Bowled (Canna) Lily – Park Cricket in 1970s Elizabeth

Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt revisits the battlefields of childhood, and the characters that made those informal test matches forever memorable.

Why Footy is Attractive for a Japanese Bloke

Yoshi Imagawa strives to explain what he finds attractive and unique about Australian Rules footy.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Round 6 of the A-League

Dennis Gedling’s weekly A League wrap reviews a very competitive round, and unveils our Asian Cup mascot (hats off to Roy and HG).

A Gunn & Moore for all seasons

Craig Dodson beautifully shares the triumphs and tribulations of life alongside his trusty Gunn & Moore. It’s a special relationship between man and cricket bat.

Cricket: Killed by the ICC, with the dagger, in the cellar

Dips O’Donnell is picking up clues; sifting the evidence. Cricket is dead.

AFL Fans Association kicked goals despite itself

Jeff Dowsing gives us a ‘before, during and after’ view of his AFL Fans Association experience and its efforts taking on the AFL. “Not so much playing Goliath versus David as we were David’s kid sister”. Salient points about the growth, maintenance and renewal of any organised movement.

Seasons in the Sun (Part 6): Fine times and $2 fines

The Stars (“Are you blokes Lalor or the Lalor Stars?” “No, we’re the Stars”) are up and about against the Lower Plenty Thirds. Their $2 fine regime should see them a tidy end-of-season trip.

Crio’s Question: Slow burners?

Crio’s Question moves from the overrated last week to the serially underrated who have proven their worth with time and persistence. Nominations please.

Lou: Cricket and potatoes

Lou’s limped often enough to know a bad back when he sees one, and has some advice [surprise, surprise] for the Australian selectors on the captaincy.

AFL Round 1 – Geelong v Adelaide: Eight Good Hours

Remember back to the start of the 2014 season. What were we thinking back then? JTH headed to Kardinia Park for the Cats’ opener.

What is sportswriting, anyway?

E. Regnans with a creative conversation about the nature of sportswriting. [Comes nicely on the tail of last week’s art v sport debate – Ed]

A media release from the Fans’ Association. Your thoughts?

The AFL Fans Association is keen to have a voice at the (match day) summit which starts tomorrow. Your thoughts? Should they have an invited representative? What’s your view of the AFLFA?

The golden age of indigenous Australian footy in Victoria (Patrick Skene in the Guardian)

Patrick Skene has had a fantastic debut year as a feature writer both with us here at the Almanac and now he has been picked up by the Guardian. Here’s his latest.

The 2014 Jack Miller Cup

A little off-season update from Earl O’Neill. Cricket’s stuffed; NFL’s great but bikes and music are better. Oh, and there have been a few changes on the home front (did my invite get lost in the mail – Ed?)

The day Football arrived in Australia

Vaughan Menlove celebrates November 15th as the day world football came of age in Australia, with the dramatic penalty shoot out win over Uruguay in the World Cup qualifier at Homebush. Where were you when Aloisi scored?

Yea Picnic Race Meeting , Saturday 15/11/2014

Our country racing correspondent, Glen Davis, had a bumper day out at Yea, with 3 winners saluting from 3 wagers! “Fill the Fridge” seems the best named galloper for punter and drinker alike.

Lou: 264 off 173?

Would this bloke Sharma made those runs in such time off DK Lillee or Jeffery Robert Thomson, Gus Gilmour or even Tangles?

AFL Coaches and Technology

Yoshi Imagawa is interested in the different technologies that coaches deploy to communicate or capture match stats. Phone or headset? Paper or tablet? Boomer or Gen X?

Killing the Mockingbird: Recollections of the 1997 Bulldogs and Crows Preliminary Final

Sensational dreamlike memoir from Mickey Randall as he naps during the 1997 Prelim. Sadly for the Doggies, the nightmare was theirs on this day.

The Sport and Enlightenment Debate: Angela Pippos

Angela Pippos took the anchor leg for the Basil Sellers Art Prize great debate and smashed them like guitars.