“The Bloke” goes home disappointed

The lights on the MCG towers shine down upon the poor huddled masses with such brightness it looks like the set of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It’s a Friday night in Melbourne, brisk is the air and somewhat dewy is the grass. Approaching the MCG with thousands of other football worshippers gives me [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games: Round 4

ROUND FOUR WEST COAST EAGLES versus ESSENDON, Subiaco Oval, Friday, April 16th. I’m walking. I’m on my first big walk since I joined the staff at Huntleigh Mews.  I’ve been through the Carlton Gardens – the grass still scarred from the recent Garden Show – I’ve seen off the Catholic Cathedral and I’m on the [Read more]

No pay off for the Roos

North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs After the morning’s high-drama eight point win over Rennie, I returned home from Waaia to watch a clash between two financially struggling sides, North Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs. One club, despite it’s money-woes, have strived on the field for the past couple of years, but haven’t hit their straps [Read more]

Waaia break the long drought

Waaia v Rennie Waaia Under Seventeen’s. 29 games without a win since late 2008. Since then a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. Today, we played Rennie, a team from New South Wales. They made the long trip down, prepared for yet another easy win over Waaia. I woke up at 7am, not [Read more]

Elcho Island footy an inspiration

Not many people have been to, or heard of, Elcho Island. And to be honest, before I accepted the position of Regional Development Manager for AFL NT, I hadn’t, either. It’s a unique place in that it’s a remote aboriginal community and one that every white person who I’ve spoken to agrees every Australian should [Read more]

Respite from the lounge room, but none from the Cats

Cats V Pies. By Jeffrey Paterson I get home from work, 10 past seven and my lounge room is a little to noisy for my liking so I head off to my room which is a lot quieter, I decide to listen to the footy on the radio and watch it at the same time [Read more]

Pies present as apprentices as masters do what they wanna do and be who they wanna be

conviction act of convincing, settled belief I had a vision the other night. Collingwood was on the podium holding up the Cup.  The only problems were (1) It was Paul Collingwood, and the Poms had beaten the Mike Brearley, I mean Michael Clarke – led Aussies in the Twenty 20 final, and (2) it wasn’t [Read more]

PIES VS CATS: I should have gone to the wedding party

You can learn many things in a week. On Monday, when I delivered my speech in front of the school at assembly I learnt that I would never be the next Prime Minister or put myself in that position again. On Thursday I learnt how spine chilling an atmosphere can be, when we went to [Read more]

Geelong makes its point loud and clear

So I hear there was a game on Friday night? Myself, I’ve been stuck in Outer Uzbekistan all week; so I’ve only had to trawl through a dozen or so feature articles on the Big Game. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Try explaining Cameron Ling to an Uzbeck goat herder. As far as [Read more]

Kicking Goals: Sport in Australian National Identity

My book Kicking Goals was published in March.  It takes a fresh look at the common image of Australia as a sporting nation.  Sporting passions have ebbed and flowed since Archer won the first Melbourne Cup in 1861.  Tracing these, the book emphasises the differing ways Australians have loved our sports, saluted our national symbols, [Read more]

150 Years and No Gay Footballer? That’s Queer.

By Phil Dimitriadis In almost one hundred and fifty years, there is no explicit history about a homosexual Australian Rules player at the highest level. This does not reflect the cultural realities of the society that plays and watches the game. If ten percent of the population were gay then out of the six hundred [Read more]

Crio’s racing…look at some form!

The usual suspects go around tomorrow at Caulfield as winter sets in and racing’s profile drops away. For what it is, your basic meat’n’veg mid-season card, the meeting is OK but for many of us it is time to cut the losses. Even Elvis, our intrepid Groote Eyelandt correspondent, ruminated yesterday on trying for a [Read more]


The Victorian view. In potentially the most important match in the game’s illustrious history, the world champion Geelong Cats will clash with Australia’s biggest sporting club the Collingwood Football Club tonight at the greatest stadium in the world, the mighty MCG. With a potential world wide audience of seven billion people potentially tuned into this [Read more]

Race Call Gone Wrong

“I think we’re gone here”. That about sums it up, as veteran race caller Jimmy Jacques has a tough day at the office. One man’s discomfit is another’s entertainment. http://video.au.msn.com/watch/video/9raw-race-callers-voice-goes-lame/xrh8vf


What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Of course there’s the Big One tonight.  We’ll all be tuned in for that.  Although our hearts go out to those devotees of Better Homes & Gardens who will find themselves at a loose end.  Surely Channel Kerry has a second band they can broadcast it on? [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games: Round 3

ROUND  THREE Carlton versus Essendon Saturday, April 10th., M.C.G. (Night) Zip – two to the Bombers. Consequently, relations are testy between me and Tommy Hubble.  Defeat makes us irritable.  He stays indoors doing the managerial side of Huntleigh Mews business, which involves sending one long email (that I know of) to Matthew Knights, the Essendon [Read more]

The Monthly Teams

By Steve Healy In recent times I have taken an interest in the birthdates of players. This interest sparked a ridiculous idea in my head to do some research and select the best players born in each month and see which the strongest side is. I have judged my selections based on career form, along [Read more]

Two games are better than one

By Steve Healy Two footy games in one day, could there be a better way to spend a Saturday? I walked towards Etihad Stadium as the sun set over the Melbourne CBD. The Dees had lost, but I was excited about going to the Roos V Crows game, where I would get to catch up [Read more]

Home ground disadvantage – North Melbourne’s Western Oval dominance 1973-1995

When North Melbourne take on the Western Bulldogs this weekend at the concrete canyon located in Melbourne’s Docklands, discernable home ground advantage will favour neither team. In what was viewed as perhaps the toughest assignment in the days when there was, with respect to the VFL teams located in the Garden City, home ground advantage, [Read more]

Bloody Collingwood

By Ged McMahon I hate Collingwood. I have hated them for a long time. There are many reasons for this hatred but I think the best way to sum up my argument is to borrow a quote I heard from Dr Turf a few years ago … “I hate Collingwood so much that if they [Read more]