Almanac Soccer: The World Cup – not always so glorious

With only hours to go until the 2018 World Cup kicks off, this sobering reflection by Roy Hay reminds us of some of the less salubrious moments in the history of The World Game.

Watching the Game, Live and Free

Monday’s FreezeMND game has Kate Birrell reflecting on the what we can take for granted, and how sports spectating fits into a healthy life balance.

Round 13 Preview: Welcome to the Future

Sal Ciardulli ponders the future electronic provision of sport before launching into his predictions for this week.

Round 12 – St Kilda v Sydney: ‘I am really depressed,’ he says.

Yvette Wroby didn’t make it to the game on Saturday night, a rarity in itself. But she has talked and listened to heaps of Saints supporters this week. If you see any, offer a warm bear hug.

Round 12 – Fearless: Some of Footy’s Religious Experiences

Fearless digs deep to find meaning in last week’s offerings on the box, at the ‘G’ and down in Geelong.

Grenville Dietrich: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Malcolm Ashwood with his latest profile piece, this time it’s North Adelaide goal kicking legend Grenville Dietrich who receives some Rulebook love (very entertaining piece on a wonderful character -Ed)

Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch: Anthony Koutoufides tomorrow June 15

An exceptional and decorated champion of footy, Anthony Koutoufides is lined up as the next Almanac/Odd Friday lunch guest, taking place on the 15th of June. Details inside.

Haiku Bob – Round 12: breaking lines

A great day for haiku: a birthday, a stiff breeze, a tall Yank, a Pie win. See what Haiku Bob spotted.

The World Cup Alphabet – Y is for…

In the penultimate installment of Dennis Gedling’s World Cup alphabet, he profiles a legendary goalkeeper and looks back on some of the very young players to do well in football’s showcase event.

Almanac Book Review: Adelaide Sporting Sites by Bernard Whimpress, Santo Caruso and individual contributors

Bernard Whimpress, Santo Caruso and a band of contributors have compiled a history of Adelaide sporting sites. Peter Crossing reviews a book he finds rich in detail and historical knowledge.

Almanac Short Stories: The Coach

Some whimsy from Barry Mitchell. Oh to be a coach! We hasten to add, nothing in this piece relates to anything Barry actually witnessed in his 221-game VFL career.

Almanac Cricket: The Langer Era Begins

The Justin Langer coaching reign begins tonight, with an ODI against England. And it’s on free-to-air TV! What do you make of it all? How do you feel about Tim Paine’s men? How do you rate their chances? Share your thoughts as you watch tonight.

Almanac Music – The growing maturity of Australian Rock

Oz guitar bands aren’t dead, they’re just adapting. Alex Darling connects a lot of dots in this perceptive overview of Australian guitar bands old and new.

The World Cup Alphabet: X is for…

X is for Xavi, a champion of Spanish football, and one of the great players of his generation.

AFLW Off-Season Report Card

Alex Docherty marks the report cards on the recently completed AFLW trade period. There is much to absorb.

Aesop’s AFL: The footy competition that laid golden eggs

Who’d have thought old Aesop was across AFL footy. [First published March 2014, with June 2018 addendum]

A Wink from the Universe at Willy Lit Fest (June 17)

Our own John Harms will be in conversation with Almanac favourite Martin Flanagan on his captivating volume on the 2016 Premiers, “A Wink from the Universe”

Almanac Rugby League: Boyd and Wallace walk away, one more easily and comfortably than the other

Almanac rugby league editor Ian Hauser gives his thoughts on Darius Boyd and Peter Wallace as both players announce major changes to their playing futures.

‘When Murmungee made the news…..” By KB Hill

Another KB Hill classic. This time, he recounts the football odyssey of Ovens and Murray League legend Ron Critchley.

Almanac Racing: Riverina Racing

Glen capped off his holidays with a trip to the Corowa races.