Trick Knee

Peter Goldsworthy’s fine poem about an end-of-career sportsman. [oustanding - Ed]

NTFL Round Two Wrap-Up

Jackson Clark updates us on the second round of NTFL matches in the Top End.

Shock News: Pakistan lose the unloseable

Peter Baulderstone holds his nose after Australia’s “miracle” last over ODI win against Pakistan at the home of cricket in Abu Dhabi. The ICC must think we are all mugs. World Cup – who cares?

Seasons in the Sun (Part 2) – Leg Theory

Callum O’Connor’s cricketing travails continue as his opening spell is Harmisonesque. What to do when the skipper offers redemption via an over at the death?

Dear Gillon: Tears before Tradetime

Keiran Croker may be paranoid, or the AFL may be out to get his Swans with their sudden crackdown on the COLA and the Swans trade opportunities.

NFL: Eagles-Giants rivalry Q & A in preparation for the big clash

Philadelphia Eagles’ fan Scott Langford and New York Giants’ fan Cody Royle have a (very civilized, I must point out) debate about the big upcoming rivalry game between their two teams.

AFL Round Trade – Citizens v Consumers: Dreams matter

E.Regnans was familiar with the commodification of football. But trade week has made him uncomfortable with the commodification of footballers. What price dreams?

Old (woollen) footy jumpers: An early photo of KB the Bulldogs fan

Well that’s three things I didn’t know. Thanks to Neil Anderson for telling us (1) that KB barracked for Footscray when he was a kid (2) that KB went to Hawksburn Primary and (3) he’s hardly changed a bit. Ripper photo.

Football in Australia: “The World Game” – Is this marketing phrase a tad deceptive?

Miles Wilks takes issue with soccer appropriating the marketing slogan of “the World Game”.

A tippler discovers Bulldogs aphorisms

Over a glass of wine or two, Barb Smith reads Caro’s analysis Peter Gordon’s press conference and has a few thoughts of her own.

AFL Grand Final – Sydney v Hawthorn: The Sweetest Victory of All

Magpie William Schack relives the Hawks Grand Final victory, and contemplates where it sits in the pantheon of Hawthorn premierships.

AFL Round 18 – Review: Roasting Rowdy

JTH spent Saturday night at Rowdy’s 50th birthday celebration where the family room became Bay 13 for 40+ revellers (and more?)

Mental Health Week: Black Dog to Goal Posts (Reprised)

This piece by Jason Kevin Groves from 2011 is one of the most eloquent descriptions of the journey into and out of serious depression. (Hope you are doing well Jason. Give us an update on your footy or personal adventures – Ed.)

Crio’s Racing: The Silk Department

Caulfield Guineas day brings out the best horses and the serious form analyst in Chris Riordan. Brother Budge; Oges; Jock; DD; Elvis and Cowshedend (unless he asks to be traded to Best Bets) offer their expertise.

New Bulldogs Coach: “A good government (sorry footy club) was losing its way”

Peter Baulderstone was wondering where he had heard the Bulldogs President’s speech before? He thinks he knows who the next coach will be.

Official Calendars 2015: Remaindered Stock – Any Offers?

Peter Baulderstone noticed some AFL merchandise collector’s items at the newsagent. “Official” Ryan Griffen/Adam Cooney Bulldogs and Dayne Beams Collingwood 2015 calendars anyone?

Who is Running the Show? And the Caulfield Guineas Preview

Sal gives his thoughts on the trade period, and takes a look at the Guineas meeting.

One Lousy Point

In a rather miraculous result the Reed-Smith tipping comp comes down to the wire.

(Insert Here: Bulldogs……)

Crio reckons the world; the fates; the punt; and the AFL are against him and his Bulldogs. Strong supporting evidence. But the Western Empire is fighting back, and wants Callan Ward for Ryan Griffen. And Sanderson for McCartney.

Speed, racer

The serious injury to F1 driver Jacques Bianchi has Matt Watson wondering about the role of speed and danger in our love of motor racing.