Crio’s Racing: The Silk Department

Caulfield Guineas day brings out the best horses and the serious form analyst in Chris Riordan. Brother Budge; Oges; Jock; DD; Elvis and Cowshedend (unless he asks to be traded to Best Bets) offer their expertise.

New Bulldogs Coach: “A good government (sorry footy club) was losing its way”

Peter Baulderstone was wondering where he had heard the Bulldogs President’s speech before? He thinks he knows who the next coach will be.

Official Calendars 2015: Remaindered Stock – Any Offers?

Peter Baulderstone noticed some AFL merchandise collector’s items at the newsagent. “Official” Ryan Griffen/Adam Cooney Bulldogs and Dayne Beams Collingwood 2015 calendars anyone?

Who is Running the Show? And the Caulfield Guineas Preview

Sal gives his thoughts on the trade period, and takes a look at the Guineas meeting.

One Lousy Point

In a rather miraculous result the Reed-Smith tipping comp comes down to the wire.

(Insert Here: Bulldogs……)

Crio reckons the world; the fates; the punt; and the AFL are against him and his Bulldogs. Strong supporting evidence. But the Western Empire is fighting back, and wants Callan Ward for Ryan Griffen. And Sanderson for McCartney.

Speed, racer

The serious injury to F1 driver Jacques Bianchi has Matt Watson wondering about the role of speed and danger in our love of motor racing.

The Results Are In: a review of the 2014 Best and Fairest winners and Top 10 placings per club

Sean Curtain analyses this year’s AFL club best and fairest award results.

The Footy Almanac Podcast: Episode 20 – Shane Anderson

With footy season done and dusted, the podcasters re-convene on the couch with an eye towards spring racing. This week, they’re joined by RSN radio and Sky Racing’s Shane Anderson

Sponsorships are available for this year’s Footy Almanac

We are busily finalising The Footy Almanac 2014. Sponsorships are available for the book.

Glory Glory to South Sydney

Arabella Douglas explains the significance of South Sydney to her family, and the place of rugby league in her Aboriginal community. [This is a powerful piece which conveys the depth of connection between people and rugby league - Ed]

Redfern All Blacks – Keeping the ball in motion

Patrick Skene watched the Redfern All Blacks do battle with Bondi United, institutional racism and their personal demons. (The most engaging, enjoyable, wide ranging, eye opening, heart warming, provocative piece you will read anywhere this week – Ed.)

What my Footy Club means to me

Joe Moore loves his footy club, and tells us why. What does your footy club mean to you?

How Mum finally fell in love with Football

Vaughun Menlove’s mum never cared for football. And then along came the A League, Melbourne Victory and Danny Allsop.

American Football Week 5: Boyhood memories of the Minnesota Vikings

Prof Bruce Bergland remembers Monday Night Football as a boy in Minnesota. Bruce is the editor of The Allrounder, an American Sportswriting site (mentioned by Peter Baulderstone in Crio’s Question this week). The Footy Almanac and The Allrounder will be looking out for each other. This piece was first published at our new American football writing site.

No Sporting Life

Rod Oaten has a tale we can all relate to – what to do once the footy is over?

Wanganeen Wizardry

Thanks to Peter Argent, we can see that Gavin Wanganeen can still turn it on at 41.

AFL Grand Final – Sydney v Hawthorn: I got a golden ticket

When is too much Hawthorn Grand Final celebration never too much? When the writing is as good as Crash Thompson’s memories of grand finals recent and distant.

M. Goodyear. Let’s Hope It Is.

Paddy Grindlay’s school mate Matty Goodyear is waiting on the AFL Draft. Paddy has his fingers crossed for Matt (and hopes he ends up in a Tigers jumper).

Two Grand Finals too many

A despondent Les Everett ruminates on the WAFL and AFL Grand Finals and, briefly, the fun of the Footy Almanac Grand Final lunch.