Revelling in the glory

I’ve been lucky enough to watch Manly play in six grand finals, and even luckier to experience them winning three. I love them all for different reasons, and the Sea Eagles’ 24-10 victory over the New Zealand Warriors is no different. It had all the qualities that we celebrate the game of rugby league for, [Read more]

226 to 2

A 226 to 2 flogging would seem to be a weird choice as your most treasured sporting memory, most sane people would take a premiership or perhaps a chanceless century, but for me i’ll take the day the mighty Mangoplah Cookadina United Goanna’s under 18s conceded 35 goals at Gummly Gummly Oval.   It all [Read more]

The first of many

Nearly 82,000 people ventured to Homebush from every point on the compass to witness the 2011 NRL showdown between the Sea Eagles and the Warriors. Around the country, BBQs were in full swing, with some fans just about to watch their third League Grand Final for the day having witnessed exciting finales to the undercard [Read more]

The Footygods: Philoctetes

  by Ian Latham Philoctetes was a warrior with a wounded foot. He was in such pain that the greeks left him out of the army with which they intended to attackTroy. Abandoned and suffering on the island of Lemnos, he waited until Heracles finally arrived to command him onwards to Troy.  And there of [Read more]

2011 Grand final day diary: Neutrality is Bliss (and Mums know best)

by Saintly The Hawks are gone for 2011 so I just want to see some good footy and have ale or two with my mates!  Here’s my account, a diary if you will. This is the first Saturday in October for the second year in a row that the Holy Grail may be decided.  So [Read more]

Post GF Floreat Pica thoughts

In hindsight, I’m not sure that the strategy to kick it long to thegeelongdefender was such a great strategy – just a thought. Go Pies, 2012, PS How bad was the ch 10 commentary?   Two injured players cost us big time!! The worst game Reid has ever played!!   Who would have replaced him. [Read more]

The Men from Sleepy Hollow

   by Rhys Howells There is nothing so euphoric when you barrack for Geelong And the team from Sleepy Hollow is on fire They have joined the champs eternal – they can surely do no wrong When they’ve roasted magpies on the funeral pyre. And all the mighty players wearing hoops of blue and white [Read more]


by Craig Little

the damp Sherrin

    grand final dawn a bit of tightness in my hammys     low cloud Cloke’s long drop punt splits the ‘G in half     even on this day Stevie J reminds us the ‘G is a playing field     half-time at the pub another round of texting     lights on [Read more]

A short history of Geelong

The narrow yet convincing triumph over the Magpie juggernaut in round 8 instilled a belief in Cats fans that Collingwood could do a ‘Devon Loch’. Geelong’s final round devouring of the Pies was surely make-believe. Watching it in Galle, Sri Lanka, I thought it was a fix. And I reckon this anomalous result muddied pre-Grand [Read more]

Bolton Wanderers v Chelsea at Reebok stadium

by Basil Naimet. It was a return to Reebok stadium for Daniel Sturridge most of the 24,657 fans wished they didn’t experience, scoring two goals and having a hand in another on Sunday when Bolton took on Chelsea. His first goal came in the opening two minutes of play heading a gem from a corner. [Read more]

Geelong ninth best team of all time

GEELONG is the ninth best side ever according to one email floating around Melbourne. Geelong defeated Collingwood on Saturday to win their third flag in five years. Geelong would be the second best side of the AFL era thus far (1990-2011), with promises of more to come with the likes of Dan Menzel, Nathan Vardy [Read more]

A heartbreaking loss

I was one mouse click away from being in Sydney for Grand Final day but ultimately had enough stuff in my head telling me not to go. I didn’t and right at the bottom of my heart I now think it was the correct decision. I would have been dead set filthy on myself however [Read more]

The near demise of the McIntyre finals system

Let me be upfront about this – I don’t like the McIntyre finals system and believe it to be inherently flawed. The potential (as occurred this season) for the opening week finals matches involving sides three to six to be rendered all but moot by the top two sides winning their games is highly irritating. [Read more]

Knowing the Unknowable

  by Sam Steele Twenty minute mark of the 3rd Quarter.  Collingwood is five points ahead.  I sense they’re going the better. I used to refer to it as the D’Amico Moment, but over the years have renamed it (more chastely) the Matera Moment, the Ellen Moment and the Dew Moment. Here was my big [Read more]

The GF, not quite Doggie or Qld style

  by Mick Jeffrey What a week it has been in football was the opening line to many a Footy Show when a certain president oversaw the Melbourne ratings phenomena. For me it proved there certainly was a first time for everything as this was my first true Grand Final experience from inside the MCG. [Read more]

Book Launch: Europe @ 2.4 km/h


The Chorus and the Agon: The Blue and White Chorus Played a Role

  by Stephen Alomes   At most footy matches, cries of “Ball!”, exclamations about free kicks rightly or wrongly awarded and even Bronx cheers for ‘richly deserved’ points (rather than goals) don’t add up to very much.   They allow us to get things off our chests and to play to the peanut gallery, usually [Read more]

The sweetest one of all

  by Marcus Holt I’ve lived in exile in WA since I was 12 but my love for Geelong has never waned. I got a ticket to the 07 Grand Final by Divine intervention. In 08 my number came up in the ballot but I sent my son, The Heir, in my place. In 09 [Read more]

You may not like the teams but you had to like the game they played

    Many-Warringah Sea Eagles 24 d. New Zealand Warriors 10     JJ Leahy   If you support a team in any sporting competition, over time you will inevitably develop a pecking order of the other participants from your next favoured to your most disliked. For most supporters of teams other than this years grand [Read more]