The 2012 Footy Almanac launch

Photos from Thursday’s launch of the 2012 Footy Almanac at the All Nations Hotel, Richmond.

Sri Lanka series a launching pad to greater things

THE first Test match between Australia and Sri Lanka which starts in Hobart tomorrow is a new start for Australia.

Happy Christmas

Christmas came early this year for Dips O’Donnell.

Cricket preview: Hobart and a little BBL

A few thoughts on the Test match and the BBL.

“I don’t mind the one-dayers”

“I don’t mind the one-dayers” is hands down the most irritating thing anyone can say to Peter Zitterschlager

Crio’s Racing: Ladies Day on King Island

King Island maybe just a dot on the map – “anchored in the middle of Bass Strait” – but it hosts the most alluring of the TAB fixtures this Saturday, says Crio.

Club Chrissie Carols

Peter Baulderstone spreads some yuletide cheer with his take on some classic Christmas carols – Bluebaggers, Cats fans, Sainters and head office be warned.

Another purrfect Christmas gift idea

Dips O’Donnell has sent what he assures is a classy Christmas gift featuring epic matches involving Hawthorn. We haven’t had a chance to look at it and can only trust that he’s not being facetious.

A Runningball Fable

Simon Willcox has penned a fable about a boy that left home and got lost along the way. Will there be a happy ending?

In A-League of its Own: Round 10

Heart has finally returned to its winning ways, and it was worth the wait, says Tom Riordan.

Let’s back Jack

The Let’s Back Jack campaign adopted by the Port committee in 1974 saw Cahill yield an incredible 11 Grand Finals for 10 premierships in 16 seasons in charge, recalls Lachlan Waterman.

The Windows of St Ignatius

Andrew Starkie visits St Ignatius Church in Richmond and is reminded of the comfort footy and the Church have brought people over many years.

Photo Challenge

G’day Folks Daff and I are looking for a magnificent photo depicting country footy – either contemporary or as sepia-ed as you can find. It just has to be a classic. If you reckon you have one and think it would make a great book cover then send it in via email: Historical photos [Read more]

2012 Grand Final: A Hawks fan turns to A.B. Paterson for inspiration

Hawks fan Dave Goodwin has had a crazy notion for a few years now that 19th Century bush ballads could become a new form of sports reporting. What better game to test his theory than the 2012 Grand Final.

Crio’s Question: Bending the rules

Crio wants to know what rule change in any code would make your sporting life better in 2013.

What’s in this year’s Footy Almanac

John Harms gives an overview of the forewords and Grand Final pieces which feature in The Footy Almanac 2012. And then there’s 200 match reports.

Third Test – Day 3: Will Mr Kyly Boldy ‘go boldly…’?

Tony Roberts talks Nine’s jingoistic coverage, pop-gun attacks and Australia’s reversal of fortune.

Crio’s Racing: 1982 and finding a winner in the now

30 years. It is a fair slab of a lifetime. It can offer perspective. It can also lead to romanticizing. 1982 seems long ago. The champs of that time seem somehow more imposing. Etched in my (more impressionable) memory. Look at the Grand Final – Helen D’Amico and Bruce Doull! On the racecourse the mighty [Read more]

The Big Bash: Just a slight change in the direction of the summer

John Harms looks at how the BBL is very AFL and 21st century.

The ‘Off-season’ is now the ‘On’

John Carr’s poetic take on the off-season.