“English” Test Cricket teams from across the British Empire

Glen Davis chooses three British Empire Test Cricket teams: from Africa, the Caribbean and India. He welcomes your suggestions, especially for wicketkeepers!

Is Carlton v Collingwood still Australia’s greatest sporting rivalry or is it now the rugby league State of Origin?

Miles Wilkes uses attendances, TV ratings and history to answer whether Collingwood v Carlton has been overtaken by the NRL State of Origin as Australia’s number one sporting rivalry. The result may surprise.

Round 13 -Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Haiku Bob – fade to nothing

Sometimes even Pendlebury is not enough. Haiku Bob’s take on Collingwood’s shock loss to the Bulldogs.

AFL Round 12-Geelong v Carlton: A Pun Night of Blue and White Magic

Cats fan Paul Spinks doesn’t quite put the ‘Moz’ on Geelong in their Round 12 clash with Carlton. A must read tale full of clashing scarves and mid-strength beers.

The Footy Almanac World Cup preview: Australia v Holland

The podcast team of The People’s Elbow, Matty Q, John Harms and Stone Cold Steve Baker caught up with our man in Brazil – Vaughan Menlove – for his thoughts on the clash and the FIFA World Cup so far!

World Cup podcast coming soon!

Greetings Almanackers! With our midseason hiatus done, the podcast team are back in action in a big way. We have a special treat for Wold cup fans coming shortly on the Almanac. The People’s Elbow, Matt Q and Harmsy caught up with our man on the ground in Porto Alegre an exclusive, no nonsense preview [Read more]

Sean Gorman’s speech at Niall Lucy’s funeral, 12 June, 2014

Niall Lucy was THE Fremantle fan. This is Sean Gorman’s speech at Niall’s funeral, and includes Niall’s poem.

AFL Round 13 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: We came, we saw, we believed

The Bulldog Tragician ponders fate, tentative happiness, the company and comfort of strangers – and sweet, sweet victory over the Pies.

AFL Second Semi Final 1990 – Essendon v Collingwood: Leaps and Bounds

David Wilson is prompted by recent miseries (drugs scandals, unexpected losses) to remember the first careless rapture of a 15yo boy at his first final. “High on the hill, looking over the bridge, to the M.C.G……….my feet don’t even touch the ground”.

Planning and process: a short reflection on the Dudley Street Footy Trip 2014 example

Anyone who has ever tried to organise a footy trip for middle-aged mates will recognise the scenario outlined here by fellow-traveller C. Jury.

When, in planning the weekend, Koala Mafia boss Dr Bill Ellis made a decision to attend Fitzroy v Uni Blues ahead of Collingwood v Hawthorn (completely understandable – Ed] he didn’t realise the forces it would unleash. [Language warning – but amusing employment of the world’s most versatile expletive – Ed]

When the Weight of Expectations Overwhelms the Power of Belief.

‘To wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect’ (Jane Austen). To run free – whether at the Gabba or the Castelao Stadium – is not as simple as merely stepping onto the grass. Gregor Lewis takes us from the national to the international reminding us of the smothering weight of expectations.

AFL Round 14 – Gold Coast v Geelong: Who (possibly plural) plays on G. Ablett this Saturday evening?

JTH wishes he were going to Broadbeach this weekend, although he will be having fun at the St Monica’s Tennis Club Trivia Night in Moonee Ponds instead.

Who wins this important fixture?

AFL Round 13 – Essendon v Melbourne: When in Melbourne!

Demon Kevin Hawkins takes his cousin, visiting from Singapore, to her first game. And what an introduction to Melbourne, to the MCG, to footy, and to the Demons.

Carnival highlights inclusiveness

All roads (and public transport) lead to Preston City Oval this Thursday afternoon for the start of the the 2014 National Inclusion Carnival.

Old (Woollen) Footy Jumpers – Studfield Hawks Junior FC: Sasha Lennon

Where is Studfield? And which of these young champions is Sasha Lennon?

AFL Round 13 – Essendon v Melbourne:`The Late Winner´

From his Berlin vantage point, Sam Laffy saw two thrillers in two sports on the weekend. He even cracked a smile at Checkpoint Charlie.

AFL Round 13 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Lacklustre Pies Say Goodbye to Top 4?

Paul Taylor, for the Floreat Pica Society wonders whether he jinxed the lacklustre Pies, or was that all of the strength that they could muster?

AFL Round 13 – Those damned underdogs…

Round 13 was the week of the underdog, says Matt Watson. Everyone loves the underdog winner, except the loser.

The Fearless Files – AFL Round 13: The Statement Round

Paul ‘Fearless’ Thomson reviews all the action from Round 13

Lord’s Taverners Q and A Evening

July 3 with Mike Sheahan and Peter Bedford.