Ode to a Magpie

  This anonymous poem was handed to my cousin John Scopas by an old Collingwood fan. He passed it on to me in the hope that it will get a run on the site and that we may yet find the author. I have cleaned up a fair bit of punctuation (written by a Collingwood [Read more]

So called experts

  by Chris Riordan “That bloody David King”, began a typically irate SEN caller, “has no idea. He obviously hates Geelong. He never picked ‘em. He can’t be called an expert.” Who can? Another “King”, Tony “The King” Bourke, had plenty of disciples in his heyday as Chief Racing scribe at The Age. I once, [Read more]

21 straight – one perfect day, one perfect season.

When it disposed of its oldest and fiercest rival Williamstown by more than nine goals on Grand Final day, the Port Melbourne Football Club ended the longest pennant drought in the famous club’s history, a barren stretch dating back to 1982 when Gary Brice’s underdogs upset Ray Shaw’s heavily favoredPrestonto win the decider by 7 [Read more]


In life we have some wonderful experiences that can be fleeting or last forever as in a marriage. My marriage to theGeelongfootball Club has lasted for well over 60 years. My other marriages in total have been over 50 years but still no telegram from BettyWindsor.   Let me tell you about my last four [Read more]

I saw red

During a Cats home game towards the end of the 2001 season, I made a bold prediction that had the half dozen or so mates I was with laughing derisively. “Cameron Ling will captain the Cats one day.”

Post Season Pursuits: Extreme Gardening

With the enormity of the challenge in front of me, my summer sport of choice seemed like the wrong option. An hour in, and I was already questioning whether I had the commitment and strength of character to succeed in a pursuit endured by millions across the globe. I needed something to get me through [Read more]

The Rugby World Cup so far

Rugby World Cup 2011 Pool Matches : The Davids v The Goliaths by J J Leahy Only four nations have won the six Rugby World Cups held to date – South Africa, New Zealand, England and Australia. A fifth country, France, have played in two Grand Finals. These are “The Goliaths”. The remaining 14 countries [Read more]

2011 Grand Final: Anyone for Lacrosse?

“Oh. Is that all?” Helen wants some more to read. Monday morning. October 3. Helen and I have been for a walk along the foreshore – Scarborough to Trigg Beach. Perth. Western Australia. Our bodies and minds are still operating on Victorian time so when you wake at six o’clock in the morning, you may [Read more]

A physically, not mentally, sore loser.

A lot of things in life are often referred to as being a marathon; school, work, even life itself. In fact more than one scribe, in searching for padding for their requisite column inches, during Grand Final week, called the AFL season a Marathon. For the purposes of full disclosure, I’ll come straight out and [Read more]

Yellow wins in ten syllables

  Australia shrug South Africa out of the World Cup; then Woodville-West Torrens stop the Dogs five years deep in victory to snare an unlikely cup. Their thick-set ruckman wins the medal and, on stage, says: “We’ll never fucking forget this.” And we will never forget those words, the TV says, drier than salt in [Read more]

Love and Football I

    The most goddamn fantastic thing I have seen in football happened in the Bay, where not enough good things happened. I was at war with most everybody at the time. But, this one nothing day, not hot or cold, a sky going nowhere, I had come into town for supplies. I was talking [Read more]

Its Eade time at Collingwood

I guess everyone has heard about the new addition to Collingwood, I personally beamed at headlines such as ‘Eade joins Magpies’- when did I ever leave?! However, the media were referring to ex-Bulldogs coach, now Collingwood’s new ‘director of coaching’- oooooohh fancy! Now I don’t know how other Collingwood supporters may feel about this, since [Read more]

On the Question of Sumich

‘Desperate and Dateless’ of Northern Tasmania writes: “Talk us through the Sumich defection. I would expect that would be the biggest thing to happen in WA since Bondy fell from grace. The rest of the football world’s equivalent of Barass going toCarlton.  Surely you are able to enlighten us eastern infidels.”   Well DD, we [Read more]

Cheshire Cats in Park

By Yvette Wroby

Cats Fans Have Much To Celebrate

In contrast to 2010, this year it was easy to decide who to barack for in the Grand Final. I live in Collingwood, not far from the traditional Collingwood home ground of Victoria Park. It was to this station that I walked in the rain to catch a train to a friend’s house to watch the [Read more]

My Uncle Bob, the St.Kilda Football Club and when a little bit of luck goes a long way.

  Uncle Bob is the youngest of my (deceased) dad’s four living brothers.  Two other brothers died at early ages from illness inFrancein the 40’s .  My grandmother only ever gave birth to boys.  Passionate ones at that.  Bob was born inParisin 1941 and was very young when his family became dislocated, separated, in hiding [Read more]

Missing the Granny

We lost to Dookie in the last game of the season and then again in the first week of the finals, but as I entered into the home rooms at Numurkah I could feel an upset coming and my Katunga 3rds boys making it into the big one. The prelim started the way everyone expected [Read more]

“Thin Loyalty”

The whole Ross Lyon thing, combined with a few other moves in the AFL, leaves me feeling a bit confused, certainly disappointed and not a little bit angry. Not just about the idea that “my club” has lost a coach who got us within touching distance of two premierships, but about the whole concept of [Read more]

Grand Final Week

Ellie and Luke had their ear plugs in and portable TVs on before I had pulled out of the driveway,  Monday morning, grand final week.  High School Musical.  I attempted conversation. So, who’s going to win the grand final? Geelong, said Luke, 8. Collingwood, said Ellie, 10. Why? Dunno. Dunno. What about the Brownlow?  Judd. [Read more]

Crio’s Racing: Caulfield Guineas Day 2011

Welcome to any novices as well as the regular readers of this racing section of our site as the gallops finally get their turn in the local sporting spotlight. Feel free to ask questions, add ideas and, of course, justify some tips. You’ve chosen a great weekend to tune in as the Spring has spluttered [Read more]