Osaka Dingoes President Matt Gale interviewed by Rohan Connolly

Matt Gale, the president of Osaka Dingoes Footy Club was interviewed by Rohan Connolly on SEN on Tuesday night.

Firstly he expressed his good efforts and passions of resurrecting the footy club after the tough post Grand Final loss in the AFL Japan top competition in 2013. Matt’s kicking nine goals didn’t bring Dingoes the flag that was awarded to Tokyo Bay Suns.

He has re-established a good relationship with AFL Japan and agreed with Queensland-based IMPACT for the sponsorship. What Matt had to say were all positive for the Osaka Dingoes Footy Club. The club is back on track to compete in the top league. And now AFL Japan is drawing a big picture of the national competition.

Hosting the Anzac Day Tournament is the significant move for AFL in Japan and Asia.

Having been asked by Connolly, Matt mentioned audience that footy in Japan was slowly developing since the exhibition match between Essendon and Hawthorn in 1986, and Essendon players’ visit to Japan in recent years.

Two university based clubs in Japan are recruiting well in the old student style and Osaka Dingoes try to do in the same way.

Japanese players have soccer and rugby backgrounds, and pick up skills quickly even though they are small. In a point of view of a coach, the language barrier is the issue. But he mentioned to the audience that the footy club had recently hired a Japanese board member (it’s actually me) to improve communications in the club.

Matt is also the president of AFL Asia. Rohan asked him about developing the footy population in Asia.

Last year’s Home and Away Season match played by Port Adelaide and Gold Coast was significant in Asia and introduced China to a new sport that has increased the number of people involved in footy.

Connolly asking about more potential development in Asia as Essendon are seeking a Home and Away Season match in India, Matt expressed his point of view that it would help boost the number of players in Asia.

Rohan wondered about the access to AFL matches in Asia. Matt responded that Australian pubs subscribed to Watch AFL so that they were able to provide live coverage to patrons. Connolly was happy to hear it and both gentlemen were positive about the future for footy in Asia.

It was a great and positive interview. I am a proud board member as well as a player at the Osaka Dingoes. Having important roles at the club, I am so motivated to make the club stronger. Indeed it will be a great experience with opportunities to gain new skills and develop existing skills.

Full interview can be listened to here.

Meanwhile, I have completed the first duty on translating documents. Also I started going to a state owned gym to do exercise to play footy.

Bright paths are awaiting us and AFL Asia.


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About Yoshihiro Imagawa

A Japanese Saints diehard with huge passions. The Western Bulldogs won the flag in 2016 and Richmond followed in 2017, so why not St Kilda in 2018? Like my St Kilda, I strive and work hard to achieve my life goals both in profession and my private life. Sadly I missed watching footy while my favourite Nick Riewoldt was playing and when St Kilda had Anzac Day clashes in Wellington. But I am excited to be back in Melbourne in July 2018 for two St Kilda matches. Now I am a player for the Osaka Dingoes Footy Club, as well as a public relations officer. My stories of footy in Asia including the Dingoes news can be found on World Footy News.


  1. Neil Anderson says:

    You really have found the perfect outlook for you Yoshi as a communications- officer for a footy club!
    They are lucky to have found you as well. A footy expert/fanatic who can translate the Aussie footy lingo such as ‘kick it up the guts’ and ‘long bombs to Yoshi’.
    Congratulations on what you have achieved so far.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says:

    Good stuff Yoshi all the best couldn’t get the link to work unfortunately would have liked to listen to the interview

  3. G’day Neil and Malcolm,

    Thanks for nice comments!

    Neil – Yes, the footy club is perfect to blossom my skills in communication. Writing and translating are also my tasks. Plus playing footy will gain knowledge of how footy is played and develop my writing about the sport. I can’t wait joining the training that starts early next month.

    Malcolm – Oh no! Did you see any error message when you tried to listen to the interview. I sometimes have the similar issues when trying to listen to SEN segments on their website. Refresh the webpage and it might work. I hope you are able to listen to eventually!



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