We need more stats and categories in football

Sean Curtain is calling for more relevant statistical categories in football, including WT (wobbly torp), WB (Worm Burner) and CK (crap kick).

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: GWS

The Greater Western Sydney Giants inaugural year in the AFL will forever be remembered fondly for giving us the vision of a team winning and not knowing the lyrics to their club song.

What will my memory be like in 10 years’ time?

I am one of those amateur football players who has been concussed on numerous occasions. What is my likelihood of ending up with a degenerative brain disease because of what occurred whilst I played football?

Crio’s Question: Darkest before dawn

I’m certainly not casting Moises Henriques as the savior of Australian cricket but it is true that sometimes it takes a tough situation to unveil the sort of character needed to succeed. Who else has emerged from the mire? And who is the next one to watch?

The Fortunes of Roderick’s Barnsley

Bristol City 5 Barnsley 3. Just when I had the Reds pencilled for another win and a bit of breathing space from the relegation zone, they lose.

Pain and suffering with the occasional euphoric high

Pain and suffering with the occasional euphoric high – it’s the best way to describe the life of a Saints fan, says Shaun Curnow. So, what is it that makes them bleed Red, White and Black?

The Wrap: The Let’s Be Honest About All This edition

It takes a bit to draw the Wrap staff back from hibernation, but we believe the crisis at Melrose Drive & Jellymont House warrants such a re-call.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Gold Coast

The Suns aren’t going to explode and make the finals in 2013. a total of five or six would be the benchmark. What’s more important is continued improvement from their young stars.

A multicultural Australian Test side

Glen has compiled his multicultural Test 11. What do you think?

The summertime Blues

Dips spent summer with the same Blues fans he spent the previous summer with. 12 months ago they were confident of premiership glory; now they are confused, entering 2013 in a sort of no-man’s-land.

Born Working. Billy Williams.

    Let’s get this straight, Billy Williams is a champion. You think so the minute you meet him. Triple South Melbourne best and fairest, Bloods Team of the Century member, Australian Rules Hall of Fame. The only surviving Swan from the Bloodbath Grand Final. A ripper jag of titles, but there’s something more to [Read more]

Cricket Marketing in the `70s

Sports fan Russell Jackson makes his debut with a look at cricket marketing in the 1970s. (Call me crazy, but I have a hunch you’re going to find a readership here at the Almanac Russell – ed)

There was no tanking

Yvette Wroby captures the feelings of most on the non-tanking issue through her art.

Robertson Oval – where Terry Daniher was king

The AFL grounds onslaught into NSW continues with the unveiling of a revamped Robertson Oval in Wagga on March 2 when the Giants play the Brisbane Lions in a NAB Cup game under lights. Rod Gillett says the oval has a rich history.

Bradmania, everything must go

Since his death, the sacred cow status of Sir Donald Bradman has diminished significantly. There is a sadness about a rewriting of history that turns the differences in opinion between Bradman and his teammates into something more akin to hatred.

Show your face with an avatar

Ever wondered what your favourite Knackers look like (in their favourite hats)? We reveal them here. Join them by signing up for an avatar.

Looney Tunes

AFL CEO Elmer Fudd has been granted bail on the charge of causing unnecessary criminal damage to the game. Mr Fudd is unrepentant.

A Century of Surf – calling for stories, ideas, photographs

Tim Baker is compiling a book (a sort of history and celebration of surfing) to mark the centenary of the visit by the great Hawaiian surfer and swimmer Duke Kahanamoku in 1914. Tim’s a great bloke (for a Hawthorn fan) and welcomes any contributions and suggestions. His details are included in this post.

So Theo can say, “I saw Black Caviar”

The Harms boys went to the races last Saturday.

Five* Weekend Reads: Tarred by the brush of public expecations, the hard lessons learned when we insist our great athletes are also great people (*with 40% more read… okay, “Seven Reads” would have worked just fine, but I feel the need to aim for some sort of consistency given it’s a supposedly weekly column)

Litza’s Best Reads column was missing last week as he was suspended for acting in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the AFL. He makes amends with seven reads for the weekend.