Kurt Reply

A summation of the Kurt Tippett decision.

A-League: Spotlight shines on Euro superstars

Our A-league expert Tom Riordan previews the new season that kicks off on Friday, including his final ladder predictions.

Brendon Goddard: the rules provide; the rules take away

Brendon Goddard has packed his bags and moved to Windy Hill. As a proud – if battered – St Kilda man, Matthew Webber is not sure where he sits on it all. Rage is so futile, disappointment so wasteful, and pragmatism so cold.

AFL Grand Final: My weekend in the red and the white

Having scored Grand Final tickets, Brisbane fan Beth Newman undertook a covert mission to transform herself into a Swan for the weekend.

The solemn Grand Final

Andrew Calleja reflects on the solemn events of the week leading into Melbourne’s biggest day.

AFL Grand Final: Winning the games that count

Cats fan Pete Edwards took solace in the misery of Hawthorn supporters following their Grand Final loss.

Local footy: Tatura wins Goulburn Valley flag

David Armstrong followed happy carloads of Swans supporters up the Hume on Sunday as far as Shepparton to see Seymour take on Tatura.

Local footy: Photos from GVFL grand final

The Tatura Bulldogs beat Seymour by 28 points in the Goulburn Valley Football League grand final on Sunday. Peter Argent was there with his camera.

AFL Grand Final: Who Are Those Guys?

The Grand Final reminded me of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; the Hawks were Butch and Sundance, the Swans the hunting party they couldn’t shake. “Who are those guys?” the Hawks were asking all day; incredulous at the tenacity of their opponent.

AFL Grand Final: I’m a lucky man

Craig Dodson doesn’t make a habit of hugging 70 year old female strangers but at 5.08pm on Saturday it made perfect sense as the emotion of the Swans victory took hold. Sport has the power to unite people and a shared love of the Sydney Swans had taken over M29 row E of the Olympic stand.

AFL Grand Final: Bad kicking is bad football

It is the oldest saying in the game, says Stephen Alomes, bad kicking is bad football. It was true long before they invented ‘scoreboard pressure’, players became ‘delicious’ and the Hawks won the stat sheet.

Memoir: Melbourne’s good fortune

I live in Yarraville, work in Parkville, and study in Hawthorn. I ride my bike, drive a car and use public transport. On any given day, it is not unusual for me to travel past half a dozen footy grounds ‘home’ to current AFL clubs. On a welcome spring day, with only one lecture scheduled in the mid afternoon, I set off on my bike to stop and visit these places.

AFL Grand Final: Lunch of champions

After some memorable Grand Final lunching, Yvette Wroby and friends settled down for a Grand Final full of energy and fight from the first bounce.

AFL Grand Final: Betting on O’Keefe

    Roland and I are walking through our small town between bouts of sideways rain, doing it easy. I’ve just cut a load of wood to pay for my grog over the Grand Final weekend. We slip into the tavern to be warm for the length of a lazy traveller. “Give me your iThingie,” [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: The Wrap

THE GRAND FINAL WRAP WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a Grand Finalé to a Grand Season it’s been Eddie.  Just in case you’re not sure of the words of The Tinseltowners’ song we’ve printed them out so we can all sing along with The Loyal Sons & Daughters. Cheer, Cheer the Red and the [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Breakfast in the park

  The Carlton Four caught up with me the other morning on our regular walk/plod around Princes Park and invited me to their Annual Grand Final Bar B Q  Breakfast. Now this is not your ordinary run of the mill breakfast in the park.  A table was selected by Michael in the dark at quarter [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup (from far far away)

Greetings Tipsters When we checked into this hotel yesterday I had one question. “Do you have the Australia Network?” Yes, they do, but I insisted on confirming it before we booked in. After all, one must have one’s priorities in order. The Sparkies were playing in another Grand Final. I’ve never really liked the Mayblooms. [Read more]

Mug Punting: Me, Bernie and the Bookie

My friend Bernie was one of those guys who was good at all sports. All sports were effortless endeavours to him. He was a star cricketer, footballer, runner, swimmer, golfer, tennis player, you name it, he could play it. Nay, he could excel at it. He even had interesting theories on sport. He always said [Read more]

A series of rambles from Grand Final Week

Monday – The Brownlow I used to love Brownlow night, but some of the magic has been lost of late. It seems less and less about footy. However, fellow ‘knacker Neil summed it up beautifully “Not a fan of the Brownlow but love the excuse for Monday night pots.” I do like how everyday conversations [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Let There Be Football

  Right now it’s past midnight. Tomorrow. Saturday. Grand-damn-Final day! Praise be and hallelujah Grand! Final! When jets play on jets. Champions are put on Champions. Redemption stories are put on redemption stories. One tale to be confirmed, etched in stone. The other to be shattered and fade like false dawns. I’ve said it before, [Read more]