And so it begins…

It’s been a little over three weeks since the last AFL game, and I’m already missing the hustle and bustle of the AFL. Richmond began their pre-season training today, with the first to third year players stepping back out on to the field of battle in preparation for the 2011 season. Holidays are over, its [Read more]

Limerick the sports capital of Europe

Limerick is a gloomy at this time of the year but the sun has shone on us (the Australians) with a great result in the first test and the warmth and affection shown by the locals to the team from the antipodes. With unemployment rate of 25% plus it is interesting to hear that Limerick [Read more]

Poetry: The Gambler at the Guillotine

by Damian Balassone He stood before the guillotine with one last word to say, for when the cleaver sliced his neck his head would roll away: “Each moment of my crazy life, I’m thankful to have lived, but for your wicked crime today, the Lord will not forgive. “Because of my prophetic gift, you’ve tipped [Read more]

In A League of Its Own – Issue 14

Tom’s weekly outlook on the A-League Nearly halfway through the season, and I want to take a look back at my preseason predictions. My winner at the beginning, was Wellington Phoenix, who haven’t really lived up to some expectations; they find themselves lying in 7th place without doing much. Most recently going down 3-0 to [Read more]

Crio’s Q: Quotes that capture the moment

by Chris Riordan “I wipe my feet before I get on him” Steve Arnold found a great phrase to describe the joy and satisfaction of riding So You Think when interviewed after the Caulfield Stakes. Bruce Clark, on TVN, checked with him after Saturday’s emphatic Cox Plate pageant…”Did you wipe your feet?” The usually taciturn [Read more]


An opinion piece on Australia’s favourite summer sport By Steve Ingham After a non-eventful day in the whites myself (we got pummelled by 10 wickets), I sat down on Saturday Night to watch a little bit of Victoria v WA on the telly, and was once again disappointed but not surprised at the vision of [Read more]

The Mug’s Cox Plate Review

Let me just distract you from the major betting sites for a moment or two while sitting there at your desk wondering whether Moment of Clarity can win the Coonabarrabran Cup this arvo and how you’re going to sneak out of the office to get to the Trans-Australian Bank to see it. And get on. [Read more]

Headlines Heresy Halted – Hooray!

In a recent Federal Court case, Justice Bennett found that newspaper headlines are not protected under Copyright law. Footy sub-editors must have breathed a collective sigh of relief. A ruling the other way could have rendered a gem like “Power switched on” never to be repeated again – the prospect of being a very sad [Read more]


There is something amiss, something not quite right. 2010 was supposed to be a very balanced year. It is a lovely even number is 2010. No rough edges, nothing sticking rudely out like “1997” for example with all those tails and hard angles. But 2010 has confounded me. It started early in the year. There [Read more]

The Albatross Rules: The Finale

30. Birth and Rebirth Loudest amongst the voices raised in celebration was that of Benny Cotton. Still coming to grips with the crutches he’d sported since the preliminary final, Benny half hopped and half swung down onto the ground before the siren had barely stopped ringing. Nobody begrudged him the chance to join his comrades [Read more]

Magpies looming already

Sweating furiously, I looked around in every direction. I needed eyes in the back of my head. Was that it up there? No, definitely not. Is that it? Nope, my imagination getting to me again. I started walking slowly again, keeping an eye on the big tree 20m in front of me. WHOOSH! I ducked [Read more]

The Mug’s Cox Plate Preview

  Not sure where to start it’s been so long since I put pen to racing paper. Not too many wins to report either which is about to change, now that Cox Plate Day has become one of mine: thanks to Gallic and El Segundo and Wally F. Beaver about a decade ago. I spotted [Read more]

Almanac Racing: Cox Plate 2010

The Cox Plate is always a Spring highlight and this year’s installment, with its dramatic build-up,  will produce a memorable race for the big crowd expected to pack the Moonee Ponds amphitheatre. Excitement has necessarily been tempered by news of the tragic death of jockey Stathi Katsidis, another wasted talent gone too soon. There’ll be [Read more]

Commonwealth Games Underwhelms

To say the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games underwhelmed would be an understatement. Many Australians would be surprised to find that the event was actually the largest games ever with 17 sports, 285 events and 72 competing nations. They were also the most expensive games of all time costing the capital more than $1.6 billion. But [Read more]

The Disinterested Boy

You see him at the footy, or on the replay. At the MCG or on the Dome. He sits behind the goals, next to the bag of spare footies. It’s a prime position to watch your heroes on the big stage. What a gig! He probably even gets paid for it, too. I have been [Read more]

Myth and Reality in the Common Wealth

“… the Commonwealth Games are Australia’s gift to the weaker nations of the region…” Perry Crosswhite – Head of the Australian Commonwealth Games Association. It is tempting to write off a comment like this as just another entry to the Sir Les Patterson School of Australian diplomatic niceties, but it does seem pertinent to the [Read more]

Grand Final Replay: Nothing to Worry About

THERE IS NO WAY TO DESCRIBE THIS. My cousin Steve and I are consoling a guy who has slumped in his seat. His shoulders are down; he is weeping openly. A Saints cap sits on his head; a red, white and black scalf is draped around his sagging shoulders. Eventually Steve and I grab one [Read more]

Year 12 toughie

I’m the toughie of the group. I’m like the Luke Hodge or Jonathan Brown of my group. One of my closest friends who ive been to school with for thirteen years had never seen me cry until this night. I am human, of course I do show emotion (mostly when it involves my Collingwood boys) [Read more]

The Loneliest Footballers

By Phil Dimitriadis After chatting with Andrew Gigacz about football tragedies and the 2010 Footy Almanac  cover, the 2008 Footy Almanac engaged my attention in a way it hadn’t done before. Jim Pavlidis’ perceptive painting captured the loneliness of Matthew Richardson the footballer. The crowd is a blur, there are no teammates or fanfare and [Read more]

Crio’s Q: Sports Siblings

It runs in the family! Though urban myth insists that Nellie Melba’s sister couldn’t whistle, evidence suggests there’s something in a gene pool. No sooner had another progeny of High Chaparral pocketed a Gr1 (Descarado, trained by Gai Waterhouse, daughter of legend T J Smith), than news reached me that Chris (brother of Brad) Scott was to be appointed [Read more]