A disrupted start to the season for both Heart and Victory

Tom Riordan puts the disappointing start to the A-League season for Melbourne Heart down to injuries. He is prepared to cut manager John Aloisi a little slack, but is more worried about his Melbourne Victory’s loss of their manager to national duties.

Poetry: The first ball of the first Test

Vin Maskell offers some blank verse that touches on something elemental in first encounters of all kinds.

McKenzie’s new game-plan Cummins to fruition

Tim Ladhams reckons the Wallabies have turned the corner, and that Ewen McKenzie’s side is on track to be real contenders for the next World Cup.

Brisbane Launch and Cricket Chat with Francis Leach and Gideon Haigh

The lucky people of Brisbane can meet up with John Harms, Gideon Haigh, Francis Leach and other Almanackers at the Red Brick Hotel near the Gabba this Wednesday evening. Copies of the new Footy Almanac book for the 2013 season will be on sale on the night. We have all your Christmas shopping and drinking needs catered for in the one event.

The Talk is almost over: Ashes preview, Shield wrap and have we treated our guests too well?

Sean Curtain shows why he’s over-qualified to be an Australian selector, with this common sense review of the Shield season to date, and the lead-up to the First Test starting the day after the Almanac Book Launch in Brisbane this Wednesday. Thanks to all at Cricket Australia for working around the Big Event with their 3 day slap and tickle.

Sachin, Sachin, The Little Master

The greatest batsman of the modern era, and probably the second greatest willow wielder of all time, has pulled up stumps. Join Luke Reynolds in hailing the career of a model sportsman.

Crio’s Question – the Name Game

Ah, the name game – titles appropriate for your role in life. Cardinal Sin, anyone? What are your offerings?

Ashes Writers: Your Almanac Needs You

Invers writes for the Almanac, with a desperate plea for advice from the Almanac’s cricket experts over each day of the Ashes Test series. The Australian selectors have suggested a line-up, but all contributions are welcome. Let us know which day you want to kick Watto, or decry the modern game and how 20/20 has ruined everything. Original suggestions will also be published.

Standing on the Outside Lookin’ In: Golf on TV

Tony Robb has been watching Channel 7’s coverage of the Australian Masters golf. And he didn’t even need his angry pills to spit this one out.

It’s Footy Time Again

Missing the footy? Cast your mind back to the start of the season, when everything seemed possible, and old Fitzroy supporter Philip Mendes was musing on the experience of changing team allegiance. It’s not too early to get excited about anticipating next year…

A Mouthful of Flies

Congratulations to Sue Currie on the publication of her book A Mouthful of Flies, a telling memoir about the life of a nurse (the sole healthcare provider) in a remote Aboriginal community.

St Kilda – Who Cares?

Matt Watson reckons its home truths time at St Kilda. Nobody cares, and that’s not just their players. Yvette is in America; Glenn B lives in Kentucky; and DD is too busy trying to find a winner. But they know where you live, Matt.

Revising the Doom and Gloom Historiography: Fitzroy Football Club’s last golden era 1978-1986

Despite the doom and gloom impression history may have given you, in the early 80s Fitzroy were a “glamour team” of the VFL. Philip Mendes is keen to counter the negativity and prove that Fitzroy were up there with the best.

PNG – cricket contenders?

PNG have recorded a confidence-building win in their campaign to reach the 2015 World Cup. Adam Cassidy reports from the UAE on an exciting possibility.

Fan-Hate and Hate-Hate

A fan of a US College football team poisons the historic oak trees where fans of a rival have gathered for decades to celebrate victories. (He is caught when he phones a radio station to brag about it. Doh!) Who do you sport-hate and who do you hate-hate? A moral philosopher explains the difference in the attached article, but my list starts here.

Lost Italians and Spaniards in the Works

An Irishman, two Italians and five Spaniards with knives meet in the middle of nowhere. Has Dips O’Donnell written the next Tarantino movie plot? Or a lost dog story? Read on to find out.

Crio’s Racing: The invisible weekend

Crio usually enjoys this weekend, treating is as a top notch country Cup Day rather than comparing it with Flemington’s fleshfest. Join him in embracing what the weekend has on offer across Victoria.

It’s time for the AFL to say sorry to Fitzroy

The AFL would prefer the thousands of former royboys and roygirls to just forget how they railroaded Fitzroy out of existence, writes Philip Mendes. But when celebrating the history of the competition, there is still cause for mourning.

Cracks and Sizzles

Matt Zurbo is not a cricketer, but he has played a few times. [some interesting reflections on the game, and a nice comparison with footy – Ed]

Man-crushin’ LOVE

We all have our favourites or as you lot might say ‘man-crushes’ and it would take a pretty special player to replace that sort of favourite wouldn’t it? He’d probably have to be invincible. The type that can run through a brick wall and come out the other end without a scratch, fly higher than [Read more]