Mitch Clark’s Mental Courage

Joe Moore sticks up for Mitch Clark and reckons that his obligations to his own health outweigh football and contractual issues.

AFL Finals- Week 1 Review: The End of The Kennett Curse, Wharfies and Tom Jones

Earl O’Neill covers the 4 games of the first week of the finals, admiring the work of a star Swan, two long haired gun young forwards and and a singer with a voice of gold.

AFL Qualifying Final-Sydney v Fremantle: Buffer Zone

Tom Bally was worried how the rain would affect his Swans in their Qualifying Final against Fremantle. Turns out his biggest worry on the day was being seated next to a tinnitus inducing fellow Swan fan.

The People’s Elbow — The 2014 Post-mortem: Screwing a Wrinkle in the Hide

The People’s Elbow is joined by Tony Moclair to conduct a post-mortem on Carlton’s season and give a diagnosis for 2015. Includes an unearthed gem that demonstrates Carlton was 20 years ahead of Port Adelaide.

Upcoming lacrosse finals around Melbourne

With footy finals going on all over the place, I thought I would bring to your attention another sport which has finals scheduled over the next couple of weeks. Lacrosse. Over the next couple of weeks, there will be lacrosse finals played all over Melbourne. Check out the roster to see if they are playing near you.

The Boomers and the “insult” of tanking accusations: Spare me

The Boomers didn’t try to win, contrived to lose, could have won if they needed to or wanted to enough, and now have egg on their face and funding out of their pockets as a result. There’s no tanking by Sean Curtain in his analysis of tanking claims against the Boomers.

Finals Bliss: Who will tell a story; make us believe?

Inspired by Peter Carey’s novel Bliss, David Wilson tells a fable about finals footy, a bloke called Des Pair and his mate Des Peration. And a hippopotamus called Self-Doubt

The top 20 crickety things you need to get straight for the upcoming season

Patrick O’Brien’s Saints are on holidays and his mind has turned to the summer game.

AFL Round 14- Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: Schulz to King One, Checkmate

Grab yourself a glass of Mataro and settle in as Port Power man Dan Hansen takes us back to Round 14 for a Schulz inspired win over the Bulldogs, as well as taking us right back to the mid 80’s on a mid-season Adelaide Uni Chess, ahem, Football Club winery trip.

Crio’s Question: Is there life after footy?

Crio asks how Almanackers plan their transition away from footy to other sports and pastimes, now that the number of fans with skin still in the game is thinning.

AFL Elimination Final: North Melbourne v Essendon – two mates in a garage

The garage is home to a lot of tools. During the elimination final, no one went for a hammer as Matt Watson and his mate AJ watched their teams battle it out.


‘Who are you?’ Gregor Lewis asks of the teams in the finals. And if they don’t know the answer, they’re playing catch-up footy too late.

East Coburg CC Sports Night (Sep 16) with Matthew Lloyd

East Coburg CC always do a top function. Come and hear Matthew Lloyd on Sep 16.

AFL Finals – Week 1 Review: Good footy

JTH enjoyed a weekend where footy was the winner and Port Adelaide took over as the team who play the game as it should be played.

AFL Qualifying Final – Sydney v Fremantle: Voltaren and Victory

Joe Moore was laid up with a bad back, but his Swans carried him over the couch in a bone jarring clash with the Fremantle Dockers.

AFL Elimination Final – North Melbourne v Essendon: The Eight Stages of a Finals Win

Kangaroos diehard Smokie Dawson takes us through all the stages of anticipation, helplessness and euphoria that were part of his Saturday night at the MCG.

The Kangaroos Fab Five (plus two)

Rob Chanter revisits his Famous Five prediction of Kangaroos favourites from earlier in the season. Wouldn’t you know it, 6 months ago he picked the influential performers from Saturday night.

AFL Elimination Final – Port Adelaide v Richmond: A long drive home

The road trip was exciting. The lead-up was exciting. There was yellow and black aplenty, in enemy territory. And that was it. Cheryl Critchley shares her disappointment and wonders whether daughter Jess really will look to the Suns.

AFL Qualifying Final – Hawthorn v Geelong: Ghost of a Mission Accomplished

Mick Gwyther denies that the woollen beanie is only for the crazy, except when his Hawks are well clear of Geelong in the final quarter of a final.

Built for September

Sam Henty chronicles a thrilling finals win by the North Warrnambool Eagles and their Captain Courageous Barlow.