Ashes Status Update: Any Bright Ideas?

In the wake of a nightmarish Adelaide test, local hopes for a tightly contested summer are appearing decidedly on the optimistic side. A 1-0 series score line wouldn’t normally prompt such widespread despair, but in this instance the trend line is hard to ignore. Featherbed wickets aside, it’s hard to put a positive spin on [Read more]

Choose your own ending

In Australia there are few truly sacred rituals and days, but I defy anyone reading this to say that the first day of the first test isn’t one of them.  On other websites this might be a dangerous, or at least provocative, assertion, but I feel I am on solid ground here at But [Read more]

I dont like to say I told you so, BUT

Some wise sage posted these comments on May 20 “Is it just me or does anyone else think that the chances of Australia hosting the World Cup sit somewhere between Buckley’s and none. It is bad enough that the Federal Govt has ploughed $46 million into the bid without the utterly scandalous decision to spend [Read more]

In A League of Its Own – Issue 20

Tom’s weekly outlook on the A-League Week after week, A-League matches are affected or decided by refereeing decisions or the lack of them. To be honest, I’m not sure how to fix the problem, but it needs to be addressed quickly by the FFA. This weekend, Brisbane Roar travelled to AAMI Park to face Melbourne [Read more]

Back to the “Bishens”

by Damian O’Donnell It was the summer of 1977/78 that my brother Matthew decided he would change his bowling preference from right arm medium of the Gary Gilmour variety to “Bishens”. He made this momentous decision after reading an article by Bishen Bedi in “The Herald” called “How to Bowl Spin.” My brother devoured the [Read more]

“The Sickness”

by Bill Walker I was out with a group of foreign university students doing an interp. of Tarkine rainforest when the driver took the wrong route on the way home. Everything was going just fine until then. Half way between Edith Creek and Irishtown I spotted this (see photo below). Sure can be lucky at [Read more]

Andrew Starkie’s Ashes Diary (5)

ASHES DIARY Entry 5 Monday December 6, 2010 The armless Ethiopian taxi driver picked up Adrian and I from Adelaide Airport, Saturday morning.  We eased along Sir Donald Bradman Drive, skirted the edges of the city and headed into the inner southern suburbs to our modest, one ply toilet paper, clunking air-conditioner motel.  In the [Read more]

Not so classical sporting physiques

by Chris Riordan A counterpoint to last week’s Q. Last week we established that many “athletes” don’t necessarily cut it as sportsmen. This week I want to celebrate – and with my physique, believe – that being “cut” is not necessarily the criteria for success. I’m piecing together an Aussie XI and need help with [Read more]

It’s all gone so horribly wrong

by Darren Dawson I would hazard a guess that there is not one Australian supporter out there who, prior to the Ashes series commencing, had the vaguest inkling that it could all go so horribly wrong. Sure, the batsmen were not exactly at the peak of their form and, yes, a few of them were [Read more]

Adelaide Test – Day 3: whatever.

Heavy skies greeted the heavy hearts of the Australian fans as they came to (half) life this Sunday morning. The cathedral bells rang out across the parklands as we trudged, lemming-like, down the hill, dodging the Moreton Bay figs, towards the light of the tents and bars which had drained our wallets (at $7 for [Read more]

Federer the Fantastic

by Danni Eid I’ve noticed how cricket is suddenly taking over the main page of the website and it kinda kills me. I just can’t handle cricket, I find it boring- please don’t kill me!!!- Meh you know what, I’ve seen a premiership so go ahead, Lol. What I’m saying is I love cricket as [Read more]

Perth Launch

by Les Everett THE story about Zephaniah Skinner by Tavis Perry provided inspiration for the 2010 Almanac Perth launcher Steve Hawke. Hawke wrote one of the great footy books, Polly Farmer: A Biography, but another of his works – Noonkanbah: Whose Land, Whose Law – was also relevant at this footy function. Noonkanbah is [Read more]

2022 FIFA World Cup Vote: Questions need to be answered

By Domenic Favata In the early hours of Friday morning, the Middle Eastern country of Qatar were handed the rights to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Australia managed only one vote, after spending 46.5 million dollars of tax payer money. But it is not the price to pay we should worry about, it is [Read more]

Tough day at the Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Test – day one – December 3, 2010 By Peter Argent It had been a tough day, in the early morning Qatar destroyed an Australian world cup 2022 soccer dream. There had been issues including Kevin Peitersen’s “Tweet” gate, some texts that inferred when Mitchell Johnson was dropped, he wasn’t told face-to-face. Interesting exchanges [Read more]

“Sneaky Butcher” (or HPV 101)

by Jake “Cobba” Stevens A lot of footy fans (and probably most of you on this site) have, at one time or another, tried to explain what Aussie Rules footy is to someone from another country. It’s not as easy job to do. And I would imagine trying to picture how it is would be [Read more]

EastWest (Racing) 101

by Chris Riordan Readers who followed last week’s posts and comments should be flush following heralded Lisa Cropp’s sensational week of winners. Stick with her and fellow Kiwi gun Michael Walker, especially on the wet decks confronting our immediate racing schedules. Perth is once again the featured venue (rock hard ground for sure) but I [Read more]

Caught Behind 2/150

by Steve Ingham An opinion piece on Australia’s favourite summer sport A HERO IS BORN… LONG LIVE THE HERO When Peter Siddle charges in, with the whole country behind him, there is little doubt he could be the next Aussie Bowling Hero. The former woodchopper with the southern cross tattooed on his back can captivate [Read more]

Ashes Blog: 2nd Test, Adelaide

It’s no surprise that Mitch Johnson has paid the price for his poor Brisbane performance. But should Marcus North also have been dropped? And what of England? They too struggled for wickets in Brisbane. Can either of these two sides take the 20 wickets required to win on an Adelaide pitch that, by all accounts, [Read more]

Another year over…

by Josh Barnstable Wheeling the orange bin over to my locker, I carefully squeezed into the small space along with the bin, in front of a tower of lockers. I opened the top locker on the right, next to the greystone wall. Cobwebs had covered my locker, and a few Daddy-Long Legs had occupied a [Read more]

Andrew Starkie’s Ashes Diary (4)

ASHES DIARY Entry 4 Wednesday December 1, 2010 Now the dust has settled on an un-Brisbane like pitch that didn’t offer its usual Australian victory, what did we make of the first Test?  Although we never looked like losing, many believe there were more negatives than anything else for Australia. Is it all doom and [Read more]