Poms Provide Prospective Punting Pillage

One of the many great things about using Betfair to satisfy your deepest punting needs is that you are betting with the world. The entire world. It would be brilliant to get a print-out of who your bets were matched with: fifth-at-Cranbourne wagers matched with the blackberry-using Telstra technician parked under a mango tree in [Read more]

Footy’s Final Frontier

The AFL’s relentless push into new territory is a little bit reminiscent of the Americans planting a stars and stripes flag on the surface of the moon. Boldly going where no code has gone before, whether you like it or not. Outer space is pretty much the only region that hasn’t yet felt the sensation [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The World Game gets its four yearly carnival under way tonight and the planet stops to watch.  At least it’s got Akka & chequebook football off the pages for a bit.  These pages at least.  So what if Football’s most unstable bottom [Read more]

Link: Sometimes the best ones are right in front of you

The speaker at the next Almanac lunch is Melbourne footy identity Bernie Sheehy, who’s coached premiership teams in the Amateurs and the VFL as well as coaching Essendon and Fitzroy reserves. He was also Neale Daniher’s right-hand man at Melbourne. The always interesting Bernie was quoted extensively by Almanacker Peter Hanlon in this article in [Read more]

Levi’s wobbler keeps Roo hopes alive

North Melbourne versus Brisbane 7.10pm, Saturday, June 5 Etihad Stdium, Melbourne Just when you think all hope is gone, footy gives you reason to believe again. When one victory brings your season back from the cliff’s edge. That happened on Saturday night. I wasn’t supposed to be there.  I was supposed to be at home [Read more]

Haiku Bob, Round 11- the short road

onset of winter – the game begins with brisk movements still life – Fraser stands the mark a nip in the air – taking the short road to goal a gull glides from the rafters – Leon curls one in cold winter night the ruckmen lock arms watching closely but not understanding the umpires winter [Read more]

LINK: Ajax’s Player Factory

Dutch club Ajax’s junior soccer academy is not called De Toekomst — The Future for nothing. In fact, it makes our attempts at player development seem positively half baked. This extensive New York Times article explores an institution which has become a virtual player factory. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/06/magazine/06Soccer-t.html?pagewanted=1&ref=global-home&adxnnlx=1275490919-Cyaxrq7Cvoe2eKBiQsfTjg

Community Cup: Espy Rockdogs Pie Night

Hi All, Yes, my old band, The Nubiles, are reforming for one show only as part of the Fabulous Community Cup. Dust off your rocking pants and come down to support a very good cause. Hope to see you there. For more information visit the Espy website.  http://www.espy.com.au John Weldon

FIFA World Cup Preview: Part 6 of 8

GROUP F Italy: Many have doubted the reigning champion’s odds of going back to back. Saying their old and too defensive has brought up queries in the Italian team. Of all, Marcello Lippi knows that his side are not affected by outside talk. That they talked them down in 2006, and you all know what [Read more]

One Flew Out of the Hawk’s Nest

For the first six and a half years of my football life, I struggled year after year to settle on a team that would become an essential part of my sporting life. Family and peer pressure between the ages of one to six can be a daunting and stressful period. My Mother, a Cat; my [Read more]

Eulogy: Memories of a great talent with cheek and heart

In over forty years teaching in country towns and living in local communities I saw, met and mixed with thousands of young people. I saw kids who went on to represent their state and nation in various sports but I never saw anyone the like of Terry Bartel. I was only connected with Terry for [Read more]

Local Footy: AFL recruiters’ broader vision brings local heroes into play

In 2004, Victorian suburban and country footballers would have thought it more likely to be drafted into an astronaut program than to be drafted on to an AFL list. Even the VFL was barely on the radar for AFL clubs. Few recruiting managers were prepared to look beyond the elite under-18 competition, the TAC Cup. [Read more]

Book Launch: Cheryl Critchley’s Our Footy

Cheryl Critchley launches her book Our Footy: Real Fans vs Big Bucks at the London Tavern Hotel on Thursday, 17th of June. Kevin Sheedy will be feature speaker. Our Footy press release

LINK: Barney’s Big Coup

70 year-old trainer Barney Curley has taken the British bookies to the cleaners in one of the biggest betting coups in a long, long time. But, says Barney, it wasn’t all about the money. Punters who dare to dream (isn’t that all of you?) should read on… http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles/barney-curley-nobody-will-win-as-much-on-horse-racing-in-100-years-1988728.html

Gigs’ Stats Round 11: Seven into Six DOES go

Stats Entertainment – Round 11 by Andrew Gigacz A SCENARIO THAT COULD LEAVE MANY AT SIXES AND SEVENS The weekend results have thrown up an interesting ladder “midfield”, with five teams bunched together between 8th and 12th with a 5-6 record. If we add the following Round 12 potential results to the mix: North Melbourne [Read more]

How we tried to lose the unlosable game.

By John Ramsdale What a ridiculous time to play football; marginally better than a Monday, but still ridiculous. The only advantage is that it puts off thought s of returning to work or school for a couple of hours. I hate this ground: its location, its surface, we do not seem to play well there, [Read more]

Happy 20th Anniversary Liverpool

Most anniversaries are joyous occasions highlighted by celebrations from the parties involved. Not this one. This anniversary represents 20 years since Liverpool stood triumphant on the dais with a trophy representing ultimate success in English top flight football. The only positive to come out of the 2009/2010 campaign was that Chelsea held on for the [Read more]

2010 FIFA World Cup Preview: Part 5 of 8

GROUP E Netherlands: Highly fancied to win the tournament, the classy Dutch team boasts incredible skill and talent. Solid at the back and fluent through the midfield, players like Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder will look to both assist and score goals.  The only superpower in the group and should advance with no troubles. Player [Read more]

Poetry: A Lament To Kings All

By Tim Pekin A LAMENT TO KINGS ALL It’s as if some kings have never been not Attracting the strong, the poor, the traditional hero’s lot Unearthing dreams on a quest for the Holy Grail Performing epic deeds for the populace to hail They lead their men into battle, at the fore Mercurial imposing figures, [Read more]

Let Me Give You The Tip

By Anthea  Abell It’s happened again. Every year I swear I won’t get involved because it always happens. All it takes is one week of forgetting and it’s all over. Two weeks ago I forgot to put my tips in. It was a crazy day at the office and I ignored the email reminder sent [Read more]