Almanac Music: Songs to Brush By

Nothing like classic rock-and-roll anthems to turn even the most mundane chore into a festive jam session. Dips O’Donnell shares some of his favorites.

Help! Boxing Doco on Peter Jackson

David Latham plans a documentary on 19th-century boxer Peter Jackson, who won the Australian heavyweight title in 1886, and seeks experts who might appear on camera.

You Just Can’t Beat a Wool Footy Jumper

The wool footy jumper is about to make a comeback, reports Craig Dodson, who can’t wait to add a new one to his Sydney Swans/Brad Seymour model from the 1980s.

Little Local Larrikins Part Four: New-Found Form in a Tight Finish

Sean Mortell overcomes both numbing cold and talented opponents with some of his best play of the season to keep Eltham in the tennis match against Eaglemont.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: A Winning Attitude is Habit-Forming

Should we be worried True Believers? Cam Hooke searches for some reassurance following the Pies lacklustre display against the Bulldogs on Saturday evening.

Don Bradman Lives Next Door – A Cricket Musical

If you like your cricket and you like your live theatre, then April 12th is your perfect storm of cricket-themed theatre. Read more…

Who Will Stand Up To FIFA?

The repercussions of FIFA’s decision to award Qatar the 2022 World Cup continue to impact soccer’s governing body. Vaughan Menlove hopes that the compensation packages handed out to the powerful European leagues don’t come at the expense of grass-roots football.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Round 22 of the A-League

Dennis Gedling with the Good bad an ugly for Round 22 of the A-League. We’re off to Bhutan!

Remember…Billy Nicholls

Adjusting to life after professional sport ends is a struggle for many former players. Rohan Cooper charts the trajectory of former Hawk and Tiger, Billy Nicholls.

Gideon Haigh snags a flag – at last

The Almanac congratulates Gideon Haigh on his role in the Yarra Thirds’ premiership win last Saturday. But Jim Young has some serious concerns. [Leave Gideon a message – Ed]

Hometowns and Upside Down Frowns

Josh Pinn celebrates 25 years since deciding to follow the North Melbourne Kangaroos. Can one’s choice of team be rationalised? Josh makes a good fist of it; there’s been a lot to enjoy. Bring on 2015.

ICC World Cup 2015 – Semi Final time: limits stretch only so far

E. Regnans identifies a crash or crash through, high risk high-rewards approach from teams in this World Cup, He thinks India might be the one. But I suspect he will be happy with contests where the ball talks and wickets matter.

The Almanackers: M is for Mosig

Our M writers are prolific. See who they are and enjoy some of their words.

Almanac Music: On Record

Everything old is new again. As the demand for music on vinyl experiences a resurgence in the digital age, Keiran Deck interviews Phil Place from Dynamite Records in Canberra

Crio’s Q? Game Abandoned

The remarkable conclusion to yesterday’s Brisbane Roar vs Wellington Phoenix game in the A-League has sent Crio down memory lane for some of the most bizarre conclusions to sporting contests you’ve seen or been involved in – nature enforced, or otherwise.

Matt Spangher to Launch the Footy Season – April 1 at the Royal Melbourne Hotel

Our 2014 cover model and son of Almanac favourite Enzo will join us for dinner at the Royal Melbourne Hotel on April 1.

Stereo Stories Tour Dates

Stereo Stories, the music and memoir project founded by Almanacker Vin Maskell, has two shows coming up. Pop in if you’re in the neighbourhood.

Pure XTC

All the world is football shaped, so why didn’t XTC kick that ball well and truly into space? Jeff Dowsing looks at a band who should have been one of the biggest groups of the U.K’s New Wave movement in the early 80s

Wool Team: Riverina nominations

Here’s some noms for footballers who come from a wool background in New South Wales and especially the Riverina. We haven’t got a team yet. Please add local champions as well.

A Footy Almanac Yarn about Writing Footy Almanac Yarns

“Singapore’s only no repeat work day;” Words that could only be found in a Mickey Randall yarn for the Footy Almanac. From downtown Singapore, the day when Mickey heads back to the Adelaide Oval via Glenelg looms. Go Tiges!