Almanac Book Review: My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans by Jan Courtin

Keiran Croker reviews Jan Courtin’s recently published book, My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans.

Round 23 – Sal’s Preview: The Goodbye Round

Sal provides value in his tips for Round 23, The Goodbye Round, time to say goodbye to 2016 for Carlton and a few others.

Haiku Bob – Round 22 – the far corners (A Dane Swan Tribute)

Instead of his weekly match report, and in the wake of Dane Swan’s sad and slightly premature retirement, Haiku Bob has waded through his haiku match reports over the years and come across a highlights reel of his own. Thanks for the memories, Swanny.

1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 18: Focus Puller

Gordon Agars spend a wet week indoors, exploring the latest home entertainment options, before venturing out for the last minor round of the AUFC 1986 season.

50 Years On – The Final Round 1966

Saints scramble home in the last game of the season to cement their place the 1966 finals.

Almanac Racing – Memsie Stakes Day

Last week’s anticipation was misplaced. The Valley was dreary. Some of the racing was good but it was a long way from spring. Thus I’m wary to hype Saturday’s first Group One in Melbourne this season, knowing that there are many better days ahead. Yet it’s only 5 weeks until the Epsom and the Guineas [Read more]

Round 22 – North Melbourne v Sydney: The Swans Journey

Keiran Croker travelled to Hobart to watch Sydney against North at Blundstone Arena and reflects on the journeys of other Swans.

Almanac Golf: Golf Capital – Park victorious in Rio on stellar weekend for South Korea

What does Rio and Luck have in common, both part of Hamish Neal’s Golfing round up.

Fitzroy Rotary Pick One Comp 2 Update R22

Peter Hille with his Rotary Tip One update: Last week we lost 2 on the Demons. One round to go then a bye!

Round 21 – Fremantle v Adelaide: A Classic Sunday

Aidan Hammond (age 10) paints a perfect picture of home life during the footy season, this time watching Crows v Dockers. [Great stuff Aidan – Ed]

Round 22 – Richmond v St. Kilda: Kalyekeh versus Kalyekeh

Yvette Wroby enjoyed watching the Saints defeat Richmond, a great day out almost ruined by Football and saved by a Red White and Black Pokemon.

Round 22 Review: Fearless – Injuries just might determine September outcomes, even with a bye…

Round 22 receives the typical Fearless review, no holding back or pulling punches, sorry Rory.

Round 22 – GWS v Fremantle: When the General talks

Kath Presdee watched Giant Jonathon Patton play his best game of footy, seemingly back from his injury woes in the form befitting a number one pick.

Almanac League: NRL Round 24 – Souths v Cronulla: Chumbawumba

Paul Macadam’s Cronulla Sharks were hot, now it seems they’ve gone cold, losing this time to Souths.

Sloane has been crucified

Rulebook is not holding back when it comes to the Rory Sloane charge and penalty, innocent of all charges.

Almanac Fiction: Thunderballers

Rob Bath has dusted off a short story that was already dated when first published in the 1980s, being set some 20 years earlier. Anybody remember the extreme sport known as Pigeon Toe?

Round 22 – North Melbourne v Sydney: Clean Up Your Act, ‘Roos

Andrew Starkie avoided watching North Melbourne play Sydney by resorting to thoroughly cleaning his house. (More productive than the ‘Roos forwards – Ed.)

The Crumbers

Inspired by Eddie Betts starring in his 250th game last weekend, Damian Balassone reflects on footy’s great crumbers.

Almanac Books: My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans

Those that know Jan Courtin know of her passion for the Swans. Jan has published a book about her life and this passion, based around her Footy Almanac postings and with some great photos.

Almanac Olympics: Polishing Tarnished Ideals (an extract from the Griffith Review 53 – Our Sporting Life)

In this essay, extracted from The Griffith Review 53 – Our Sporting Life, John Harms remembers two wonderful months immersed in the theory and practice of Olympism at the little-known International Olympic Academy, at Ancient Olympia, in Greece.