When Did it Change

By Debbie Kairn When Did it Change When Sydney to Hobart got so fast It used to last almost to next year Constitution tested before the yachties rested When did it change The MCG to Simply the G Are M and C less important when goal posts at each end stand rampant When did it [Read more]

NIGHTWATCHMAN? – someone please explain

My English immigrant father, having only daughters, raised me with an understanding of cricket; of course when I was growing up test cricket was the dominant form of the game. It is certainly a format for the devoted and over many years of observing and analysing, I have come to enjoy and respect it. While [Read more]

Barney’s 2010 AFL Crystal Ball Part 2: Carlton and Collingwood

By Josh Barnstable Carlton: After such a promising season, it seems it could all go down the drain with the loss of Brendan Fevola. The two-time Coleman Medalist departed during trade week after the Blues were angered by his performance at the Brownlow Medal. Getting Lachie Henderson for Fevola was a dud deal, but a [Read more]

Second Test, Day 1: Mohammads make a mountain for Aussies to climb

By Steve Healy A few days ago, I told my good friend Gigs that I’d be able to report on day one of the cricket. But after doing so, I realised that the Test started on Sunday, the day we were hosting my sister’s Italian boyfriend (who came to Australia on Wednesday) for a barbeque [Read more]

Ridiculous things you really didn’t need to know about this Test match

By Andrew Gigacz AUSTRALIA IN SYDNEY is an anagram of IN A RAINY DAY TUSSLE.   PAKISTAN IN SYDNEY? is an anagram of YES! AND STAY IN PINK!   DRAW IN SYDNEY is an anagram of DRY ENDS. I YAWN.   A TIE IN SYDNEY is an anagram of I.E. DENY SANITY.   Australia were [Read more]

Barney’s 2010 AFL Crystal Ball Part 1: Adelaide and Brisbane

by Josh Barnstable It’s that time, the time we all cherish as youngsters, I’m sure the fellow members of the Fab 5 will be feeling this feeling that I’m having as I type this. It’s a time of hope, anticipation and gratitude. No, not Christmas, no, not the start of the New Year. The magical [Read more]

First Test, Day 4: Aamer red hot, Healy red-faced

By Steve Healy Going to the Boxing Day test is a rarity for me, in actual fact I’ve only been twice before. Last year on day three, and in 2005 on day four. On both occasions, the visiting team was South Africa. While walking into the MCG on a sunny December 29, I realised that [Read more]

Poetry: “Footyless”

By Danielle Eid Footyless Being Footyless is not hard to explain Truthfully I must admit I think I’ve gone Insane No happiness, laughter No suffering or pain Just thoughts of Old Malthouse and his almost finished reign. My scarf hangs in my closet, my Collingwood jersey too The flags stand beside them with nothing else [Read more]

First Test, Day 5: Hauritz warms the cockles of an old non-spinning-offie bowler’s heart

by Patrick O’Keeffe History indicates that chasing 422 on a fifth day wicket is a difficult prospect. Nevertheless, with Pakistan well placed at stumps, against a young bowling attack which has struggled to take 20 wickets in recent times, there is the sense that this could be an enthralling day of cricket. Due to a [Read more]

First Test, Day 4: In search of the pivotal moment

By Andrew Gigacz Day four of the Boxing Day Test match. Potentially the best day. I’ve never really understood the whole Boxing Day thing. I mean I understand that it’s become a bit of a Melbourne sporting tradition. Huge crowd. Big expectations, no matter who the opposition. But in the context of a Test Match, [Read more]

A tale of two newspapers

by Steve Healy For many years, Melbournians have lived in a city of two major papers. The question moves from house to house. It is a question that breaks hearts, ruins friendships and causes long term arguments with peers. Which is better, The Age or the Herald Sun?

First Test, Day 2: Views, Sport, Weather on Channel 9

by John Harms Cyclone Laurence has been gallivanting around the country this Christmas. He started up on the North-west Shelf, then had a puff at Port Headland, drifted towards Uluru where he turned the rock into a giant roof (it was just a pity there were no tanks to catch the run off), hooked up [Read more]

First Test, Day 1: The smoking lady, the PM and the photo finish

by Matt O’Connor It doesn’t take me long on Christmas Day to start thinking about my main present: cricket at the MCG the next day. Today we were entertained by Michael Burke in the MCC Dining Room. But before we get to that, let’s topple a couple of Boxing Day myths. First, the Boxing Day [Read more]

Thoughts of a ‘Honeybird’ (nickname from Steve H.)

by Danielle Eid As I type this it’s 12:13AM. I know what you are thinking, why the hell is Danni still up at this time? Doesn’t she have anything better to do than write a piece up at this hour? I’m writing this up because I want to and I’m nocturnal. Wide awake till about [Read more]

Boxing Day: What does it mean to you?

by Andrew Gigacz The Boxing Day Test at the MCG is a tradition that seems to have been around forever. In truth, it’s a concept that only really took hold in the 80s. As late as the end of that very decade, the ACB (now Cricket Australia) were still tinkering with it. In 1988, the [Read more]

Footy: Why I barrack for the Eagles

By Brad Carr I’m an Eagles supporter who lives in Melbourne. The most common question I get asked is, “Why do you barrack for West Coast?” The conversation normally goes along the following lines: Local: “Who do you barrack for?” Me:     “West Coast” Local (contorts face uncomfortably): “Eeeeww (pauses). Are you from over there?” Me:     [Read more]

Sheffield Shield, SA v WA: The Hill, the Hilditch and the Hughes

by Patrick O’Keeffe I arrived at Adelaide Oval on the first morning of the Shield game between Western Australia and South Australia, feeling a great deal of apprehension. Since my last visit, the Edwin Smith, George Giffen, and Mostyn Evans Stands had been pulled down, which saddened me. I really loved those stands. Andrew Hilditch was [Read more]

Memoir: My Father, My Football

This piece was written in 2000, and has not been published before. By Terry Chapman My life’s first footy moment comes courtesy of a black-and-white image of me in Grandma’s backyard in Coburg. I’m about four. Mum would have been behind the old Kodak 126, freezing forever the opening entry on my life’s stats sheet. [Read more]

Punter’s Predicament

A good trick in life is to get out while you’re ahead. No one wants to be stuck with the cleanup when the party’s over. It’s often better for your reputation to remain a vision of eternally splendid youth, than to suffer the indignities of ageing. To be Jim Morrison, not Mick Jagger. Team sports [Read more]

Third Test, Day 5: This is the end

After an extra half an hour on Day 4 stumps were called with the West Indies 51 runs short of a potentially transformational victory. Australia on the other hand were a solitary wicket away from a flattering victory. Day 5 was set up. The potential of a grand stand finish was just as strong as [Read more]