Crio’s Racing: Autumn Grand Final Day at Flemington

Crio’s got your Saturday schedule sorted. Clear the decks for a couple of hours in the afternoon (3.20pm-5.20pm) and find a TV. Hopefully you’ve got TVN and can enjoy a final day of top notch coverage. Otherwise get to a pubTAB. As a last resort Ch7 will have to do. You’ll get to watch the Newmarket (3.50pm), the Australian Cup (4.30) and the F+M Trophy (formerly Matron Stakes, 5.10pm), plus three bonus Group races from Rosehill. Easy.

My View: Mick’s Gone, Will Leave a Vagabond

Rohan Cooper isn’t afraid to declare Mick Malthouse will be yet another casualty at Carlton by the end of this season. Echoing the thoughts of many Bluebaggers, he argues that the current list is sorely overrated and that the absence of a critical assessment within the walls of the inner-sanctum will be another coach’s undoing.

Fix the World Cup, save ODIs

Our economics correspondent in Washington DC, Brad Carr, comes up with a better structure for the next Cricket World Cup. Is anybody listening or does having India flog the minnows on a regular basis serve the sponsors interests nicely?

The Almanac eMagazine – What is it all About?

Deep into time-on in the second week of our Crowdfunding effort, here’s some information on our plans to expand what the Almanac offers members and supporters. We also need your help on what to name our planned eMagazine

Wool and Footy: Remembering the blue and gold

The memory of Toolibin Football Club lives on. Here Syd Martin, Heidi Astbury and Janice Sieber tell the tale of the unveiling of Geoff Sims sculpture at the old Toolibin footy ground in the sheep-wheat belt of WA.

Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: “This is Their Paris”

Blues and Roots music: A great read that appeared recently on Almanac partner site Stereo Stories about chaperoning dedicated Aerosmith fans through the group’s $600 per-ticket Velvet Rope Experience. “You know how some people have always wanted to go to Paris? This is their Paris.”

Introducing Interchanger; Player Management Made Easy

Almanacker Murray Bird and his team have developed INTERCHANGER; Player management technology that is currently being used by 10 AFL clubs is now available for your club or sports group. Read more…

Archie Calls the Grand Final Before the First Bounce of the Season – When His Gazza’s Stalking Around the Gee- Arch See’s Red, He Sees Red, He’s Sees Red

Inspired by Luke Reynolds’ ode to Shane Watson, Archie draws heavily on Eric Bogle’s ‘And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ for this hymn to Gary Ablett [and throws in a clever use of Split Enz’s ‘I See Red’ in his title for this post. – Ed]

The Almanackers: E is for Eid

Of all the voices on the Almanac site, Danni Eid’s may be the most distinctive. Meet Danni and some of the other E surnames who contribute.

Stawell Gift Dinner tonight (BOOK HERE)

J. D. O’Donnell (Preston) off 8 3/4 yards got the chocolates (and a fair bit more) in the 1955 Stawell Gift. He’s telling his story over dinner this coming Thursday. Here’s a taste (thanks to his son Dips)

Seasons in the Sun – Part Twenty (The Denouement (?)): The Panton Hillbillies and the Mark Marshall Fan Club

Day two of their semi-final against Lalor Stars; the Lower Plenty Third XII look to complete the run chase and progress to the competition Grand Final. Is this their season denouement?

An Almanac A.P.B : The 1978 VFA Grand Final

Almanacker Chris Bolger is trying to get hold of a copy of the 1978 VFA Grand Final, in which Prahran 21.15.141 defeated Preston 17.17.119. After contacting Channel 10, and both the Preston and Prahan football clubs, his search has come up empty. Chris is hoping the Almanac community can help him access a copy for his Dad to watch.

The Ballad of Watto

Set to the tune of the Australian Crawl classic ‘Errol’, The Ballad of Shane Watson; in which Luke Reynolds presents a portrait of Australian cricket’s most vexing selection versus performance dilemma.

2002 – The Almost (Where’s SA and Tas?) All Australian SSA Team – All Bound for Mornington

Cloke. T, Swallow. A and Deledio. B together in the same team would be a pretty awesome combination, and one that would have 17 other list managers green with envy. In the latest Almost All-Australian Team ‘Swish’ Schwerdt revisits the 2002 All-Australian Schoolboys side.

Crio’s Question – AFL Club Memberships – Why?

Crio’s sceptical – first I’ve heard of it. As PJ Keating said, always back self-interest.

The hoick, the dismissal or just taking part: What will he remember from our weekend of cricket?

This week’s episode of Boys and Balls stars Sean and Ben Curtain, exploring the fine line between the gaining and losing of your child’s respect.

ICC World Cup 2015 – Ireland v Zimbabwe, Bellerive Oval, Hobart

Mark Duffet is captivated by the passionate Irish and Zimbabwean cricketers who turn on a high scoring thriller in Hobart, and outraged by a marketing “score” board that keeps the scores a secret.

The Almanackers: D is for Dimitriadis

There are plenty of Ds on the books at the Almanac. Phil Dimitriadis is one of them.

Crio’s Racing: Cheltenham Festival 2015

A genuinely ‘time-honoured’ event, the world-famous Cheltenham Festival gets underway tonight (Australian time). Here’s a useful guide and tips from Jack de Menezes in yesterday’s The Independent, re-posted by Crio.

Greatest footballers to be associated with the wool industry (where was this all up to, March 2015?)

During last year we featured a series on old woollen footy jumpers and called for nominations for the very best team of footballers to have had an association with wool. We’re about to refine the process. We need more noms right now. And to help make sure we get all the best names I am heading to the Wool BBQ at Burra next Monday night. Details are in this article.