Almanac Cricket: Making sense of a second SCG Test

Dave Brown analyses the Sydney push for a second SCG Test.

Almanac Music: Ten Favourite Australian Albums of 2016

Andrew Fithall is a true music lover – and will sniff out new talent and take a tip and suss out anything and travel anywhere and has his finger on the pulse. Just like Luke Reynolds who was part of the inspiration for this piece.

Almanac Cricket: What next for Australia?

Citrus Bob Utber loves a selection discussion and, after reporting on the entire Test summer, he picks his squad to tour India.

Australia v Pakistan – Day 5: The SCG, its car park, a Giant, and a blond.

Jan Courtin and Marshall break from their walking tradition and drive to the SCG. Their retirement fund takes a hit with the parking ransom. But they’re in for a Happy Jan experience. [Vintage Courtin! Ed]

I thought of you

It’s been a wonderful few months for Doggies’ fans – especially this one, Neil Anderson, who has received many greetings from friends, who say the same thing: “I thought of you.”

Stereo Story: Rick Kane. Ben Lee. Good grief.

A mix tape for mourning? Rick Kane’s latest Stereo Story is typically candid and insightful.

Almanac Racing: New Year but old habits – defying logic again!

Plenty of old pros insist that betting on the youngsters is the winning way. There are just a few simple rules. Crio agrees and then ignores the evidence for his best on Saturday. It’ll end in tears unless ‘Knackers can find him a get-out. Help please!

Billy: the addiction’s doing push-ups

Andrew Starkie has been keeping us up to date with the struggle of Billy*. Here’s the next instalment.

Cricket. It’s child’s play.

An allegory. Of sorts. [Nice – Ed]

Almanac Golf: Golf Capital – PGA Tour returns for 2017 but a questionable Rio legacy

Hamish Neal’s column ‘Golf Capital’ is back. He builds on his pre-Christmas successes with some thoughts ont his weekend’s tournamnets – and beyond. He’s also got his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of sponsorship and marketing.

Almanac Wine and Footy: Rockford, Tanunda and how to cope with winter

Smokie and Marg have been in the Barossa where they visited Rockford just outside Tanunda. As Smokie noted, this is one of John Harms’s favourite places on the planet. Here’s a story about Robert O’Callaghan and Rockford from 2009. [I love this place – JTH]

Almanac Soccer – A-League 1,000: The Distance Edition

Hamish Neal with his musings on the upcoming Round 14 of the A-League.

Three reasons to support Pakistan in Sydney

Pat White has a lot of empathy ofr the forever-touring Pakistani cricketers. He’s calling for cricket fans to acknowledge their plight, respect their phenomenal effort, and support them in this Sydney Test match.

Almanac Cricket: Party Pies with Stuart Broad

From a young raw, cricketer learning his craft in Australia, Stuart Broad has turned into the Test cricketer he is today. Craig Dodson played his part in it all.

The Ripview Swim Classic in Point Lonsdale is over for another year

Anyone for ocean swimming? Col takes us through some of the trials and tribulations of the sport.

Whitsundays and the days are easy, so sports aplenty

Steve’s on holidays and happy about local (Fitzroy) prospects in the NBA.

I Barrack for the Dees

Why is Hawker Rick Kane now following the Dees? He’s got some very good reasons, none of which involve velcro. Daisy Pearce is just one of them.

Almanac Pro-running: The Bay Sheffield is run and won (and so is the Burnie Gift)

Paul Young tells us what happened in the time-honoured Bay Sheffield and in the time-honoured Burnie Gift. [Hope you took your lead from his form guide last month – Ed]

Australia v Pakistan – SCG Test, Day 1: Marvellous

Citrus Bob delights in some top-shelf Australian batting from the Big Ship, the Future Australian Captain and especially a “faultless, explosive, dynamic” DA Warner. Marvellous.

Almanac (BBL) Cricket: A Day At BBL06 (and WBBL02)

Nickthestatsguy spends an evening at the MCGfor the women’s and Men’s BBL game, and to visit the MCC Library and Museum. Nick really does love his stats.[Looking forward to more from Nick as he enjoys the school holidays – Ed]