homicide; Life on the Streets” was brilliant. Kind of a prototype and forerunner to more popular and dumbed down cop shows that ensued.

    Seinfeld is the best. Curb your enthusiasm yada yada yada Larry David etc. You have to be a Seinfeld devotee to dig it if you know what I mean? So it can’t be better than Seinfeld. Nothing is, and quite possibly will ever be, better than Seinfeld.

  3. I’ve gotta be honest and say that I didn’t get to Homicide til post-The Wire, when I was looking for all things David Simon (despite that, I never really came around on ‘Treme’).

    Technically and in isolation I think Curb Your enthusiasm is superior to Seinfeld, but Curb Your enthusiasm is nowhere close to being “of it’s time” as much as Seinfeld was. In that cultural context, Seinfeld wins every time.

  4. Is it just me or has British tv died in the arse? Apart from the quiz shows where the score doesn’t matter, (QI and Never Mind the Buzzcocks for example. Last nights NMTB episode with Terry Wogan was bizarre, Tim Minchin was greta and the Irish bloke who filled in for shakira was pretty funny too), I can’t think of much new and exciting fare coming from ye olde country.

    If we are talking modern golden era, how about Sons of Anarchy, 30 Rock, Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert. The Daily Show and Colbert Nation are so on the money they have made political reporting informative and fun.

  5. mickey randall says:

    Agree with you Gus. Living just north of London for two and a half years, Never Mind the Buzzcocks was always a weekly highlight. The then host Mark Lamaar is a genius. Discussing Squeeze’s classic “Tempted” and how the audience would throw toothbrushes on stage (I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste /A flannel for my face
    Pajamas,/ a hairbrush New shoes and a case) , Lamaar replied,”Throwing items onto the stage based upon the lyrics? Great idea. I’m writing a song for Britney called, “Lions, Tigers, Anvils and Shit.”

  6. There are moments in Treme when I think it is the best stuff David Simon has done. By the way, The Corner and Generation Kill are also great DS creations.

    Yes, Seinfeld was at the heart of the 90s zeitgeist, as was Friends and Melrose Place and Beverley Hills. All excellent TV shows in their own way. Curb reminds you that Larry David was the dominant creative partner in the creation of Seinfeld (a show which I love by the way). But I much prefer Larry David delivering the lines to Jason Alexander (not that there was anything wrong with JA).

    The great TV writing of the last ten years or so hasn’t been met with the same level reverence or ratings as telly from the 90s or earlier eras. If anything the line between Reality TV genre, selfies and Instagram dominate the zeitgeist today. Which is why movies like The Bling Ring are so interesting. And, I think, why one part of the TV medium (thank you HBO) is so intent on striving for the best stories, characters and verisimilitude.

    Agree with you Gus that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert stand like giants above any other attempt at satire via TV. I wonder if Back-benchers in Australian politics were allowed the same freedom to get their mugs on telly if we might not see a post-Chaser satire of the Daily Show level that exposed just how wilfully dumb and self-serving politicians can be.

    And Mickey R, love the Buzzcocks reference, very funny.


  7. Oh Litza, I should add, in reference to your first tip, Nashville, that I’m loving that TV series. T Bone Burnett was the music producer for the first season and Buddy Miller is in the seat for the second. If the show (it’s a soap opera) was set in any other city or any other profession than Country music, with all the same characters and storylines I might detest it but as it is I’m a rusted on fan.


  8. Rick, Nashville’s on my list. Nothing to do with T Bone Burnett or Buddy Miller, and everything to do with Connie Britton (shout out to ‘Friday Night Lights’ here).

    With you on The Corner and Generation Kill.

  9. I gave up on TV about 5 years ago. I don’t even watch the ABC News any more. Its all wank.
    Footy, Insiders and Redfern Now are about the only things I can stomach. 95% of what’s on any free to air network makes my skin crawl.
    I buy the good HBO stuff as Box Sets and watch it like movies in 3 hour sittings.
    Gives me a lot more time for books, music, writing and reading magazine style articles on-line (so many great US and UK websites).

  10. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says:

    Without this I never would have known that Beven had ‘treaded the boards’

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