Round 9 – Port Adelaide v West Coast: Grave Danger

Port Adelaide’s descent into thuggery reminded Peter Baulderstone of their past ‘heroes’ like Grave Danger and ‘Chicken’ Hayes. Any Eagles away win is a good win. A fizzling cracker of a game (and Eagles season to date).

Round 9 – Hawthorn v Sydney: Passing the audit

Craig Dodson returns, once more, to the MCG to watch his Swans pass the toughest test in football

Women’s Footy – VFL: Seaford Start to Believe

Last Sunday, the Seaford Tigerettes made history as they became the first 2015 Division 1 side to defeat a 2015 Premier Division side. However, according to midfielder Kellie Saunders and coach Brett Alexander, it’s just the first step.

Round 9 – Hawthorn v Sydney: Life takes precedence over footy

Alex Darling perfectly surmises this week’s sincere responses to issues previously undiscussed: “the AFL community has grown up.”

Let’s Look Back at the Euros-Euro ’64 (Spain)

With Euro 2016 just around the corner, Dennis Gelding looks back at the 1864 UEFA European Championship or European Nations Cup as it was known in 1964.

Round 9 – Fremantle v Richmond: Pre-match in Latin

Thank the Lord for pathos, logos, Richmond and Freo says Middle Australia – and he should know.

Fitzroy Rotary Pick Round 9: Fighting Fury and Feathers Fly

Peter Hille updates us with the latest selections for Fitzroy Rotary Club.

About Sir Doug Nicholls (from the Australian Dictionary of Biography)

Sir Doug Nicholls was a wonderful man. Here is his entry in The Australian Dictionary of Biography (written by Richard Broome, published by MUP).

Eurovision Spectacles and Probity Illusions

Robbo on controversial decisions when discussing the final result of Eurovision.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 9 Preview (Follow up)

Cam with a quick follow up about

Haiku Bob – Round 8 – Light at one end

Haiku Bob and his unique take on the Pies round 8 win.

AFL Football- A game of moments

Poppy Penny on how AFL football is a game of moments when discussing the injury to Bob Murphy.

Round 9 Preview – Another load of Bull

Sal has an eye for the bovine in his Round 9 preview

Tom Wills Project: Auction of rare book

As part of the Tom Wills grave restoration project Gareth Andrews has donated a copy of the wonderful and rare book Wills Way. We are auctioning it here on the site.

Almanac Music: Frank Yamma on Tour

Frank Yamma, one of Australia’s most significant Indigenous songwriters is performing at Montrose Town Centre on the 28th. Well worth it!

North Melbourne v Carlton: Round 9 ancient history

Remembering Round 9 1978, Ironmike feels a sense of history repeating itself as the Kangas prepare for the Blues.

No. It couldn’t happen.

John Kingsmill isn’t a North fan but, in Leicester style, he maps out a scenario for an unlikely, improbable but still possible outcome for season 2016. He may be proved wrong as early as this weekend. We hope so.

Almanac Silly Buggers: Hail the brave half-marathoners of the Great Ocean Road

J Dunne and C Allan completed the half marathon the other day and wound up in the drink (not on the drink) with a couple of renowned athletes.

Almanac Soccer: Let’s Look Back at the Euros-Euro ’60 (France)

In the build up to Euro 2016 next month, Dennis Gedling provides an historical insight into the first UEFA European Championship.

Almanac Racing: Crio’s selections

If the horses are running you can be guaranteed Crio has them considered, here are his selections for this weekend.