To trade or not to trade: Shakespeare’s hot take on the Gibbs non-deal

Every man and his Bard has an opinion on the trade period these days

AFL Trades: Panic

Unsure of how you feel after the AFL trades have completed? Set to Panic by The Smiths, Jeff Dowsing pens his thoughts.

Melbourne Cup Eve Lunch – Book Now!

The Almanac Melbourne Cup Eve Lunch has become a real standout in the calendar. This year will be no exception. RSVP now!

Almanc Golf: Golf Capital- Steel wins opener as Knox goes wide for World Cup teammate

Hamish Neal with his comprehensive weekly wrap of all things golf.

Footy and Love Event Suggestion

Yoshi has a suggestion for an event that AFL clubs could run for their single fans. He’s very keen for the Saints to take up his idea…

Grand Final Sydney v Western Bulldogs: the final kick in the guts

Craig Dodson is a lone Swan living in the western suburbs of Melbourne, trying his best to swim against a powerful rip current. How much more can he take?

Almanac Memories: When the sun sets over Carlton.

San Diego Catter remembers a time when daggy was cool, when Skyhooks ruled and Joe Camilleri slayed them at Martini’s.

Almanac Cricket: Pink Stumps Day 2016.

Almanac is supporting Pink Stumps Day, what is it and how do you get involved? Read and find out!

The Mug Punter: The only day The Beaver got beat

While we’re reminiscing, remember this? I don’t think The Beaver had ever been beaten. But, on Cox Plate Day 2007 we were lining up. It was the day he had to start writing IOUs. A punter called Maso was the biggest winner. Until this day, as Lofty Longden loves to say, I was officially no good at the Cox Plate.

Geelong Cup (2008): Bright young things

It’s Geelong Cup day today. John Harms has been reminded of a wonderful day at Geelong when the Cup was won by the same connections as yesterday, J. Dunne was in charge of his travel arrangements, and a couple of bright young things lit up the Media Puzzle room (almost). I wonder where they all are now?

The State of the Origins.

Have you ever questioned the origin of the AFL species? Clearly with too much time on his hands, San Diego Cattery researched each team’s origins with cultural and historical significance. [A great effort – Ed]

Almanac Books: Champions All extract – Players on Players

What do players say about other players? Continuing our highlights from Old Dog’s book, Champions All, an excerpt from the Chapter: Players on Players 2010s.

Did the Cats overachieve in 2016?

David Fordyce ponders the question of whether or not the Cats overachieved in 2016; a question close to many an Alamanacker’s heart!

The Hughes inquest: assessing the risks.

Michael Viljoen considers the place of risk, danger, fear, intimidation, courage and other elements of existence in assessing the inquest into the tragic death of Phillip Hughes.

Almanac Music – Bruce Springsteen: arriving late, baseball and what is it with sportswriters?

David Wilson as bowerbird – describes a late coming to Bruce Springsteen – and collects shining pieces by Richard Ford, Joe Posnanski and Drew Magary along the way.

Almanac Reading – Pakistan’s national baseball team arrives, improbably, in Brooklyn

As Martin Flanagan contends: Sport has the power to illuminate aspects of our society and our social past that otherwise remain hidden. That is probably the case in this piece from “The New Yorker” last month on the Pakistan national baseball team.

Almanac Music – Wichita Lineman and me

“And I need you more than want you
And I want you for all time..”
Mickey Randall on a magnificent song of hope and love; Glen Campbell with Jimmy Webb’s Wichita Lineman.

The A-League, Australian football and meaning

Historian and sports-lover Roy Hay responds to John Harms’s piece on the A League and meaning with a thoughtful survey of the place of the world game and the A League in Australia.

Almanac Soccer: The A-League and the place of meaning in sport

The A-League clubs generate heartfelt support from loyal supporters. But, given the growth agenda of Australian soccer, will the broader community find the A-League meaningful enough to get involved? John Harms considers the state of play.

Grand Final – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Tension and excitement

Joey Barnard [aged 9] relives the tension of the AFL Grand Final.