To clock or not to clock?

Like everyone else on this post-Vaudeville Sunday morning, I’m thinking about the clock. We’re told that the lack of an official countdown clock is one of the great romances of AFL football:  the drama of not knowing how long to go until the agony is ended mixed with the fervent pleas to either “lock it [Read more]

Invasion of the Bomber Snatchers

Terror isn’t normally a word thrown into the mixing bowl of footy adjectives. Yet it’s the first word flashing across my mind on this freezing Sunday morning reflecting on last night’s game. A savage final quarter of football so chock full of impending doom that even now, in full daylight and knowing the result, I [Read more]

Part of the tribe

The experience of being a football supporter is surprisingly unique. You never actually sit down and think it thorough, until you do…and then you end up writing a blog about it. By unique, I am referring to the way  you belong to a certain football club. It is a tribal, parochial association that finds you [Read more]

Are the Dutch doomed already?

  Euros 2012 commentary by Lee Hugh McGowan   There is an advertising campaign for a telecommunications company which claims, ‘the future’s bright…the future’s Orange’. Coming into this tournament, it could have been the slogan for the on fire Dutch. Robben has been the star of Bayern Munich’s successful domestic and Champion’s league campaigns and [Read more]

Souvlaki v Kebabs

Everyone’s got a preference for one or the other: the souvlaki or the kebab. Both are kings of the late night fast food fare with swarms of followers keen to tell you one is better than the other. Both are tightly wrapped filled with goodies both warm and fuzzy and sometimes you just don’t know [Read more]

Professor Johnson, the young skipper and The Doyen of Unobtrusion

Carlton v Geelong It was a Frank McCourt afternoon as Anna and I sat in the Lutheran Church at North Geelong at the funeral of old Uncle Theo, a cousin of my late father’s. Dank and gloomy, the Heavens were low, and descending. Two-year-old Anna had sensed the mood and was perfectly quiet and appropriately [Read more]

Europe’s best attack with gusto

Euros 2012 commentary by Lee Hugh McGowan       You could be forgiven for thinking I was on about the Spanish talking to the upheld palm of Angela Merkel and the ECB, but I’m not. One of the best football tournaments in the world is underway. Hosted in Poland and the Ukraine, the Euros [Read more]

A better way to raise the curtain on young talent

  The AFL’s recent merchandising masterstroke – footy cards of kids, for kids, was delivered a pretty swift kicking by the media last weekend. Besides psychological concerns around the pressure on the 78 youngsters featured, and that few will actually ‘make it’ in any case, one does struggle to grasp the business case for a [Read more]

The People’s Elbow XVII: Faith, Bootsma and a big glass of carpet cleaner – random observations on Carlton v Geelong

Faith and the lack thereof For a month now, Carlton haven’t been playing to win; they’ve been playing because the bus dropped them off at the ground. Which is a little more than I’ve been able to do after getting back late into Melbourne on Friday night. An SMS from a fellow Blue at the [Read more]

Wynyard vs East Devonport


The bottom of the record

This is a tribute to all the players who have played a senior VFL/AFL game wearing a guernsey number of 50 and above.  The players whose names appear just above the omnipresent Mr “Rushed” at the foot of the player list in the Record, and who have used (in some cases temporarily) a locker that [Read more]

Kicking a bag

It’s the 60th anniversary of a bag of 12 goals from Doody McGillivray, uncle of Knacker Pamela Sherpa. Pamela dug out this report from an old Bendigo Football League record. ECHUCA EXCERPTS We are still slightly dazed in Echuca concerning Monday’s game. After seeing a junior match on Saturday on the park Oval, no one [Read more]

I think we’ve got a live one!

Where: the small community hall at Breakfast Point (which looks remarkably like a church, but isn’t). When: Thursday, 17/5/12, sometime between 6pm 10:15pm (most likely around 9ish) Why: making the GWS banner for the game in Brisbane, featuring a tribute to Luke Power on the occasion of his return to his original club, where he [Read more]

Diagnostic Criteria for Obsessive Compulsive Cricket Disorder

A: Obsessions (1) Recurrent and persistent ideas, thoughts, impulses or images that are experienced, at least initially as intrusive and senseless e.g. batsman tormented by thoughts that he should walk or an umpire having recurrent fears of getting the ball count wrong, leading to taking out two ball counters.(Crawley Subtype: See Appendix Four) (2) The [Read more]

Blockbuster Fatigue

When I was growing up, I used to really hate Essendon fans. I still do hate them, but when I was growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s, they were unbearable. They stood head and shoulders above all other clubs supporters on my most hated hit parade. Smug as bugs in rugs they were; [Read more]

Licensed Grocery for Sale in Fremantle

Greetings to all as we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday, This week we have the first of a number of teams having a holiday as are we all on Monday, but it is now the time of year for clubs to have some serious decision making.  With free agency descending and daily updates on the saga, [Read more]

The Tightest Show Of Them All! Euro 2012 Approaches

Whenever someone moans at me about the predictability and lack of drama in some soccer tournaments or leagues I know I can always point them towards the history of the European championships, a tournament that never fails to tick all the boxes. Since its inception in 1960 the tournament has provided drama, excitement and a [Read more]

Right Royal Racing

It’s been a Right Royal Week wherever you look – even in the racing columns! Appropriately, then, I’ll follow the theme and look at Triple Crowns, at our Queen of Turf heading to The Diamond Jubilee Stakes and finally at Queensland’s best race day of the year, the Straddy/Derby/Cup extravaganza. The fabled AmericanTriple Crown deserves [Read more]

Thank You Ma’am

Thank you Ma’am It is one of the lesser known achievements of the 60 year reign of Your Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth that you are responsible for my addiction. To be fair to Your Majesty as a [Read more]

A Baker’s Dozen

Saturday was overcast and rainy in Hobart. A check of the forecast suggested nothing was likely to change. So what’s new in Tassy I hear you ponder? My regular traveling companion, Lezzy, was not too enthusiastic about the footy fixtures in and around Hobart so I hopped on the net, bought two seats at Hawk [Read more]