Talking trots and Trotsky and the distribution of dog tracks

Crankypete needs your help. It’s to do with the spatial distribution of trotting tracks in south eastern Australia…

Era, era on the wall; 2000-2010

Ahh the noughties. The game as we knew changed significantly as footy got as roof over its’ head and the era where totally professional football created some unwanted distractions for those easily led astray. Dynasties were created while other clubs went far and wide looking for salvation. Clubs or Regimes? Corporates or Fans? Jeff Dowsing gives us his review of footy in a new millennium in what has been a fantastic series.

January 1933 – The Empire Strikes Back

Sit back and make yourself comfortable. Peter Warrington has an idea to share. And he’s made a magnificent start, with an account of the cultural and sporting events of January 1933 as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald [A mighty effort – Ed].

From Winton to the Whitsundays

I reckon most Almanac readers will agree with Steve Earl when he writes that the front bar of a pub is always good for a character with a yarn. Here’s one about a reluctant VFL player – who won a flag with the Blues before finding himself in all sorts of far flung places.

Australia v New Zealand – WACA Test, Days 4 and 5: Hmmm (it’s only the beginning)

David Wilson tidies up Days 4 and 5 from the WACA last week with seven key learnings.

Rioli Tops NT Draft Prospects

Draft-watchers: Wesley Hull brings news of exciting young footballers out of the Top End. His family name is well known, but Daniel Rioli is not alone.

The Ballad of Shaun Marsh

James S & the Jolimont Street Band have released their latest single. But it’s a 33 not a 45, just like the subject’s average.

The Footy Almanac 2015 is out – order now!

The Footy Almanac 2015 is out now. Purchase your copy.


Paddy Grindlay gets to play with a Richmond legend, Trout (from Woodend). [Batting against Paddy is no picnic either-Ed]

My Greg Chappell Hat

Mickey Randall salutes his Greg Chappell hat. [Classic recollection of an amateur cricketer and golfer and his hat. Brill – JTH]

Almanac Golf: The Masters’ Apprentice

Peter Senior wins the Masters. Great story but not the result Tony Robb had hoped for, or Australian golf needed.

US Sport, Cigars and New York City

David Griffin takes a waft of the New York sporting landscape and exhales with a unique experience.

Our sports writing magazine Long Bombs to Snake is out now

Long Bombs to Snake: Stories from Australian Sport is out now. See what’s in it.

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My Saintly brothers and sisters … in Jake, we must now trust!

Jen Muirden asks that her fellow Saints give Jake a go.

Almanac Music (and lists): Top 15 songs of 2015

It’s only Christmas songs from here on in so Paul Campbell gives us ’15 of the best. Over to you Trucker Slim.

Urban Highs and Lows

Urban living in the digital age: how social density combined with social isolation results in social stress. Peter Robertson looks at the role of sport and sporting clubs in contemporary life. [Thoughtful consideration of an important issue – Ed]

Open Letter to Jake Carlisle from Yoshi

Yoshi is angry and is not going to take it anymore. Jake Carlisle’s attitude and behaviour that is. Jake, you’re on notice.

Sports Writers Festival – Invitation to Almanackers

The Sports Writers Festival is on tomorrow evening at Fed Square in Melbourne. We’ve got a few passes to give away to Almanackers. Click through for details.

Almanac Music: Spoiler and ‘Another One Bites the Dust’

Mulcaster offers his inimitable memories of his younger days. Debts owed to mates and spray-on red satin dresses. For gentlemen “of a certain age”.

AFL Bang for Buck Cup: Why Hawthorn didn’t really win the 2015 premiership

Where did your club rank in 2015 if you take their performance at the draft table into account?