AFL Round 12: Bulldogs v Port Adelaide: Dogs chew up insipid Port

By Nick Kossatch I was on a ‘high’ after watching the St Kilda and Carlton match the previous night – Friday night footy on national TV. It was pure football – tough, no flooding, and man-on-man. The following day, on a cool Saturday afternoon, in my role as a football writer for The Murray Pioneer, [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Carlton v St Kilda: Saints fall in in a ring-a-ding-ding affair

By Josh Barnstable Having a day off school means you can relax for the day. It is also vital that you relax your muscles after a tough night of footy training and, in today’s case, rest your muscles after a night of dancing, raving and just having fun at the school social. For me, I [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: We deserve a better go from telly stations

By Peter Schumacher As Round 12 wends its way through our consciousness the main issues for “The View” are old and recurring but they are: •         Has the AFL ever heard of soccer? •         Who is more unpopular, the banks, Networks 7 and 10, or the AFL? •         Is it the worst case of corporate [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Adelaide v North Melbourne: Crows’ win more impressive than you might think

By John Kingsmill I sat in the winter rain with my red Rocky Mountaineer fold-down beanie over my ears; my Kathmandu lightweight altica mountain top, with a fold-up zippered collar that reached the beanie; a $2 plastic poncho over all of that; a waterproof rug over my 56-year-old denim knees; a Crows cushion on the [Read more]

VAFA Report: Home-spun De La race to extraordinary win

By Paul Daffey The De La Salle Old Collegians Football Club’s decision to place its faith entirely with former students of the college is in stark contrast to its A-section rival Old Brighton, whose ranks feature several big names from beyond the Brighton Grammar community. If the weekend’s game between the clubs at Waverley Park [Read more]

Local Footy: Superdogs go down fighting

By Nick Kossatch The Riverland Superdogs went down in valiant fashion against the Ingle Farm Football Club-based East club by 27 points at a rain-soaked Foxfield Oval in Adelaide on Sunday. It was a tough and physical match and Nick “Kossy” Kossatch yet again drifted forward, unaccountable, to mark and then boot the Superdogs’ first [Read more]

General footy writing: Sports stars should have no more expectations on them than rock stars

By Nathan Ryan The difference in community outrage between bad behaviour from sportspeople to musicians is astounding and one that I’ve never been able to fathom. Rock stars are lauded for their extravagant, live-on-the-edge lifestyles. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jimmy Barnes, the Gallagher brothers … they’re all open about their current or previous drug use. [Read more]

Local Footy: Steve Armstrong — a man for all footy seasons

By Pamela Sherpa When Steve Armstrong isn’t busy with football and family, he’s busy with football. In the city of Goulburn, NSW, Australian football exists alongside the larger organisations of rugby, soccer and hockey. Steve isn’t involved at one level of footy: he is involved at every level. He organises the footy team at the [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Pies smash the hapless Dees

by Steve Healy Queen’s Birthday games between these two teams are always great to watch, where one of the game’s great rivalries between Melbourne and Collingwood battle it out on a Monday afternoon in the middle of the season. The Demons had won the last four out of five after just losing last year‘s game. [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Lights, Camera, Cousins!

by Michael Allan As I walk through the turnstiles looking around for the absent Record seller, I notice something unusual, West Coast supporters are everywhere. How could I forget? Tonight, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Cousins” (I was drafted under exceptional circumstances) crosses another plot in this gripping saga as Ben faces his old club West Coast. [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Saints hit the dozen

By Damian Watson All week, in the words of the Easybeats I had “Friday On My Mind” as I had a long four days completing my Year Nine exams. Friday was also on the minds of everyone involved at Carlton and St.Kilda as they prepared for a Friday Night blockbuster at Etihad Stadium. As I [Read more]

Local footy: Fisher Cup brings best out of Barmera and Berri

  By Nick Kossatch   Bottom-placed Berri were within a straight kick from defeating ladder-leaders Barmera-Monash in a classic, physical and tough Fisher Cup round seven RFL match at Barmera Oval.   It would have been one of the great Demon wins but unfortunately for them – after being the better side most of the [Read more]

Jones files: My top ten in the Bendigo footy league

THE Almanac’s Paul Daffey asked me recently whether I’d considered compiling a list of the best players I’d seen in three decades of reporting on the Bendigo Football League. That got me thinking. My first season of writing about Bendigo footy was way back in 1977 — 33 years ago. Is it fair or reasonable [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Pies and Power spark thoughts of AC/DC

By David Enticott There is nothing better than hearing AC/DC on the radio. In the midst of countless tiresome oldies their music stands out like granite in a swampy morass of easy listening. AC/DC reminds me of factories near my childhood home in Cheltenham in the 1970s- all grease and sweat and industry. These were [Read more]

Mid-season review: from Josh Barnstable

by Josh Barnstable So, after Round 11 and approaching the mid-season break, just how does each club stand in the Premiership race that is hotting up by the round? And what about the very close Coleman Medal? Ladder: 1st St Kilda Played=11 Won=11 Lost=0 Points for=1160 Points against=633 %=183.25 Points=44 2nd Geelong Played=11 Won=11 Lost=0 [Read more]

Channel 31 Local Footy Show: Big show planned for Friday night

 by Ian Bennett   On this week’s LOCAL FOOTY SHOW shown on C31 Friday Night at 7.30pm for one hour and again on Saturday Morning starting at 9am for the full hour and a half show. This week’s match for highlights, interviews and presentations from the Worksafe Country Championships between MPNFL Vs WGLFL played [Read more]

Memoir: The McInerney Rule

  by Dips O’Donnell   I bet every Primary School has at least one kid who was much bigger, stronger and faster than everyone else.   At my Primary School his name was McInerney. He could run, jump, throw, fight, and play football like a man, at the age of nine.   There was no [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Carlton sneak home

by Josh Barnstable This match will be an absolute cracker. A gun up one end of the field, and quite a controversial one (Brendan Fevola) while the twin towers await the Blue defence up the other end (Jonathan Brown and Daniel Bradshaw). A different role has presented itself to Bradshaw in recent weeks though, with [Read more]

Understanding Richmond: How Helen D’Amico caused the demise of a once great football club

  By Andrew Gigacz   Putting a finger on the cause of Richmond’s woes over the last quarter of a century is no easy task. There are myriad variables that could have had an influence on the Tiger down-turn. Could there have been a single pivotal moment in the Tiger time-line that can be pinpointed [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Thank God for the Queen and her birthday

by Josh Barnstable I awake on a Monday at 10:30am. “Uh-oh, I’ve overslept”. I think to myself. Then comes the excitement you get when you realize you haven’t overslept, you’ve just enjoyed a good sleep in on a day off school. With that excitement, I bury my head into my pillow for a further 15 [Read more]