2008 Grand Final: Broken Flag, Shattered Dreams

WARNING: The author of this piece does not advise reading by any persons who support the team of blue-and-white hoops unless they have either fully recovered from season 2008, or feel they are finally ready to confront that final game in September, as the author herself did. Trust her, there is no joy or laughter [Read more]

Five Infamous AFL Documentaries

By Wednesday night the attention of the vast football public will turn to the premiere of the revealing and highly anticipated Ben Cousins documentary. The well-documented two-part series is set to provide a greater insight into the Brownlow Medallist’s publicized drug addiction and with the support of his family and friends the documentary will attempt [Read more]

Love is a strange thing

I first fell in love on a wintry September’s night. It was cold and dark, and I was sitting in the third tier, second row from the front. Geelong was playing Collingwood, and something clicked. I’d never been to a footy match that I really cared about, but this one I did. It was against [Read more]

Magpies scrape win as Danni dominates dancefloor

Every Thursday I have that same after school routine. As soon as it hits 5:00pm I drop the newly started homework, get onto the Collingwood website to see the team selection and I hold my breath. *pages loads* I look up and the selection section of the website catches my eye and there he is…. [Read more]

Cats Crash Blues Party

Looking around, I started to get the shakes real bad. My legs were trembling, the wind was swaying me around, I held onto the hands of the two students helping me with my balance. The teacher quietly said to me “It’s alright, are you ok?” I replied with a simple “F*** it’s windy up here…” [Read more]

The Albatross Rules: Chapter 24

24. Round 12, Gunundurra–Heathvale Roosters (away): A Victory for the Ages Maureen and Con had now been in Albertville for five months. Con had come to understand Albertville’s passion for football. It was the passion of a town that has memories far grander than its current situation; a sleepy place that once bustled. For six [Read more]

It was twenty years ago this week…..

Listening to the dulcet tones of Sinead O’Connor and ‘Nothing Compares To You’ which Mr DJ informed us was top of the charts exactly 20 years ago, I was suddenly filled with foreboding about the Carlton-Geelong clash on Friday night – mostly AT the admittedly unlikely prospect of a Blues win.

Gigs’ Stats Round 20 – Kissing Cousins goodbye

Stats Entertainment – Round 20 by Andrew Gigacz HOW TO BE A DOGS SUPPORTER 101: LESSON 20 – COPING WITH SPIFLICATION Stats lovers, my apologies for the late arrival of this week’s numerical and lexicological missive. As a Doggies’ fan my recovery from Saturday night’s debacle has been slow. History tells me that I should [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Rd-8 The Final Word

I reckon I’ve said enough. Disappointing campaign, despite the opportunity. Thought that the independents shone a light on a few issues which weren’t taking up.

Bendigo Football: 1960 Season Finale

ROCHESTER, KYNETON HEAD LADDER: END OF 1960 SEASON ROCHESTER and Kyneton were the top two clubs at the end of the 1960 home-and-away season with Sandhurst and Castlemaine rounding out the top four. In mid-August and with three rounds still to be played 50 years ago the Tigers headed the table on percentage from the [Read more]

Victorian Women’s Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a very small sport in Australia. There are two forms – men’s and women’s – and the rules are quite different, with the men’s game being much more physical. My exposure to the sport has been limited to the women’s game, through my children’s participation, so this article is confined to that form [Read more]

Almanac racing- Crockett and McKenzie meeting at MV 2010

This Saturday’s Moonee Valley card is a bit of a letdown after the excitement of Group One horses last weekend, but we’ll have to wait until The Memsie meeting next week for another juicy offering in Melbourne. Warwick Farm will be the focus of Australian racing with an excellent Quaddy. The major caveat on Sydney [Read more]

AFL Rule of Law

With the current season not yet complete, Adrian Anderson is already floating thought bubbles about rule changes for next season. Here we go again, it seems. So ingrained has this ritual become it’s possible to forget a time when constant tinkering with the rules wasn’t a given. Before we had Rules Committees, Umpires Directors and [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Rd 7- ALP Launch

And so finally the ALP have their launch in Brisbane. It is a low-key affair. So low-key in the torpor of the Queensland winter that the faithful forget they are at a political rally and that they are supposed to respond spontaneously, like a Baptist congregation in Mississippi. Even the Silver Bodgie has to wait, [Read more]

Local Footy: American dream becomes reality

Country footy is full of legend and lore. Country footy is not full of Americans. So what’s an American doing playing senior footy in the competition currently considered the best in the bush, the Goulburn Valley league? Dan Sarbacker was at a loss when he finished his study and soccer commitments at the University of [Read more]

I Don’t Like Sunday (Evenings)

North Melbourne versus St. Kilda 4.40pm, Sunday, August 15 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne There’s something definitely wrong about Sunday night footy.  Something dissatisfying.  Footy should signal the end of the working week, not the start.  The journey to the game should be accompanied by a Friday night or Saturday arvo tingle of relief.  When spectators sit [Read more]

The 5 Cs of Premiership Success

Was it just me, or did we all laugh when the Tigers announced a new five-year plan at the beginning of the year? All except Tigers fans of course. Their collective groan measured 4.1 on the richter scale. Five years in itself is not too long to wait for premiership success, but when it’s the [Read more]

Beware an All Black

It is often said that a nation’s sporting teams are a reflection of the nation itself. While stereotyping nationality is fraught with obvious dangers, not least being ridiculously generalised, there seems to be a reasonable body of evidence to suggest that the way in which a team goes about their work does indeed reflect the [Read more]

What is Art?

This  is  an  old  water  pump  converted.  It  is  on  the  side  of  the  road  near  Rocky  Cape.  It  is  really  quite  impressive  even  though  it  is  dodgey  subject  matter. Murph  was  telling  me  he  has  spoken  to  the  person  who  made  it  for  the  property  owner.  He  questioned  the  subject  matter  and  the  artist’s  [Read more]

Gold Coast Suns: The Bock Defection

The Gold Coast Suns have snared their first uncontracted player with Adelaide Crows backman Nathan Bock yesterday signaling his intentions to sign with the new side. Bock’s sudden departure from the club he was drafted to as a rookie in 2002 may have shocked some fans after his comments in the media earlier this year.