Dis a Bill ity

I am bitterly disappointed at not being considered for the inaugural Knacker Cricket team. I have sought an opinion from a leading Tasmanian human rights lawyer and I must inform the organisers that an injunction will be placed on the game if I do not receive satisfaction.


Adelaide Oval, 5 February Finally, the silverware. Fifteen long years. I was there. I hadn’t intended to be but a mate who’d been having his ups and downs asked if we could catch up at the Oval, have a beer or two. Agreed.  ‘See you there.’ We’d have a beer or two. The Redbacks didn’t [Read more]

Cricket Australia gets it wrong….again.

Cricket Australia has announced its chosen eight teams for next year’s Big Bash. Now I don’t really care about the success of the competition anyhow, I agree with John Harms’ comments that T20 is undermining traditional cricket. Nevertheless, if you were going to base a competition on “city” teams rather than the traditional State teams [Read more]

The Footy Almanac XI selected

The selectors are pleased to announce The Footy Almanac XI for the match against Overland on Feb 20. The team is: C.W.J. Little J.R. Butler A.T. Gigacz David Bridie T.C. Riordan T. Ivins D.A.C. Dawson P.J. Flynn C.D. Down Dave Goodwin G.C.J.D. Haigh Neil Belford (??) J.T. Harms (subject to a fitness test – and [Read more]

Details of the Footy Almanac XI’s inaugural match.

The Footy Almanac XI v Overland To be played for the Jack Clancy Cup, currently sitting on the bar at the North Fitzroy Arms. 20 February, 2011 from midday At the historically significant Gillon Oval, Brunswick (corner Victoria and Pearson Sts) All welcome. The bar will be open to purchase drinks and nibbles. Or you [Read more]

Bring on the footy. PLEASE

by Tony Robb Now that the summer sports caravans have packed up and moved north I felt it was time to reflect on a few of the not so published happenings of recent months. While CA and FA have been suitably chastened for their collective ineptitude I believe that a few other individuals and teams [Read more]

Wrestling with Reality – Part One

By Phil Dimitriadis In 1974, living above a milk bar in Victoria Street, Richmond, reality was clearly defined. Richmond was the powerhouse of the VFL, Spiros Arion was God and The Great Mephisto was Satan. At around midday, every Sunday, pandemonium would break out in front of the old black and white HMV telly as [Read more]

Chasing the elusive bush premiership

  I am a 28 year old weekend warrior.  I have played out my entire footy career in the MPNFL south of Melbourne as a struggling ruckman for the Crib Point Football Club. My career at Crib Point has been quite a journey, many pre-seasons, followed by many games of football, many sub-par games, some [Read more]

Tony Kelly: An icon of the Kyneton Football Club

by Richard Jones TO SAY that Tony Kelly is one of the enduring characters of the Kyneton and Bendigo football communities is to state the obvious. He is one of the BFNL’s genuine larger-than-life personalities and richly deserved his elevation to BFNL Hall of Fame status last October. Kelly was a fearless ball-getter on the [Read more]

Review: Mr. Cleansheets

Mr. Cleansheets Author: Adrian Deans Publisher: Vulgar Press Published 2010 Reviewed by Adam Muyt This is a lads book, a ‘Boys Own’ adventure through the footballing landscape that is England.  Seriously, I can see this book doing well in the UK amongst a large slab of the football-loving populace.  Not bad for an aussie author [Read more]

In A League of Its Own 28

Tom’s weekly outlook on the A-League Thanks to another exciting round of A-League action, the top six is now decided, and teams that have made the finals can now start planning ahead for a successful campaign. One of the teams that have just made it into the finals, are Wellington Phoenix, who, not as I [Read more]

Another Big Day Out

The Chaplain, the Archivist and myself are veterans of many music festivals, but have rather fallen out of the Big Day Out habit lately. However, with Iggy on the bill, we were at least guaranteed not to be the oldest guys in attendance, so interest was rekindled. As if to prove ourselves out of the [Read more]

Pies, Joffa and Barry Manilow on Grand Final day in Vegas

How Nick saved me from Mandy In many years to come football fans around the globe will remember exactly where they were when the siren brought down the curtain on the 2010 drawn AFL Grand Final. That’s the way it is with drawn grand finals. I recall officiating over Bay 13 in a green coat [Read more]

Crio’s Q: Professional Pitfalls

St. Kilda’s NZ miscreants were punished with directives to gain full-time employment during their “sentence”. David Parkin, amongst others, has relentlessly advocated work/study/sport balance, lest players become bored (Fev’s online punting) or socially unprepared upon delisting or retirement. Charlie Sutton purportedly quarried all day and then rode his bike to training. Dan Harris, Redbacks’ revitalised [Read more]

GIGSTUFF #48: A new Age of stuff

5th February 2011 by Andrew Gigacz If you think that too many stupid facts and bad puns are never enough, then please allow me to direct your attention to the Sports lift-out in The Age each Saturday. “Giga Bites” will appear in each Saturday’s Age so you’ll be able to get an extra dose of [Read more]

When it rains it pours……goals apparently

The Postman and Gus Falcons Vs Bahrain One of the great tactical minds of the 20th Century, Sir Winston Churchill, once said “Anyone with half a brain starts their puzzles from the sides and works their way in”.  I believe it was in reference to the battles won on the cold outskirts of Europe that [Read more]

Almanac Racing: The Heath…and beyond

Financially fragile following its rain-lashed 2010 Cup Day, MRC power-brokers would have shuddered as rain tumbled this morning and (much) more seems assured for their race day tomorrow – an excellent programme which precedes “Classic Caulfield” cards on the 12th and 26th of February. One thing that we learnt last October was not to fear the new track. [Read more]

Melbourne Intra-Club Match

By Steve Healy The intra club game, in my opinion symbolises the end of the unknown, and brings forth the hype and happiness of a new season. It seemed too that the weather had been in conjunction with it all. It had been uncomfortably hot for the past few days, but light rain drizzled and [Read more]

Match Report of Abu Dhabi Falcons Vs Doha Kangaroos

Author: The Postman (Due to privacy concerns our reporter is not fearless and requests a nomdeplume) Two and a half metres out from goal, Brohaska stands and takes the easiest of chest marks unopposed and barely a minute into the game.  Calmly he walks back off the mark and puts it through for a solid [Read more]

Abu Dhabi Falcons Player Profiles

By Dan Brooke (with assistance from Russell Yule) M Day: Flash or Flamer was the nickname decision. Flash won as Mick’s ability to go from here to there in the blink of an eye is superb. Almost manages to disguise his ginger taint through bright eyes and bushy tailed approach. Has promised to demonstrate on [Read more]