The Extraordinary Generosity Of A Brotherhood Of Footy Clubs

What a brilliant concept: a world-wide family of “brother clubs” assisting each other in any way they can. And it all started with Pyramid Power and Facebook.

London: Good Service on the Piccadilly Line

Mickey Randall is a terrific observer. He was recently in London, again.

Asian Cup: Australia and South Korea into the semi-finals

Roy Hay was at the rectangular stadium in Melbourne to see South Korea get through to the semis, before catching the Tim Cahill show on TV.

The Accident at Tashi Lapsa Pass – Part Ten: ‘Policies’ and ‘Procedures’

Having finally arrived at Hospital, the full extent of Louise’s injury becomes clearer. And then the ‘fun’ truly begins.

Crio’s Racing: Long Weekends and Longer Memories

Crio surveys the long weekend offerings from Moonee Valley, Sandown, Yea, Great Western, Yarra Valley, Hanging Rock and Balnarring. Buy yourself a celebratory or consoling dozen from the top wineries on the way to the track. Tips please.

Footy Fiction on 3RRR

Tony Wilson is enjoying a stint back on 3RRR’s Multi-Storied. Yesterday he was joined by authors Nicole Hayes (The Whole of my World) and Catherine Harris (The Family Men) to discuss how footy is reflected in fiction. A great listen.

Asian Cup: China awake

Patrick Skene looks at China’s path to tonight’s quarter final against Australia. What has happened in recent times in Chinese football?

Tennis: A day at the Open

Rod Oaten spends his annual day at the Aus Open, handles the conditions, and sees a variety of good tennis from the international cast.

Damir Dokic: Food Critic? 20 Tennis questions that baffle Lord Bogan

The easy melancholy that comes with watching the Australian Open raises a number of baffling questions for Lord Bogan aka Phil Dimitriadis.

2015 Asian Cup: Spanning the Cup “Nobody Believes in Us…”

Hamish Neal provides your ‘what-you-need-to-know’ one-stop-shop for tonight and Friday evening’s 2015 Asian Cup Quarter Finals. You’re welcome.

Tennis as a Game of Beauty and Well-Being

Philip Mendes recalls falling love with tennis after his grandmother passed her trusty wooden-framed racquet on to wide-eyed eight year old boy. From the streets of Caulfield to centre court at Kooyong, Tennis has been a life-long love affair for Philip.

The Accident at Tashi Lapsa Pass – Part Nine: Treatment in Kathmandu

Despite a raft of setbacks, Louise finally makes it to a hospital in Kathmandu for treatment on her broken leg.

Maningrida Footy – A World Away (but getting closer)

Wesley Hull tells his story of community footy in the remote Northern Territory. Some great work being done in the Indigenous community of Maningrida. Local footy at it’s best.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Thirteen): The Return of Statler and Waldorf

The mighty Lower Plenty Thirds edge closer to booking a finals spot amidst consternation from those who are, as The Benevolent Leader will undoubtedly agree, Muppets.

Asian Cup – Japan 2 Jordan 0: Japan Cruise into the Quarter Finals

Another great 2015 Asian Cup match report from Roy Hay. The Blue Samurai of Japan hold off a dogged Jordanian outfit to secure a Quarter Final berth against the United Arab Emirates on Friday night in Sydney [And the editorial coordinator’s man-crush on Gotoku Sakai continues. Am I right, ladies? – Ed]

Once Was Flinders Park

As day one at the Australian Open gets under way, Emma Westwood fondly recalls her love affair with Mats Wilander [as do lots of the ladies – Ed], his army of Nordic supporters and how the Australian Open tennis is inextricably linked to the loss of a friend.

Tennis Party

John Harms on tennis.

Taking flight

He tells me about the pigeons. Racing pigeons. He tells me about the nuns. Swimming nuns. He tells me about skin cancer, and marathons.

The Accident at Tashi Lapsa Pass – Part Eight: Journey to Hospital

In part seven of The Accident, Louise – now reunited with her husband Bijay and daughter Shanaia – begins the journey from the helicopter to the hospital. If you think that doesn’t sound like a big deal, you’ve obviously never driven in a developing country…

Australian Open Women’s Single – S.Stosur v M.Niculescu: I was Lucky to Keep up the Match

Yoshi overcame the tyrannies of geoblocking to get his serve of the Aussie Open today, starring Kei and Sam.