Bloods whip Storm in Tannery wind

By Richard Jones SOUTH Bendigo retained its unbeaten 2009 Bendigo Bank Bendigo Football League record with a 70-point win over Strathfieldsaye at the Tannery Lane Oval on Sunday. Inspired by midfielders Shaun Bergin, Brady Childs, Neville Clark and Dujon Fuzzard the Bloods had the four premiership points in the bag by early in the second [Read more]

More than a Kick on ANZAC Day

by Sean Gorman I began a conversation with my seven year old son two years ago. That conversation continued yesterday when he played in one of the little league games as part of the half time action at the MCG on ANZAC day. It was the way the conversation started when he was five that [Read more]

Selfe Sacrifices for Barmera-Monash against Berri in Round 2 of the Riverland Football League

by Nick Kossatch Barmera-Monash produced a superb brand of wet-weather football to demolish Berri by 45 points at rain-soaked Berri Oval in Round 2 of RFL on Anzac Day. They set the ascendancy early via the likes of the classy rover Jack Selfe and fellow on-ballers Lauchlan Middleton and Brad Broughton. Veteran ruckman-forward Robert Price [Read more]

Floreat Pica Society Round 5 Debacle

by Mark O’Connell (with Timothy O’Leary’s Danny Roach Medal votes following) Preamble I like, so many thousands of others, left the MCG wondering how we lost and why we put ourselves through such misery time and time again. However, I have a painful duty to perform so I will to review the game as dispassionately [Read more]

Blowing bubbles at my first EPL game

By Rick Kane My first day in the UK, ever! We are off to see the Hammers go up against Chelsea this afternoon. But first we’re hitting London. The first postcard view I get is, well, of course, it’s the Tube. Richard, the friend who I am staying with, and I catch the Tube from [Read more]

Benched Coach

by Andrew Fithall I didn’t have a good week this week. The Williamstown Juniors Under 16 Ds played Wyndhamvale at their ground and had a solid win. But I didn’t coach. There were a number of reasons for that. But, for the moment, let’s go back to Wyndhamvale. Wyndham was in the news a bit [Read more]

How low can you go? Goals washed away in the rain

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 5 Stat. Declaration It’s only Round 5 but are we already seeing the men separated from the boys? Has the wheat already been sorted from the chaff? Has the cream already risen to the top? Can I use any more metaphors to say the same thing again? What I’m trying to get [Read more]

Round 1 Stat Declaration

By Andrew Gigacz Can we really glean anything from a Round 1 Ladder? Well if 2008 is anything to go by, the answer is yes. This time last year Hawthorn was on top and the Demons on the bottom. By the time the season was done and dusted, those two teams were still there. So [Read more]

Round 3 Stat Declaration

by Andrew Gigacz   The wash-up from round 3 is that we have 3 teams on 3 wins and 3 teams on 3 losses. For a man who was born on 3/3 at 3:33pm weighing 3.3kg (me), that can only be described as a beautiful set of numbers. (You see, I’m not a freak of [Read more]

Round 2 Stat Declaration

by Andrew Gigacz   It took 83 years before it happened for the first time and now it’s happened twice in a row. After the Bulldogs joined the League in 1925, there were no occurrences of St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs/Footscray both winning the first two games of the season until last year. Now [Read more]

How D.C. McGillivray bought the farm

by Pamela Sherpa Running was an integral part of life when my grandfather D.C (David Crump) McGillivray was a boy. Chores were done morning and afternoon and running to and from school was the norm. Not surprisingly, like many of his time, D.C. discovered his athletic talents and developed into a decent all-round sportsman. He relished competition and adhered to the philosophy [Read more]

An Anzac Day reflection

By Damian O’Donnell A whole generation of blokes goes off to war in 1914. They go to a foreign land to kill and be killed. Today we might struggle to understand that. We, the inhabitants of this global village where the other side of the world is a click of a mouse away, cannot begin [Read more]

Bulldogs not on free-to-air? No surprise there

By Andrew Gigacz Imagine if Adelaide were second on the ladder and they were playing in top team St Kilda in Melbourne. For Crows supporters it’d be a dream scenario. First v second live into their lounge rooms. Now imagine that the game was only available for viewing in Adelaide via Pay TV. You can [Read more]

From The Village to Victoria Park

A Villanelle that is an ode to my Father By Phil Dimitriadis From dodging bullets in World War 2, to stepping on broken bottles of Abbott’s Lager. Ah, the relative peace of Turner Street in 1952. While Communists and Royalists searched for prey, The slums of Collingwood seem like heaven. The wounds were still raw, [Read more]

Wanted: music to lull me into an impenetrable bubble of football excellence

When I turned on the news in my Perth home on Friday night, WAFL footy led the sports news headlines. It was a phenomenon not seen in my three years in this city. There is renewed excitement surrounding the state competition. The Eagles and the Dockers are battling while the WAFL is producing nail-biters. Like [Read more]

Tigers need a young coach for a new era

By Paul Daffey In 2004 Hawthorn finished fifteenth with four wins and a percentage of 70 while Richmond finished sixteenth — last — with a percentage of 69. The clubs were separated by one percentage point. I know these figures because they’re burned in my mind. It hurts and confuses me to think what has [Read more]

Don’t mention the marshmallow war

North Melbourne a Essendon 1.10pm, Sunday, 19 April Etihad Stadium, Melbourne By Mark Wallace It was just like any other run-of-the-mill weekend day in our seaside hamlet on the Bellarine Peninsula. Nothin’ special. Picked up the papers, had the usual Sunday morning breakfast — poached eggs on sourdough toast. Stacey prefers it with a generous [Read more]

Are we a good team? It’s a very Bulldogs question

By Christopher Riordan “This ism, that ism, ism, ism, ism, ism …” — John Lennon Sometimes I try to rise above the pervading Footscray pessimism and, like today, confidently declare a certain win. Rarely am I right! The Flemington Junior Football Club under-14D team manager, Leonie, is generally a vibrant, rational, upbeat person, but harbours [Read more]

Collingwood Find Some Form in the Reclink Cup

by Hamish Townsend There’s a point near the roundabout at Keele St and Gold where the wind changes to gusts. Local inns call with a false warmth and hospitality; The Leinster and The Bendigo either side or retreat to the Curry Family or Robbie Burns and its Spanish restaurant. This point is where the black [Read more]

Sydney Uni align with Collingwood — and stick with blue and gold colours

By Rod Gillett When the Collingwood Football Club first sat down with the Sydney University Australian National Football Club to talk about the proposal to field an under-eighteen team in the Sydney AFL competition the uni officials made it quite clear that the team’s colours would be blue and gold. This was not an issue [Read more]