Round 13 – Essendon v Greater Western Sydney: Sleeping Giants

GWS fan Gill ventured into Docklands and encountered a Giant hangover after their 100th celebrations the previous week.

Round 13 – Sydney v Melbourne: The weather gods and Craig Joubert have their say

Jan Courtin prepares for the Swans game against Melbourne with a replay of the Rugby International and her hopes for a percentage boost made difficult by the weather.

Round 13 – Essendon v Greater Western Sydney: Essendon won

Contrary to public record, Rod Oaten sees a W against Essendon’s name after the game against GWS, how can this be?

Confessions of a Maggot (Part 2)

Following his first Confessions of a Maggot, Rulebook continues his footy umpiring stories with this second installment.

Almanac Boxing: Et tu, Brute?

Harold Peacock reveals an historical perspective on Peter Jackson, The World’s Greatest boxer, buried in Roma Qld.

St Kilda’s late season prediction and captaincy in 2017

St Kilda had the bye and Yoshi assesses and predicts the fortunes for his Saints in the remainder of 2016.

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 19-6-16

All the weekend sporting results worth knowing and some others as well.

Round 13 – Sydney v Melbourne: Climbing to Cloud Nine

Joe and Kate Moore welcome young Ollie into the world and Dad and babe sit down to watch his first Swans match together. [Congrats Joe and Kate and welcome to our youngest Almanacker – JTH]

Round 13 – Fremantle v Port Adelaide: A club with hope in their minds, not knowledge

Chris Michaels is bewildered with Port Adelaide’s performance in Perth. He and 60,000 paid up members are seeking answers to a range of questions – and they “won’t be placated easily.”

Collingwood Bye Report 2016 (Floreat Pica Society)

Paul Harkin takes the opportunity of Collingwood’s mid-season bye to look at some 2016 predictions, nicknames and progressive voting in the Floreat Pica Society’s prestigious Horsburgh Medal.

Country Footy – Millewa League: The Price is Right and so is the Game

Citrus Bob Utber goes to a Millewa League footy match – where the curtain raiser is a women’s game – and enjoys the footy and the homemade fare.

Fishy Regulations

Robbo comments on the unintended consequences of regulation and how it might effect recreational fishing.

Almanac Weekend Read – The Scottish Women of the Great War

Neil Drysdale details the contribution of the Scottish Women’s Hospital Unit in Greece and Serbia during the First World War. Aided by some hardy Australian women. Bold women. (Fantastic read Neil -ed)

Women’s Footy – VFL: Jess Dal-Pos

Jess Dal-Pos lets us in on what it takes to make a supergroup like the Darebin Falcons.

Almanac Weekend Reading: ‘Hamilton,’ by Joe Posnanski

“Have you ever been the parent of a 14 year old girl?” Wonderful writing of shared experience here from NBC sports writer Joe Posnanski.

Almanac Cricket: Have you met your Heroes?

Neil Drysdale tells us about his five favourite Australian sporting identities, all with a Scottish connection of course.

The young Roys meet Jacko’s real people

The Fitzroy Under 9-S travelled to Heidelberg and learnt what real life is actually like.

Living as a Demon in a Swans Family

“Everyday I wish they would do it for Robbie”. Piffy brings a whole heap of personal meaning to this Sunday’s game between the Swans and Demons

In a hard year (Henry Lawson’s birthday)

On Henry Lawson’s birthday, David Wilson with an old-style poetic lament for the Collingwood, Fremantle and Brisbane hordes of 2016. Or for anyone who follows a struggling team.

Round 13 Preview – It’s a Pie Sore

Sal Ciardulli picks the Pies apart at the bakery before picking you some winners from the first bye round for 2016