Round 18 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: Even colder (Floreat Pica Society)

Luke Reynolds writes for the Floreat Pica Society this week; reporting on a Magpie first quarter that was colder than “a mother-in-law’s stare.”

Round 18 – Port Adelaide v GWS: There is the edge of insanity, then there is the abyss

Chris Michaels considers some tough questions around the Port Adelaide list. And his verdict is in.

VAFA – Fitzroy v St. Bede’s: Roys Pacifying Protagonists

After cutting work to catch the second half of the Fitzroy game on the weekend, Steve managed to avoid the cameras only to post about it on the Almanac. Don’t worry, mate, we won’t dob.

Round 18 – Hawthorn v Richmond: Saluting a Legend

All the Hawks’ fans were in shock as Mitchell had another 30+ game and they win – again – in his 300th.

VAFA – Fitzroy v St. Bede’s: The Ligris Henderson Procedure

Phil Hill, a great sport, entertained the crew at the Roys lunch, and then helped get the boys home in a tense game against the highly-fancied St Bede’s at Brunswick Street. Although he loves a dental metaphor, he goes with a medical image here. The Roys are coming. [Great game. Great win. – JTH]

Round 18 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: Overcoming Scary Dogs

Yoshi and the Saints overcome their fear of Bulldogs together.

The Sydney Sporting Double: Back-To-Back Thrillers a Long Way From Home

James Lang finds himself a foreigner of sorts: a South Australian at the NRL State of Origin and then at the Swans v Hawks clash.

Round 18 – North Melbourne v Collingwood: Meh-ness under the roof

Was there much point to this game for the general footy fan? Friday night and who cares. Young Paddy Grindlay reports. [That ‘meh’ word is gaining currency – never saw it when the Almanac first started. – Ed]

Round 18 – Sydney v Carlton: Ready the paddles…

Where’s that defibrillator? The Swans get the wobbles at the SCG, and so does Tom Bally.

Round 18 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: Finals, anyone?

Without Jake Stringer, the Dogs have no chance, young Andy Tuano predicted. Happily for his Saints, he was spot on.

Round 18 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: Saints collar Dogs in contest of wills

Braham Dabscheck reviews the game between the Dogs and Saints. Do the Sainters even dare think of the ‘F’ word?

Women’s Footy – VFL: Maddie Boyd

After Geelong’s upset win over Cranbourne in VFL Women’s, ruckman Maddie Boyd talks team culture, leadership and her future as the youngest Melbourne player.

The Final Stretch I: Casting Out into the Unknown

Cold hands, potato cakes and muddy grounds. Nick the Stats Guy reflects on his career as a junior footballer.

Almanac Motor-racing: Remembering Ayrton Senna

Neil Drysdale reflects on a legend.

Round 18 – Sydney v Carlton: Only one word describes it… RELIEF!

Jan Courtin is exhausted after her Swannies sneak over the line.

This one goes out to the mighty Mitch

Trucker Slim pays tribute to Sam Mitchell as he prepares for his 300th game. Is Sam Mitchell as good as Trucker would have us believe?

Round 18 – Preview: What about the fans for the fixture?

Sal previews Round 18 of the AFL and expects the Friars Under 19s to do better against Parkdale than the Blues will in Sydney.

Almanac Music: Stereo Stories in concert – via YouTube

So, you might have heard of the Almanac off-shoot called Stereo Stories and wondered, What’s it all about? How does it work, especially the concerts? Now, thanks to YouTube we can show you.

The Oceanic Adventures of Bev Package: Our Week on a Cruise Ship

Mickey Randall has been at sea. With a big and growing cast, including Billy and including Bev. New experiences cloaked in old, new locations forever now a part of life’s tapestry. “Isn’t this what people should do? With love, drape their stories upon an innocent geography…”

Round 17 – St Kilda v Melbourne: History repeating

Before heading off to Japan, Yvette watches the Saints with her extended family.