AFL Grand Final: It’s a great game that can bring tears on a neutral supporter

By Sam Duncan Generally if Essendon isn’t playing I don’t really care who wins.  I love watching footy – I love observing the match-ups, the contests, the tactics and the play.  I love observing the raw, unbridled emotions of the fans.  I love how much Australia’s very own game means to Australians.  You only had [Read more]

Fantasy Fixture 2010: Steve whets his appetite for next season

We have come to the end of the footy season, which means that all minds turn to the release of the upcoming fixture. I have made my own fixture, while keeping in mind of the rules that the AFL uses (no teams play each other twice within seven rounds, one game at Subiaco per week, [Read more]

Crio’s Question: Who are the perennial losers?

St Kilda has lost another AFL Grand Final. Glenelg has again bowed out early in the SANFL finals. South Africa is out of the Champion’s Trophy. Who are the other perennial losers?

AFL Grand Final: What a day! I feel privileged to have been there

The MCG carpark is always buzzing on Grand Final day. People are kicking the footy, barbecues are cooking sausages and radio booths have been set up all around the ground. It’s good to be back after being overseas this time last year. I head over to the Triple M booth. They start throwing out freebies [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Chappy’s heroics help Cats win a pearler

By Josh Barnstable It’s that day again. The one day in September that we all speak of. That one day is here. After a whole season of football that started in February, it’s time to decide which is the best team of the year 2009. Will it be St Kilda, back in the Grand Final [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Rats, Cats, why did you have to spoil a good sequence?

Andrew Gigacz’s Grand Final Stat. Declaration CONGRATS TO THE CATS Well done to Geelong on winning the flag. Apart from transforming the house I was at from being one of the noisiest in Melbourne to one of deathly silence in a matter of minutes, here are some other statistical fur balls the Cats’ coughed up [Read more]

View From Shepparton: Magnificent match reminds me of Kline-Mackay final-wicket partnership in Adelaide

To all of you Almanackers and everyone else, as the self-appointed writer of the “The View” I always try to  think about John Harm’s idea on writing, which as I recall is to the effect of: write something that others will find interesting and that you would want to read yourself. As I sit here [Read more]

The Wrap: In the words of the Velvet Fog, they stood up in the tackle

THE FINAL WRAP Where Life Imitates Sport What a year it’s been in Footy Eddie. First we must congratulate The Geelong FC for their 2009 Premiership win.  They hung tough when they had to, and were able to find that bit extra when the contest was there to be won.  In the words of the [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Cats prevail on my favourite day of the year

By Damian Watson It is in my opinion the most exciting day of the year, the last Saturday in September. After a week filled with traditional events, pre-game TV shows, anticipation and hype surrounding the big match, the city, or indeed the nation, comes to a standstill. The biggest game of the season has arrived [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Cats win and Riewoldt loses. YEAHHHHHH! WOOOOOOOO!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the Grand Final. Yes, I was disappointed that my boys were not about to run out on Grand Final day, but having your two-month-old and even younger baby cousins around you can only make you happier to forget. I spent Grand Final day in Sydney where I spent the week at both cousins’ christenings.

AFL Grand Final: Post-siren concern for Saints suggests a moment that could last forever

By David Bruce I don’t know for certain, but I imagine that the day you somehow lock down your lifetime football allegiance must be a keystone day. There is certainly enough research into the psychology of supporters to surmise that the club you end up being passionately but non-influentially entwined with must have some influence [Read more]

Racing: Country cups offer great post-footy fun

By Chris Riordan This Thursday we flick our calendars to October and focus on the spring carnival and racing’s brief visit to the forefront of Australian sport. Before Flemington and Randwick elbow in with their magnificent meetings next Saturday, I do want to highlight three wonderfully Australian cup meetings that are taking place in the [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Well done, Geelong

It’s the night before the Grand final. I need to get to sleep, but I’m still tossing and turning on my bed. I’ve set my alarm for 8am, but since my alarm clock has been knocked many times with the batteries flying everywhere, I could wake up at half-time tomorrow. I wake up to a [Read more]

Local Footy: You never know what to expect in a grand final

As I walk into Elsternwick Park for the Victorian Amateur Football Association’s A-section grand final, the biggest day of the Ammos season, I expect an Old Xaverians victory. They’re playing De La Salle Old Collegians, the team they beat by 92 points in the second semi. Xavs are finals hardened. This is their twelfth grand [Read more]

Women’s Footy: Debbie Lee wins Football Woman of the Year award

By Leesa Catto Congratulations to Victorian Women’s Football League president Debbie Lee on being named the 2009 Football Woman of the Year. The award, presented by the Essendon Women’s Network, offers recognition to women who have made a significant contribution to the game of football.

State Footy: Phil Cleary plays big part in glorious VFA Grand Final memories

By Rod Oaten Oh, for the nostalgia of the good old VFA Grand Final.  It was an unsophisticated, grass roots event, full of tribal loyalty and tension between the supporters. No corporate boxes, but then I guess corporations didn’t get involved with what really was working-class footy.  You would often see a club president or [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap: Gownlow count goes down a treat

THE PRE WRAP – THE LAST SATURDAY IN SEPTEMBER Where Life Imitates Sport What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie. The Gownlow was a raging success and the running scoreboard kept everyone in the picture.  At last we were saved the quivering of Football’s most famous bottom lip and didn’t Lauren look an absolute [Read more]

Footy Weather: Grand Final conditions to resemble Kardinia Park in July

By Brett Dutschke Strong winds are not only transporting soil to other parts of the country they are also making some places feel quite foreign. Just three days after a dust-blown Sydney resembled Coober Pedy, the Melbourne Cricket Ground this Saturday will be cold, wet and windy – more like Kardinia Park in July.

AFL Prelim Finals: Dogs battle to hold out Saints while I face challenges of my own

By Josh Barnstable It’s Friday night in the Northern Territory. The sun is down, the sky is a light grey colour, yet I can feel no atmosphere compared to what I would be feeling back in Victoria. To get me in the mood, I go for a walk with a couple of mates and pat [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Watch out for the termite mound!

I’ve recently moved to Galiwinku, which is the second largest Aboriginal community in Australia. It is based in a place called Elcho Island, which is a part of Arnhem land and situated about 500 kilometres east of Darwin. There are only 3,000 people in the community, but surprisingly there are eight football sides that make [Read more]