2nd Test Sri Lanka v Australia Day 4

For those not au fait with cricket’s more obscure global locations, the neutral observer might better associate the “City of Kandy” with say, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or one of Heath Ledger’s more low-budget arthouse productions. As nightclub names go, it wouldn’t look out of place on King Street either. Kandy is located [Read more]

Frank Hyett

I don’t know much about Frank Hyett, but if any Alamancers know more, i would be interested in hearing. Sportsman who can reach the higher levels of their chosen sport tend to be rare when it comes those who are also active in left wing politics in Australia, which is why i am interested in [Read more]

Fortius Quo Haemmorhoids

Thanks to trmash on twitter.

What a bloody relief

This was a game we just had to win. Inexplicably a team with a 20-1 record had dropped the last round of the season by 96 points and now found themselves in a final facing a team with a 17-5 record, only half a game inferior to what got us top spot last year. Round [Read more]

Grand Finals Part I

  When my season finished in a deficit of four bitter goals and biffo, a big map of the country, with about 20,000 pinheads marking football ovals opened up. So, thanks to Sammy Harriott, I went home to the Otways. The tough, leathery bush champion had pulled his battered body together and come out of [Read more]

To the Pub for Cats vs Hawks!

The bittersweet month is upon us. I love September. But it comes with the knowledge that it will be followed by the long, bleak months of the off-season. This year comes with an extra bonus; the Rugby World Cup. The broadcast schedule for this weekend will give you some idea why I’m so happy. Friday [Read more]

GONE: It’s all Over, Including the Shouting

It’s 6.30am Sunday morning and my mind is buzzing.  It’s over, finito, Sydney Swans bundled St.Kilda out of the finals with a decisive, confident win.  They did it well from the beginning, pressure, pressure, pressure and we never had it in us to respond with success.  Perhaps the year from hell finally took its toll [Read more]

Carlton/Essendon discussion

The old rivals, heh.

A Day With Jim

DAY 3 AT KANDY A DAY WITH JIM Many, many of us have listened to the voice of Jim Maxwell from all around the world describing cricket to Australian aficionados.  I sat next to him on day three at the second test in Kandy. The day starts with Jim saying that he will be having [Read more]

Saints/Swans discussion

What do you reckon? First goal wins?

Irrepressible Tigers too good for dour Dragon

I arrived home in time for the dressing room shots. Hate missing them. ‘The Tigers have definitely got the best uniform.’ The legendary big red V cuts no ice with Sweetheart. Coach Tim Sheens, more statesmanlike every week as his beard thickens, and the Saints’ mentor, Wayne Bennett, are rock solid and calm. ‘Who’s the [Read more]

Great Scott, Scotty and Marsh too

  Today was just a little too much for me. What with day 2 of the Test, the Cats v Hawks and Adelaide (B&F) all live.  It was a dilemma Fortunately the test did not provide too many highlights from a spectator’s point of view with the exception of the Marsh and Hussey partnership.  The [Read more]

Collingwood/Eagles discussion

What do you reckon?

Cats/Hawks Discussion

Geelong 14.14.98 Hawthorn 9.13.57 Geelong into the Preliminary final. Hawks have to regroup, most likely without Buddy. Big injuries. A tough game. Cats fans are presumed happy. Hawks may feel the need to vent. What did you make of it folks?  

Blues Warrior reaches 200 games

University Blues has an extraordinary turnover of players. Every year huge numbers of students enrol and are drawn toward the picturesque oval. This is a double-edged sword for the club. It is a boon for recruiting but university students tend to travel or move when they complete their degree meaning many players only remain at [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Dean Wallis turned out to be the ratbag Hirdy remembered him as, and seeing as he is probably the only lowly paid coach out at Whingy Hill, his penalty has been relatively light.  But Angry Adrian has said that the Appalling Football [Read more]

Most Valuable Finals Players of the Past 40 Years

My ideal full-time job would be picking teams like this. With the finals starting tonight, I thought about what players I’d seen make the biggest impact in September. These are the blokes I’d like to run out against Geelong or Hawthorn tonight if my family’s life were on the line. Chances are I’ve overlooked another [Read more]

Australians on top in Kandy

DAY 1 AT KANDY Pallekele is a wonderful cricket ground in fact I would go further and say it is one of the most beautiful grounds in the world. A word of warning though.  I hope that they do not build pavilions all the way round the perimeter and so destroy the wonderful views of [Read more]

Finals time in the WAFL

The finals start in the WAFL on Sunday and only one of last year’s top four will be taking part. After their one-point loss in the Andrew Krakouer grand final last year only a premiership will do for top team Claremont. The Tigers haven’t been as convincing in 2010 and third-placed Subiaco is probably the [Read more]

Hidden Treasures

  by Andrew Gigacz The term “hidden treasure” is oft misused by the marketing types. But in the case of Footy Almanac functions it’s an apt one. Sure, we Almanackers know all know about them but the wider community does not have a clue of the golden moments they miss every time the ‘Nackers meet [Read more]