Sports Writers Festival – Invitation to Almanackers

The Sports Writers Festival is on tomorrow evening at Fed Square in Melbourne. We’ve got a few passes to give away to Almanackers. Click through for details.

Almanac Music: Spoiler and ‘Another One Bites the Dust’

Mulcaster offers his inimitable memories of his younger days. Debts owed to mates and spray-on red satin dresses. For gentlemen “of a certain age”.

AFL Bang for Buck Cup: Why Hawthorn didn’t really win the 2015 premiership

Where did your club rank in 2015 if you take their performance at the draft table into account?

Almanac Racing – Weiry and Michelle’s celebratory tour heads to the Forest.

Their banner meeting has come just at the right time – Ballarat gets to pay homage to Cup champs Weiry and Michelle and punters will be loading up on them all day. It’s the local highlight on a weekend of many options, including Group One glory in Perth. Tips please!

SANFL Season 1977 – Round 1: A New Hope

Swish relives the year his Dogs broke, 1977, via the SANFL Round 1 Budget.

Almanac Soccer: A-League 1,000: The Tactics Edition

Hamish Neal previews this week’s A-League action.

Almanac Mixed Martial Arts: Making sense of a disturbing weekend

John Harms describes the weight of a weekend when he is challenged to be honest about what goes on in the human heart. [Yes, it’s complex JTH – Ed]

Answers to the Aus v NZ 2nd Test Quiz

The WACA Test was a puzzling affair. But Jeff Dowsing has found all the answers.

Training for six – Chapter 2: Training for two

Matt Zurbo shows that footy training can be varied and fun, even when there are only two of you. Everything you need to know to lock up the B&F next season.

Almanac Cricket: Sean O’Dwyer’s debut

Sean O’Dwyer, the son of former Melbourne, Woodville and Eagles footballer Des, makes his Adelaide district cricket debut for West Torrens. Pics and words from Peter Argent.

Crio’s Q? – When Play Never Stops!

Don’t you love it when the marketing tags manage to unintentionally highlight a flaw in the product? Cricket’s a soft target.

Yoshi’s Soap Box

I stay loyal to the mighty Saints – Yoshi gives us the Kyoto version of The Run Home.

Almanac music: driving lessons in the suburbs with Arcade Fire

Award-winning Yarraville writer Nick Gadd takes his daughter for a driving lesson, starting at Bunnings in Altona.

WACA thoughts (it’s the economy, stupid: crowds, stadiums and why cricket must play (foot)ball)

Shannon Gill looks towards the imminent loss of the WACA, seeing it as further evidence of the AFL propping up cricket grounds in Australia.

Retirement of Mitchell Johnson

Share your thoughts and impressions of Mitchell Johnson, who has announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket.

Almanac Cricket: Views from outside the clique welcome

Shannon Gill is impressed with the new direction taken by ABC radio this summer. The game has been crying out for fresh voices, prepared to speak up.

Melbourne Launch of The Footy Almanac 2015 – 19 Nov.

The Melbourne launch is on. Details here. All welcome. See you there. Spread the word.

Martin Flanagan in conversation with Bob Murphy at the Wheeler Centre

Martin Flanagan in conversation with Bob Murphy at the Wheeler Centre. [This film runs for an hour and is well worth seeing – Ed]

When the going gets weird, the weird get to the cricket.

So what are the young cricket crowd saying? [Thinking?] And who is in a cricket crowd? And in cricket terms what is a WASP? Peter Baulderstone had been at the cricket and sends us this comment.

Australia v New Zealand – WACA Test, Day 3: Hope

How do we value anything? David Wilson on WACA Day 3, Paris, hope and acceptance. Our behaviour remains predictably irrational.