Almanac Event – Friday May 1: A chat with David Fyfe and others. All welcome.

Come and join the fun on Friday May 1. Nat Fyfe’s father David, the original Peter from Peterborough and a few more will be there for a chat. Read on for more info.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: ANZAC Day – The Big One

From the nation’s capitol, Dr Hooke is primed for the ANZAC Day clash against the old foe, Essendon.

Round 4 Preview – Statistics, Lies and R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Sal Ciardulli previews a ripper Round 4 in the AFL and celebrates his Whitefriars first win the ammos last week.

Remembering Dennis Jacob

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day, Nigel Tapp relates the amazing story of Tasmanian soldier Dennis “Den” Jacob.

Round 3 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: As Good As It Gets

Armin Richter urges all Hawks fans to savour the current line-up. He reckons it is almost as good as it gets!

VAFA – St Kevins v Fitzroy: A Candle For Floydie

Hopefully, the Roys have played the best two teams in the opening two rounds. Phil Hill, on the verge of a trip abroad, reports and Fitzroy’s difficult start to the season in the VAFA’s Premier B.

A Missing Part of a Bigger Picture

A timely reminder from Roy Hay of Soccer’s contribution to Australian servicemen on the front-lines; the Australian soccer team’s trip to the Independence Day tournament in Saigon. Sappers sweeping the pitch for land-mines, the Viet Cong watching from the sidelines and Diggers on guard duty with orders to shoot anyone who stops on their bicycle outside the Aussie barracks. A neglected chapter of the sport and service narrative we remember on ANZAC Day.

Crio’s Racing – fields and forecast point to the Gold Coast

Form guides and play money at the ready, Crio takes a look at the weekend’s thoroughbred racing. This Saturday: get out the shorts and t-shirts punters, we’re off to the Gold Coast Turf Club

Round 3 – Adelaide v Melbourne: Still Top Spot

Young Aidan Hammond gets a bit of shock as the Dees take the game right up to his Adelaide Crows on Saturday.

Man and nature

“Like a friend seldom seen, changes to its appearance are duly noted”… Mark Tresize on the natural beauty of the You Yangs.

Round 3 – Geelong v Gold Coast: When the supposedly crumbling Cat Empire overcame King Rodney and his Knights of the Oval Table

With Kardinia Castle under siege from the marauding Suns, the Black Knight Cats, losing limbs but refusing to fall, declare, “NONE SHALL PASS.” Paul Spinks, your metaphor game is strong.

FIDA footy film wins two awards

Mark Hellinger and Jesse Maskell have won the People’s Choice and Cultural Diversity awards at the 2015 Setting Sun Short Film Festival. Their film Road To Glory tells the story of the Williamstown Seagulls FIDA Football Club in the lead up to their thrilling 2014 premiership. The club plays in a league for footballers with [Read more]

Almanac Theatre: Unofficial anthem gets another outing

A new piece of theatre from Felix Meagher is touring regional Victoria. The Man They Call the Banjo explores the creation of Waltzing Matilda by Banjo Patterson and Christina Macpherson. Roy Hay has more…

Almanac Music: Aussie album review – Redgum “If you don’t fight you lose”

In the third instalment of his series on classic Australian albums, Smokie revisits a time capsule which helped shape him politically and socially

Poetry: One Game, One Goal (Tom Petsinas)

This is a poem by Tom Petsinas. Orm Fowler, known as Tom, played one game for Fitzroy and then (it seems) went to St Kilda. Looks like he enlisted in 1915. I have had a quick look at the War Memorial service records. Seven Tom Fowlers enlisted during World War I. Someone might like to work out which one this is.

Incredible! A complete round of Australian football matches that ended in scoreless draws.

Bernard Whimpress with his account of Round 11 of the SAFA 1878 season, he reason for which will become evident.

ANZAC Day across AFL Asia

AFL Asia president Darren Whitfield alerts us to what is happening through AFL Asia this ANZAC Day weekend. [No doubt a mate of Rocket Gillett’s – JTH]

Round 3 – Haiku Bob – each moment or two

Haiku bob cleverly uses haiku to explain the feeling at the MCG last Friday night.

Carlton and Hawthorn: a study in contrasting… fortunes?

How did it come to this? In 2004 both Carlton and Hawthorn had bleak seasons. Callum O’Connor contrasts the happenings at each club since that time.

The PowerPoint Revolution

Calling to mind the apocryphal comment of “it’s de ja vous all over again,” when its comes to ‘New Carlton’ and ‘Key Drivers of Success’ John Butler’s seen it all before. Actions, results and not mad skills on PowerPoint is all that matters to Bluebaggers like JB.