Stawell: The Gift that keeps on giving

by Damian O’Donnell A boy, perhaps sixteen years old, works the pedals of his bicycle as he struggles with the blustery wind that is blowing across his right shoulder. It threatens on several occasions to blow him off the bitumen. The undulating road carves its way through the tough dry country of north western Victoria. [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Classy Cats Claw Their Way to Victory

By Sasha Lennon Reigning premier Geelong now officially has ‘the wood’ over Hawthorn after a hard-fought nine point victory on Easter Monday. In front of a crowd of almost 70,000 people at the MCG, Geelong clawed its way through four quarters to eventually wear down a tiring Hawthorn who, for a good part of the [Read more]

The Albatross Rules, Chapter 5: A Pleasant Sunday Arvo

The Albatross Rules (a football chronicle) Con and the Prof have been putting the team together. With the season fast approaching it’s time for the social club to play its part in the Albatrosses’ revival. 5. A Pleasant Sunday Arvo The boys had been training hard and the recruiting effort, though at times unconventional, had [Read more]

Haiku Bob Round 2: waiting for the moon

warm up – Leon practices kicking opportunistic goals my entire life coming here not knowing what will happen waiting for the moon – we can’t get it out of the middle daylight savings ends – Collingwood whittles away the light approaching dusk… the moment between winning and losing shades of pink in the ghost gum [Read more]

Stawell Gift: The Call of Stawell

by Rod Oaten As it turned out I was very happy I didn’t go to the Fish Bowl behind Spencer Street  railway station for the Don’s game against a team called Fremantle. I even had a free ticket but  no one in their right mind would want to see a game against  a corporate team [Read more]

Feature: A way to go: despondency and expectation in the life of a Freo supporter

Malcolm Allbrook The life of a Fremantle Dockers supporter, one of perpetual disappointment, of occasional bursts of joy mingled with frustration, gloom, pitying looks and occasional patronizing reassurances from teams confident of their sustained superiority. The team of the colour purple with all its contradictory implications, of the symbolic anchor intended to signify our maritime [Read more]

Crio’s Question: How are the experts going?

by Chris Riordan It’s not just the players who face judgement as a new season gets underway. Footy fans have been hit by a wall of forecasts/previews/broadcasts/reviews…some funny, some stern, some pithy… How are they going? Reviews and recommendations welcome as we sift for the best footy info and entertainment.

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Magpies Made of Steele

by Danielle Eid Let’s cut to the point shall we. That was the worst I think I have seen these boys play, I mean seriously! After last weeks performance I was excepting a big BANG! Something that would make me parade down my street with my flag. I was wrong, very, very wrong.

Gigs’ Stats Round 2: Dial N for ‘No chance’

Stats Entertainment – Round 2 by Andrew Gigacz DIAL N FOR ‘NO CHANCE’ Two weeks into the season and a clear trend is already emerging. And that trend revolves around a single letter of the alphabet. That letter is ‘N’. Disparage if you will, but the facts speak for themselves.

AFL Round 2 – Richmond v Footscray: Beware of angry Dogs

by John Green I can imagine a “Beware of the Dogs” sign displayed over Gate 3 of the MCG as I wend my way from Jolimont Station for the Richmond-Western Bulldogs clash. The Bulldogs had won the NAB Cup just three weeks before and were being lauded as premiership favourites. They seemed set to rule [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Hawks run out of steam, Barnstable runs out of daylight.

by Josh Barnstable I have a theory on Easter Mondays. After a solid day of eating chocolate the day before, you get the day off Monday to work off all the weight you may or may not have put on. Anyway, as it seems hot outside, I’ll put this off for later on.

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Pies juggle form without dropping the game

by Steve Merry It has been said that there are no easy wins in football. In the lead-up to this clash between Collingwood and Melbourne, however, the football world seemed to have forgotten the old cliché, with even club stalwarts Garry Lyon and David Schwarz conceding that Melbourne had no hope of winning. The only [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – St Kilda v Nth Melbourne: Saints get the chocolates as North turn back the clock to the bad old days

By Darren Dawson Was it the anticipation of Easter eggs to be received the next morning that had me thinking of chocolates as I watched Nick Riewoldt jog to the St. Kilda goal-square? If so, a sudden vision of boiled lollies came to mind as I turned to see David Hale take his position at [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Melbourne have a Jolly Ball

by Paul Harkin (with Danny Roach votes by Phil Cornell) I was looking for some positive omens before the big match and found one in a most unusual place. My new 2010 Collingwood cap told me to wash it in “luke warm water” (without a capital “L”). Despite Darren Jolly having an ordinary game last [Read more]

Extreme Sports: Common newspaper puzzle injuries

by Andrew Gigacz In recent weeks there have been some vicious rumours, spread mainly by some of our young whippersnapper Almanackers, that I once broke my nose whilst completing a Sudoku puzzle. I would like to use this forum to set the record straight about such unfounded, malicious allegations. These charges have been extremely hurtful [Read more]

Baseball: Fanatical Phillies fans to rejoice in 2010

by Tim Ivins 10am Monday morning, Eastern Standard Time, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will step out, not onto the turf of the SCG as was suggested by the Daily Telegraph to the shock and chagrin of American baseball fans everywhere but rather the history steeped Fenway Park. Over the coming 6 [Read more]

Freo no Easter bunnies this year.

On this day a long time ago, Jesus rose again and said “Let Daylight Savings Time end” and it did. And to celebrate this, I, along with a lot of other people around Australia, got an extra hours sleep as we turned the clock back an hour. Oh, and we also get Easter eggs.

On the sidelines, in the outer

By Patrick O’Keeffe I am frustrated. The immediate source of my frustration is an injury that is preventing me from running. For me, running is like addiction. Let’s be frank, running is my life. I haven’t run for 6 days and I’m experiencing major withdrawals. Running keeps me balanced. I need to run. I am [Read more]

Sharpshooter Saints slay hapless Roos

You have to feel sorry for North Melbourne fans after tonight’s game at Etihad Stadium. You have to feel sorry for Brent Harvey, who played the worst game of his long career and was reported for a tripping incident, which wasn’t caught on camera. As for me, I was just delighted to have observed another [Read more]

Zig Zagging to Suburban Grounds (Part 1)

By Damian Watson In the eyes of the teenage folk, the end of March represents the beginning of a two week break from school. On Saturday fellow Almanacker Steve Healy, trying to shield himself from witnessing another Melbourne annihilation at the hands of Hawthorn, accepted my suggestion that we should roam around suburban Melbourne at some stage [Read more]