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It’s February now. The historical women’s’ footy kicks off this weekend and pre-season matches start this month too. The mighty Saints’ first preseason match is played on my birthday, by the way!

This week brings me interesting news on footy.

On Monday, the Age reports that Jarryn Geary would be appointed as the new captain of St Kilda.

My preference has been Jack Steven, but Geary has been the front runner. Earlier this year, our veteran Leigh Montagna admits Geary will be the next skipper.

So I am a bit shocked, but not surprised. I listen to Run Home on SEN and it reports that Geary has been talking to former skipper Nick Riewoldt about captaincy. So he seems the right person to lead the Saints.

Then a listener makes an interesting point on the Soap Box. He is worried about a lack of kicking skills from Geary as he thinks a certain level of kicking skills is needed for a captain.

After the segment ends, the radio station makes calls to listeners to ask them about their favourite captains so they can make a conclusion if kicking skills are needed to lead clubs.

Sorry, if  I am not able to understand well (I should, as I would like to be a journalist), but it seems that many captains had good kicking skills.

The discussion thinks these skills are essential to have the top job in the team. In my opinion, if a skipper has good kicking skills, it would be great. But reading the skills of the games and good communication skills are more important in the role because they send messages to other players on the ground about leadership skills.

Two days later, it is Bob Murphy’s turn. The Bulldogs’ captain appeared on SEN’s Garry, Tim, and Hamish for the first time.

The exciting segment starts with him revealing he will captain the Doggies in 2017.

I had expected him to lead the last year’s premiership side, so am not surprised at all. Instead, I am surprised that the Whitten Oval didn’t release who would be their captain in 2017.

Some people urge that a young player should take over the top Dog job, but I think Murphy should stay because I am so impressed with his never give up attitudes and being a great player and bloke. He can train talented young players for the next captain.

Murphy understands the circumstances at St Kilda where Rooey has captained for 10 seasons. Then he thinks he can do the same to his Bulldogs.

I hope Geary will be a great skipper for the mighty Saints so that we will play finals in September.

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A Japanese Saints diehard with huge passions. The Western Bulldogs won the flag in 2016 and Richmond followed in 2017, so why not St Kilda in 2018? Like my St Kilda, I strive and work hard to achieve my life goals both in profession and my private life. Sadly I missed watching footy while my favourite Nick Riewoldt was playing and when St Kilda had Anzac Day clashes in Wellington. But I am excited to be back in Melbourne in July 2018 for two St Kilda matches. Now I am a player for the Osaka Dingoes Footy Club, as well as a public relations officer. My stories of footy in Asia including the Dingoes news can be found on World Footy News.

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