NRL R24: Celebrating Billy

I first visited Melbourne in 2000, a lads trip from Canberra in a busted-up Camry that lost both reverse and fifth gear mid-trek as Rohan, Bommy, The Judge and I all took our turns holding the bastard in fifth as we chugged down the Hume. It was the first time I had met Parko. We [Read more]

Club versus Country and Career

By Brett Northey, One of the side issues that was always going to emerge at the 2011 AFL International Cup (underway in Sydney with a record 18 men’s sides and for the first time 5 women’s teams) was the pull of club versus country.  And in many instances this is also career versus country. [Read more]

North v Freo preview

    I’m thrilled to be writing my second blog of the year for Footy Alamanac, after previously writing just before Round 2.   It has been a year of ups and downs for both Fremantle and North Melbourne. The boys in Purple started strongly but have slipped as the season goes on; in their [Read more]

Characters III: Almost Everybody Loved Brauz

    Almost everybody loved Brauz. I did, in spades. He was a freak of a player. CHF. Strong, like Ablett Sr. Could leap and kick like Ablett. Run and hit packs like Ablett. He had natural power. Head-to-toe. And never trained and was always on the grog. He would win any 400 race, but [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The ghosts are stirring at the Yarra Falls End as the tension continues at Victoria Park.  Mick wants the Black&White Army to give the opposition a Helluva time.  Eddie wants it to be a more Ra! Ra! Ra! sort of thing.  Are [Read more]

Non-Stop AFL?

John Weldon offer some thoughts on the possible future of AFL broadcasting over at the Conversation website.

Il Palio is loco

Being fortunate enough in our travels to have reached the gorgeous city of Florence, we planned a day trip to the neighbouring medieval town of Siena, population 60,000, about 100 kms away. In addition to its impressive medieval architecture, Siena is famous for Il Palio, the wild horse race that is conducted on a dirt [Read more]

What’s in a name?

Political correctness is a movement to promote tolerance, understanding and acceptance. I’m sure it is a valid movement as far smarter people than I have implemented it, advocated it, and supported it. To me though, it is un-Australian, at least in some part. The “Aussie” persona has been built on the knockabout, “she’ll be right [Read more]

Crio’s Racing: Moonee Valley 20 August

I don’t expect bookies to get any sympathies from punters. Sworn enemies, their motive is, of course, to get each other’s money. It is a simple stand-off, but in some ways also a reason why there’s a history of grudging mutual respect on a changing landscape. Once upon a time I’d only bet with a [Read more]

Sal’s Tips Round 22: The Great Rip Off

Sheez it really does feel like Round 22 – but on we go! I left a teaser last week for this week’s topic and that is the AFL plan to further rip off the fan by reducing the length of the game.  Seems like it is almost a done deal after listening to Vlad on [Read more]

WBA v Man U

I’m not sure where you’re reading this, probably in Reservoir, or Tooleybuc, or Tearabagapart, but if you are from one of those little Lanchy villages in the north-west of England (where third grade Australian cricketers have passed themselves off as batting all-rounders for rent, a job washing soot from window sills, and a pint or [Read more]

Fire Up

Fans who enjoy Rugby League can consider this the end of the rainbow because they have just found their pot of gold Stephen Ferris and I (Brett Oaten) host a rugby league “show” every Friday morning on FBI 94.5 in Sydney and have done so for many years. Our standards are so low that not [Read more]

Country footy: Waikerie Milestone

This week’s Football People story focuses on Waikerie ruckman Brooke Hoad and his achievement of playing 300 senior games.

Haiku Bob Round 21: length of the wing

  full moon Leon in every passage         a forward thrust as far as Tarrant’s fist and no further         six points such cheap reward for Wellingham’s goal         buds begin to flower – Fasolo plucks one from the pack         tucked under [Read more]

Keep The Rules The Way They Are

(An ode to Kevin Bartlett and the Rules Committee) by Michael Viljoen   (Sung to the tune of Just the Way You Are – B. Joel)     Don’t go changing the rushed behind rule We’ll try to keep the ball in play,  Mmm Sometimes I fumble across the goal line Disguised in my own [Read more]

One Hundred Years Ago: Round 16, 19th August, 1911

The VFL was more prepared to make allowances for interstate football one hundred years ago than it would ever consider today. The 50th jubilee of the codification of the games’ rules had seen a grand festival of football held in Melbourne in 1908 under the nominal auspice of the Australian Football Council. With nationalist fervour [Read more]

Rugby League comes to The Footy Almanac

Growing up as a young Canterbury diehard in Orange, when all you would get were two games a week on television and your main contact with the Big League came through Rugby League Week and The Daily Telegraph, the highlight of every Christmas was David Middleton’s Rugby League yearbook. The book was a goldmine for [Read more]

The Krakouers

In 1982, I was in Grade 6 at St. Pius X West Warrnambool and obsessed with the Krakouer brothers. I kept scrapbooks of newspaper clippings that said ‘BLACK MAGIC!’ and ‘KRAKOUER MAGIC!’ I wrote ‘JIM 3 KRAKOUER’ and ‘PHIL 8 KRAKOUER’ all over my books and pencil case.  I sat in the filtered sun in [Read more]

The Best and Fairest excuse

So I called the boss at the newspaper the other day. Said I wasn’t coming in. He asked why. “General soreness,” I said. “A bit of this, a bit of that. You know how it is.” “Um, no,” he said. “Not able to take the mark like usual. Not able to fly into the contests.” [Read more]

Berrigan boys

  by Glen Davis I tried a while ago to select a team from Berrigan, and adjacent areas in that part of the Riverina, but fell a few players short. How I left out/forgot Shane Crawford is staggering. I have taken on board the comments of fellow Almanackers such as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rocket, and his [Read more]