A week is a long time for the Saints.

I have a confession to make. I’m an addict. A Supercoach addict. It didn’t take me long to be swayed by the internet phenomenon, and with the season beginning in Supercoach, I’m getting quite competitive with my team. But every week, one decision needs to be made. A very hard decision. Who will I make [Read more]

Book Review: Football for Boys

Book: Football for Boys Author: Alan Scott Publisher: Golden Press, Potts Point, 1971 Reviewer: Vin Maskell The perfect drop-kick I probably think of Essendon’s Barry Davis more than I think of any other footballer. I think of him every day, when I glance up at the 1971 book Football for Boys, which has pride of [Read more]

Book Review: Cats In Command

Book: Cats In Command Authors: Bruce Kennedy and Bruce Coe Publisher: self-published, Melbourne, 2010, $19.95 Reviewer: Michael Rogers What do you do when the team you barrack for hasn’t won a premiership since the early 1960s and doesn’t look like winning another one? Maybe ever.  If you are two long suffering supporters of that team, [Read more]

Book Review: Get Her Off The Pitch!

Book: Get Her Off The Pitch! Author: Lynn Truss Publisher: Harper Collins, Melbourne, 2009 $27.99 Reviewer: Peter Lenaghan On the surface, this is a pithy, humorous and well-told story about an artsy journalist being thrown head-first into an almost entirely unfamiliar world of professional sport. Looking deeper, it is an exploration of identity, gender and [Read more]

Footy Rivalry: Factoid versus fiction

In the modern era, rivalry is a brand. Just like a wee bit too much of the wide, wide world of sport these days, it is used by some people to extract a few extra bucks from other people. Go back a little while though, and I think rivalry was both a little more serious [Read more]

Pies show ANZAC spirit while Bombers..just don’t

The Anzac match between my Magpies and the Bombers is one of the most important clashes on the footy fixture. On occasion when I’m out shopping I’ll see a young man dressed in military attire and when I do my mouth goes dry and I get goose bumps. I still can’t understand the bravery of [Read more]

Bullying the Bullies: Geelong vs. Hawthorn

I’ve lived in more than a dozen different suburbs on the south side of Melbourne and caught the train to the footy from all of them, but had never experienced a Geelong Hawthorn game travelling on the Glen Waverley line.  It is like the reverse of Geelong station at midday on a Saturday with the [Read more]

Anzac Tribute

I woke up to the sound of gunfire in the distance and to the realization that today is another day, I survived yesterday and I am where I am. Slowly, painfully, I get up, moving my feet stiffly before a Japanese prison guard hits me with the butt of his rifle to ‘hurry’ me up. [Read more]

Dees bring it home, while I’m stuck at home!

Siren! We are now 2-2, what a win! And by so many points! Blood is pumping through the red and blue veins again! We are no longer a “worthless” team! I must be dreaming! And we were so close to winning against Collingwood! Those were thoughts that flooded through my head after and during the [Read more]

Chapter 8: Nambool Ravens (home): The Rumble in the Jungle

The Albatross Rules (a football chronicle) 8. Round 2, Nambool Ravens (home): The Rumble in the Jungle Con was never quite sure now, when Caz and Maur got together, whether the two of them were just talking or if they were cooking something up. But unexplained things started to happen around the Prof—insignificant things on [Read more]

Dog of a night for the Crows.

Finally, another week is finished with and the weekend awaits. School went so quickly, but the time between Thursday and Friday seemed so far apart. But once that final bell rang to signal the start of the weekend, a long weekend in fact (although it shouldn’t be), this game was on my mind.

Question: The Storm over The Storm

What does the Almanac community think of the Melbourne Storm drama? Just deserts or overly harsh? Is this the end of NRL in Melbourne? If so, do we care? Are there any AFL implications? Fire away folks.

Why should the salary cap strangle homegrown stars?

Melbourne Storm’s hanging has concentrated my mind. Try this proposal on for size: To preserve a competitive AFL, drafted players should be subject to their club’s salary cap for their first three seasons, as should established players acquired from other AFL clubs. To preserve club loyalties, I don’t see why clubs should be restricted from [Read more]

AFL Round 4 – Brisbane v Footscray: The Wedding

by Andrew Gigacz Saturday night footy – Brisbane undefeated up against the pre-season premiers, the Mighty Dogs. This would normally be a pretty exciting prospect for me. Sneak round to a Foxtel friend’s house, share a few beers, and watch the Doggies put the Lions back in their place. But not this week. Footy Almanac [Read more]

A night in Stats Central

I have long been going to the SANFL to keep a close watch on the development and form of any Adelaide Crows player running around in the twos. And for every game I’ve gone to I’ve carried a little black notebook, about the size of the average hand, with me.

Footy Talk: Choco and Junkyard do Match Committee

In this week’s episode of The Odd Couple, the role of Oscar Madison will be played by Mark Williams, and  Felix Unger will be played by Dean Laidley. After a drubbing down in Geelong, Felix arrives ready for action at match committee, dossiers and laptop at the ready. He’s a little taken aback at what [Read more]

A long weekend of punting

“Dog’s Breakfast” is an ill-advised phrase in a racing column – especially into the jumps season – but there can be no denying that this weekend’s races are “all over the place”. Victoria’s main day is at Flemington on Sunday, with Sandown and Bendigo “featuring” on the Saturday and Monday.

Cats still ruthless enough.

Ever since Paul Chapman snapped that late goal in the 2009 Grand Final, this game was marked on the calendar of all the Geelong faithful: The unfurling of the Premiership Flag at the recently upgraded Skilled Stadium, as well as the lap of honour to former premiership captain Tom Harley. Harley was presented with something [Read more]

Tom’s Teams: Players who’ve swapped clubs

by Tom Riordan Amidst the debate about free agency, mid-season drafts and high profile trades, I wondered just how many players on AFL lists had already swapped clubs. Going through The Age’s Footy 2010 magazine, I found 86 players who have been on at least two AFL clubs’ lists and managed to get a team [Read more]


by Damian O’Donnell   It’s a fabulous photo. Four blokes dressed in ragged shirts and shorts, one with a hat on, all in their boots, are dashing across what looks like a paddock. They all have eyes for an object that sits up in the middle of the photo like a candle in a dim room. [Read more]