Gigs’ Stats Round 1: It’s a three-horse race

Stats Entertainment – Round 1 by Andrew Gigacz FROM HOLIDAY SEASON TO SILLY SEASON   It was only three months or so ago that the festive season was here and many were singing “Deck the Halls”. And now here we are in footy season and 49,000 people turned up to Doglands to see if anyone [Read more]

Round 1 – Richmond vs Carlton: Hard work ahead for Hardwick

by Adam Bulman “I can’t wait until Adam gets here,” said my Maths teacher, sauntering into the classroom wearing a Carlton polo shirt and a smug grin. A few people muttered “He’s there.” As the teacher finally noticed my presence, I spoke up, feigning a confidence I did not feel. “Looking forward to tomorrow night [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 1: Hall not so scary but Magpies are!

by Peter Schumacher At last the phoney footy is over, the real season has started. For Richmond barrackers it must have seemed like a continuation of the long cold endless winters of old, except of course on this occasion it was very warm. For the Tiges though, and indeed  all of those who finished second [Read more]

Round 1: What should a good Geelong fan think?

by Daniel Paproth Being a Geelong supporter over the past few years has been a good ride, and I have ranged from being a hopeful fan (2007) to slightly overconfident (2008) to worried-but-quietly-assured (2009). In 2010 nearly every man and his dog has tipped the Cats to begin that inevitable slide, at the same time [Read more]

Local Footy: Broken Hill Lizards bust ‘bench-less’ Riverland Superdogs in trial match

by Nick Kossatch The Riverland Superdogs over 35’s master’s football team lost their trial game against a fit, classy and skilled Broken Hill Shinglebacks side by 31 points at Lyrup Oval on Saturday. It could have been much worse after the boys from the Silver City began sensationally with ‘silver-serviced’ deliveries to their big forwards. [Read more]

AFL Round 1: Tiger transformation will take time

Tiger Transformation Will Take Time By Domenic Favata Many have predicted a rough year for the tigers after a disastrous start to the 2010 season. Unlike last year, the heavy media scrutiny surrounding the Tigers was not existent; as the new look Tigers came into a season of change. A change of coach, which resulted [Read more]

Round 1 – Footscray v Collingwood: Magpies win but Jack fudges up

by Dannie Eid Ahh, finally I get to see my men in black and white show me their stuff as a possible foreshadowing of the rest of 2010, the year of Scott Pendlebury. Big Bad Barry has the first shot on goal, turns out to be a shocker, pheww! Daisy whacks the first goal of [Read more]

Round 1 – Hawthorn v Melbourne: Just glad it’s footy season

By Steve Healy Some people don’t like footy. Other people do, but only to the extent of watching the odd game on TV and going to the odd game every season. There are some passionate ones, who know their stuff most of the time but are wondering who this new number 41 is running out [Read more]

Round 1 – Sydney v St Kilda: No longer a boring prospect

by Josh Barnstable Rewind to 2007, 2008 or 2009, and I wouldn’t have watched this match. I would have watched the opening quarter maybe, and then stop watching it. But, with the year the Saints had in 2009 and the young talent the Swans offer, this match is suddenly one I rate very highly. After [Read more]

The Albatross Rules: Chapter 4, Team Building

The Albatross Rules (a football chronicle) The season is fast approaching. Coach, Con Filipou, is still looking for players. Meanwhile the Professor wants to implement a few more changes around the club in the hope of turning its flagging fortunes around. 4. Team Building The league had been pressing hard for a merger with Mt [Read more]

Hungry Hawks Devour Demons

By Sasha Lennon A new look Hawthorn looked like the Hawks of old in a convincing 56 point win over a shell-shocked Melbourne. Hawthorn entered Round 1 for 2010 without Franklin, Bateman, Rioli, Sewell, Young or Taylor.  The fact that Gibson, Petersen, Kayler-Thompson and Hooper had come in to replace the 2008 premiership players gave [Read more]

Round One: Geelong v Essendon

Why do they play the first game of the season on a Thursday night? For some, for most, have either work or school the next day, so it was hard to get excited about the Season Opener, knowing that we still had to get an early enough night to prepare for the last day of [Read more]

Down at the Basin

By Patrick O’Keefe When I was a kid, New Zealand seemed like such an exotic location to be playing cricket. I could get my head around a cricket match being played on the subcontinent. It is hot there. Cricket is played when it is hot. I could follow that logic. I think I grew up [Read more]

Round One: Richmond v Carlton

The simple yet appropriate words of ‘Can’t Wait’ is the motto for the AFL’s promotional video in the lead-up to this season. Like many avid footy fans around the country, I circled the date March 25th in my calendar as the Tigers are set to clash with the mighty Blues in the season opener. It’s fair to [Read more]

An Open Letter To Gazza

Gary let me start by saying I am a Geelong supporter so I am obviously going to tell you not to go to Queensland. But I would appreciate it if you could take a minute to read my reasons, many of which are, I think, compelling. 1 – Queensland is higher up than Victoria (as [Read more]

The Kiwi stomach punch

By Dan O’Sullivan At the beginning of March Kiwi cricket copped a kick to the teeth. It was swift and painful but hardly a surprise. And no, Scott Styrus was not involved. The pudgy trundler still has his front teeth fully intact as far as I’m aware, assuming he had them in the first place. [Read more]


By Tim Pekin “Bloody Richo”, growls Nick, rising to his feet.   Followed immediately by “YOU ARE A GOOSE”, yelled at the top of his lungs.   Each word is clear and coherent.   If he doesn’t hear that, thinks Nick, resuming his seat, he really is a goose. Richo looks up, then down, and once more up [Read more]

AFL: What’s your team’s election day approval rating

by Michael Rees Following the state elections in South Australia & Tasmania last weekend and the commencement of the “faux” campaign earlier this week with Rudd & Abbott debating the issue of health care, speculation is rife that a July/August federal election is a distinct possibility. This would result in Australians voting in a “Winter” [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: True Tiger traits shine through

by Simon Ely I put the mighty Tiges in the 8 at the end of this year and last night was true testament to why. On any given week, the Tigers should be admired and applauded by the other 14 teams in the competition (15th team is the team they play on a particular week).

Racing: Rosehill Guineas Day

by Chris Riordan I’m confused. The Rosehill Guineas meeting this Saturday is a beauty with excellent races across the day and much interest in the juvenile Gr2 Pago Pago and Magic Night Stakes’ as the Slipper markets remain in flux. But isn’t next week Easter? Stawell, Oakbank, AJC Derby/Doncaster?