Racing: Crio’s Super Saturday tip – watch the weather

by Chris Riordan Flemington’s triple Group One Super Saturday promises to live up to its billing. The “Festival of Racing” has been beset with problems, especially the poor attendances and the withdrawal of anticipated drawcards. Negativity and Nikolic have too often been on sportspages instead of Starspangled and Little Lonhro. But at last the threatening [Read more]

Tragic History 101

by MCR When the tricolours take the field this Friday evening they will be attempting become the first Dogs side since September 1970 (the 28th to be exact) to play in a Grand Final……..of any sort ! Our team that night was

Team-mates who are the best of enemies

Andrew McLeod and Tyson Edwards are team-mates who have managed to play in the same side despite a public fall-out many years ago. The Guradian’s Lex Sim recalls some infamous soccer “friendships” in his article below. Have a read and then return here to regale us with tales of your favourite sporting “enemy” team-mates.

Billy Miller’s Lakeside Oval lament

Home of the original Night Premiership and the Commodore/Comedy (and Army Reserve) Cup, the Lakeside Oval was the home of the Swans until 1982 and the scene of many battles for the “Lake Premiership”. Billy Miller tells more. (Click on the link below.)

Footy: Personality matching game

Let’s play a game of match maker, AFL style. My regular readers know that my writing is ‘different.’ While some dive into stats, I dive into which player has the best hair. If you want to read a piece about how many push-ups Juddy did last training session, or how many times the ball went [Read more]

Motor Racing: Build it and they will come

The expression build it and they will come has been an affirmation for many grand projects throughout time. The vision of an entrepreneur, the courage of an architect, has resulted in buildings and monuments that have thrilled people for centuries. The Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and that great shrine of sporting worship, the [Read more]

Crio’s Question: Who is your Money Man?

When watching a penalty shootout last weekend (two, in fact, and with no emotional or financial attachment) I wondered at the nerve it took to “step up” or, as a keeper, to stare down your nemesis. These sorts of defining moments make and break careers, even lives. Kevin Muscat has never, I think, missed a [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 2: Freo beat Roos in a match worthy of the real season

By Steve Healy I’m on my way to the footy again, for the second week in a row. Last week it was Geelong V North Melbourne, this week, the Roos are up against the Dockers. Both of which, twilight games at Etihad Stadium. Does it matter? I think not. I’m meeting up with Almanacker and [Read more]

World Footy: Desert derby is a pointer to Middle East Grand Final

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi now virtually owns Dubai Inc. The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is now named after the ruler of Abu Dhabi. However, the one piece of reality that Abu Dhabi does not own is the Middle East AFL crown. Competition leaders Dubai Heat are still unbeaten after two seasons of [Read more]

Footy: A blue and white trail to new grandeur

I marvel at the crisp, clean lines of North Melbourne’s new Arden Street edifice each time I pass. It is a truly impressive, and long overdue, development in the evolution of the club. Not having yet been inside the facility, I also wonder at the magical qualities which must surely lie within. For I have [Read more]

Film Review: Bullock’s Blind Side is well-meaning but misses mark

Film: The Blind Side Release: 2010 Director: John Lee Hancock Starring: Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron, Kathy Bates Reviewer: John Butler Anyone with an interest in the USA – and largely thanks to Hollywood, that would be many of us – would probably agree that part of the fascination lies in the many paradoxes and contradictions [Read more]

Footy/Soccer: Geelong stadium suggestion fuels my anger over World Cup

By Susie Giese In a true parliamentary smoke-and-mirrors display, the State Government has once more failed to solve the FIFA World Cup issue, shooting themself in the foot in the process. The recent bid to upgrade Skilled Stadium to a 44,000-seater square pitch by no means solves the issue of a stymied AFL season. After [Read more]

You can never go back: Football returns to Princes Park

by John Butler It seemed like a good time to revisit the old girl. Admittedly, a stinking hot February afternoon doesn’t exactly scream footy, and it was only another edition of the pre-season Hit and Giggle Cup (sorry, Challenge), but you never know when opportunity will next present. Besides, whispers had it that a certain [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 2: It’s hard to find a score in the bathroom

It has been one of the worst days of my life. After hearing the bad news that I couldn’t make the trip down to Melbourne for a second consecutive week to the footy, I confide myself to listening and watching the game on the internet. As I log onto the computer to check the latest [Read more]

Footy: Hawthorn’s left footers v right footers

Left B: Brent Guerra, Josh Gibson, Matthew Suckling HB: Grant Birchall, Ryan Schoenmakers, Jarrod Kayler-Thomson

Cricket: Weighing up the harmless and dangerous aspects of twenty20

I’ve been pretty negative about truncated cricket. It’s surprisingly fun to play, but I can’t say I get much out of watching it, and even less out of thinking about it. Those animated conversations about great games from last year just don’t seem to happen. Even half-watching what’s left of the West Indies trying to [Read more]

Cricket: Winners are grinners, especially against Victoria

When fluid-enhanced social intercourse among this nation’s sporting experts tackles the subject of great sporting rivalries, the punters often fall for the trap of blinkered vision. ‘Poms and Australia at Cricket’. ‘Waddabout  Kiwis and Australia at Rugby’ ‘Naaar, Collingwood and Carlton,’ and on and on and on. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish and more rubbish.

NAB Cup, Round 2: Top last quarter helps get ordinary rice taste out of my mouth

After getting woken up at 8.30am due to some enormous thunder I didn’t do much all day. I had my usual Strawberry Yoplait yoghurt first thing and had a read of the Herald Sun, filled out my papers for work experience then I did some odd chores around the house for mum. Today I got [Read more]

NAB Challenge: Demons’ loss not as bad as it seems

By Steve Healy The NAB challenge. Far from the ultimate challenge in football, but it certainly pays off when you get to spend quality time at the footy at a ground like Princes Park (or Visy, or Optus). My younger brother Brendan finally agreed to come to the game with me, which is a first, [Read more]

Footy: A Magpie childhood

Bu Sue Currie I have always been an outsider. It started when I was three months old and my parents bought our house in Chadstone. We were a nest of Magpies in a suburb of Tigerland. I’ve remedied this now as a Magpie living in black and white Northcote! That was a long time ago. [Read more]