My Preliminary Finals Tipping


Geelong 78 Sydney 91/Geelong 98 Sydney 39 L

GWS 100 West Coast 83/ GWS 125 West Coast 58 W


Adelaide 102 Geelong 78

GWS 90 Richmond 123

About Aidan Hammond

I’m the Junior Adelaide correspondent and I am an 11 year old boy who goes for Crows and Redlegs, I play for Walkerville Cats in football and cricket. I am in the development squad of East Torrens District Cricket Club. I am the nephew of Dave Brown, and the 1st Cousin twice removed of the AFL hall of fame person, Bob Hammond. I enjoy watching Australia beat England in the Ashes and is waiting for a decent Australian Tennis player to come up who doesn’t throw tantrums. I play my tennis for ETKG. I represent my school in several SAPSASA events and when i’m not playing footy and video games, doing homework, at the footy, watching the footy, Modern Family, big bang theory, life in pieces or have you been paying attention I am writing my Almanac Reports. That’s me, I hope you enjoy my reports.


  1. Reckon you’re on the money there Aidan. I’d certainly like to see The Tiges kick 125 points. Looks like , by your thinking, that Dusty & Cotch have cut loose again & Jack’s got his radar working, eh?

  2. Thanks Wrap,
    A Crows Tigers grand final will be cool,
    I wonder who will wear their clash strips.

  3. It’s your home game Aidan; you wear the black shorts.

  4. Hi Aidan.
    Congratulations on a busy and successful footy season (so far). Well done.

    I noticed that last year, neither of the winners of the Qualifying Finals made it to the Grand Final.
    I wonder why. Maybe having the extra week off makes it difficult to maintain form?
    In 2016:
    GWS won their Q Final against Sydney – then lost to the Doggies in their Preliminary final.
    Geelong won their Q Final against Hawthorn – then lost to Sydney in their Preliminary final.

    If that interesting event repeats, we can expect a Geelong v GWS Grand Final next week.

  5. Thanks Guys,
    Hi Wrap, I heard on fiveaa that in 2015 West Coast were not treated as the home team.
    I hope that is not the case next Saturday.
    Yes that would have been interesting,
    I would be sad,
    But I am awaiting who the Crows would verse.

  6. Great win Aidan. I wouldn’t want you to get over confident — dead cats only bounce so high — but The Crows looked scarily good last night. Better get on the bus to make up the numbers for next Saturday.

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